Be Forever

Be Forever

By:  Mira Soltana  Ongoing
Language: English
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Laya was a great and professional cellist. Her parents believed that a bright future is waiting for her and they were so proud of her. However, life is unfair to her. When she lost her family at her very young age, her life turned upside down and she lives for one purpose that she would have revenge. But life is full of surprises. She fell for the murderer' son....

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in tpuch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the book
2022-03-26 10:47:08
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Khadidja Soltana
Good one ?
2020-11-01 17:19:20
10 Chapters
(Laya P.O.V) 
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 (Laya P.O.V) I look at his big brown eyes uttering no word. He is able -bodied person in his thirties, maybe, wearing a black suit and pink shirt without tie. The first bottom of his shirt is opened; he seems relaxed with his body. He is good looking. “No, thanks.” I feel that I saw him somewhere but I couldn't remember, he is familiar.
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(Laya P.O.V.)  All the time, I was thinking about the letters that I have received today and the appearance of Mr. Morrison's son last night. He must have a relationship with these letters. But why is he playing with me? As Peter says to me that he is an honest and respectful man. But if so, why they come out at the same time? And what about the last call that Adam made yesterday? So many questions running on my head and no logical answer can be found. I must do something.  I take my phone and call him.  "Hello, Peter!"  "Hi, Lyly!"  "Do you have time? I need to talk to you."  "Yes, sure."  "Can we meet after an hour?"  "No problem, where?"  "I'll send you the location."  "Okay."  "Peter, don't tell Selly about the meeting, please."  "Is there something wrong."  "We will talk later, see you.
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 (Laya P.O.V.) The last thing I want in this world is to hurt them. But, Mr. Eric's question pops up to my mind. Why are they after me? If it is because of the past, how did they know about me? And now, the most basic question is what is the thing that they are afraid of? And Mr. Eric how can I trust him? Maybe he is one of them. I have no one to trust.  "If you still want to hide things from me, I can do nothing to you."  "How did you know that they are spying on me?"  "It seems that I'm not mistaken. sincs they didn't catch your steps, they sent you a message."  "Can you answer my questions, please?"  "I know you don't trust me. But you have no way but me."  "That means you are..." I say these words and my hands are shaking.  "I thaught that you are smarter... If I'm one of them how can I help you disappearing from their sight?"  "Help
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(Laya P.O.V)  I hate myself when I put other's life in danger for my own goods.  "Sorry brothers, I know what I make you go through. I don't know how I am going to repay you; But you are my brothers." 15.0 96 Normal 0 Clean 21 false false false FR
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(Laya P.O.V) Jenny seems to know Adam very well. They look so close, it's unlike her, Nana too. I would be lying if I say I am not surprised, to have a relashionship is not me. After what happened and what I saw, I don't believe anybody but Adam and me? I don't remember him or anything related to him...For now.  "Why you didn't tell me about Adam before?" Nana asks after being with me alone. "Didn't I?" "Yes." "May be he is not really what you think." "But you were with him and Jenny. She met him before, why not me?" I remain silent, I don't know what to answer her, cause nothing can be said."By the way, he is a gentleman. He is so good for you."Here we go, Nana won't stop talking about him till we get married. She is so obsessed by my marriage. "I hope you won't make me married him by tomorrow." "I don't dare. Besides, I say what I feel, he
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(Laya P.O.V)    I sit in the balcony, enjoying the breeze of the sun. Eventhough it is cold but I don't mind. It's been a week since I left the hospital and being locked here in the house, all alone; Nana is at work and Jenny is at school. Even Selly is busy. Adam comes te see me everyday. We spend a good time together. I try to know him better, not to be in relationship with him but to be careful.  I got chocked when I was informed that Selly was engaged to Peter. I've tried to remember the events, to remember Jenny's grandma death, but nothing comes out only strong headache.I need to remember, I want to move on with my life with all my memories. To have a rest from thinking, I decided to prepare a delicious lunch to distruct myself.   It's 10:00 p.m and Nana hasn't came yet. I 'm afraid that something happened to her. I phone but she doesn't respond. I will call the first one appears on my phone screen a
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(Laya P.O.V)    "Lyly! Hold my hand. Just do more effort, I'm here." Someone shouts in the dark. "Can't see your hand or even your face, who are you?" I utter, but then I catch something, I think his arm. " Yes, good girl, hold it stronger and listen, don't look down." "I do....Is it you? Aghhh." "What happens?" "I am sorry. I can't." "You can't what?...I realise that I was dreaming when Selly tried to wake me up. "Tell me, you can't what, Lyly?" She asked with concern. "No, I was dreaming." "Are you alright, you 're sweating!" "It seems a nightmare, anyway, how is Nana?" "No progress, I'll be here, today is my day off, go and have some rest, your 're terribly exausted." "No, I'm okey." "But you have to look after Jenny as well, she needs you, she keeps asking about you all the time. i'll keep you posted if any thing happens."
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