How I Danced with the Man in the Mirror

How I Danced with the Man in the Mirror

By:  Raymond David  Ongoing
Language: English
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The Black Jackson (a dance god) gets shot by unknown gun men, An ex-convict mother covers up the crime of her only daughter, A young Brooklyn dancer faces the fears of her life as she gets locked up in the nightmares of a mysterious man in the mirror. The story revolves around a young Fatherless Arlington girl[Melina Sparks] who gets involve in the murder of a very important man and had to flee the United States for London while her mum Taylor Sparks, an ex-convict who gave birth to her daughter while in jail not wanting her to experience the same kind of life she went through covers up the crime for her only to get sentenced this time to a life in prison in place of her daughter. While in Merton, Melina not only falls in love with the man of her dreams but also comes across her biological Father for the first time, who opens up his wide arms and takes her in under his roof, but unlike her mum, He wanted her to return to her first love and passion, dancing.

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Ohere Friday Joseph
this is a book that would keep your creative mind busy, longing to flip the next chapter. I really can't wait to read what happens to Morris and the two children left by the black jackson himself, and also the concluding part of the book, it's suspense filled, it's a triller, it's also drama infused
2021-02-06 17:01:39
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Shinks Autotech
This book is awesome and I have never read anything like it. It got me glued with suspense to the very last chapter and a strong female lead character who is determined to conquer despite all adversities set before her and the mixture of thriller, Action and Romance in a Dance Novel is great.
2021-02-05 23:32:50
20 Chapters
Arlington Avenue, might be one of the easy going towns in Brooklyn, New York, but deep inside its heart laid one of the dopest buildings in all of Brooklyn, the lighthouse. The lighthouse made more crazy noise than the entire Yankee stadium and had more lightening on its dance floor than ‘club la-vela,’ the largest nightclub in the United States of America.I definitely rode with the A-teams and not with the inferior B-class dance crews. Just ain’t my style and so we had to come up with the best dance crew
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That same night I had one of the most terrible nightmares of my life; I could feel myself sinking through a deep hollow, as the night got extremely filled with darkness. So dense was its darkness that I could barely notice any object around me except myself. I kept walking on the path of a road until I finally reached a little light on the rooftop of an old brick house. It was as if its light was reaching out to me, and saying to me, ‘come, nearer, yes come my darling.’The wooden door was filled with all sorts o
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The next morning Iwoke up feeling absolutely great and excited, no more exhales, no more nightmares, not even sighs except a deep breath.I could perceive the lovely smell of sweet pan cakes and chicken stew, I could feel the organisms in my stomach itching for some of the meal as I jumped off the bed, ran down the staircase and found mum who was seated on the couch and watching some
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The Phoenix was a mixed group of black and white, male and female dancers who had taken over the arena of Los Angeles.They heard about our fame; how we dominated the streets of New York and decided to move all the way from Los Angeles  for a lighthouse show. However, they had absolutely no idea of what they were coming for; we waged dance battles with dance squads from different parts of the United States, Miami, Santa Barbara, Texas, and Washington, and still remained undefeated, just name it, we are down for whatever
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Islept off and somehow found myself inside a beautiful garden filled with lovely green vegetations and beautiful flowers as the sun kept shining radiantly.Somehow, the vision of light and the beautiful garden in front of me started moving further away as the gloom of darkness kept crawling closer from behind.The darkness covered everywhere; the beautiful garden began vanishing as dar
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Mama was born in Detroit, like myself, she had absolutely no idea who her real father was, she lived all her life with her mother, Stephanie Sparks, who worked  hard as a clerk in one of Detroit’s largest bookstores.But while Taylor was twelve years old, her mother, Stephanie, was diagnosed of breast cancer, she tried all she could to fight it, but medical practitioners at that time were not having enough modern facilities, research tools and drugs to save her life, unlike what we have today. Therefore, seven mon
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Acrown is upon the throne,As the full blue moon brilliantly glowsThe queen is an epitome of royaltySo says Buckingham.
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The Obika’s was a simple and beautiful family. Gregory had already settled down with a white woman who is a classical dance instructor, ballet to be precise. The beautiful woman who hailed from Southampton had given birth to a lovely set of twins, who were now grown-ups, for Gregory.Now I could see why I kept pondering on a Barry flash guy, kind of thing on the team. Both ladies are identical twins except for the fact that Emily, who initially banged the door at my face, wasn’t quite friendly and had an all stre
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At 8am, on December 25, I received a phone call from the United States, it was mama, and she had found me as she promised.She got my number from her best friend and prison mate called Medley. who has been sentence to jail for multiple hacking of different bank accounts worldwide. Though stinking rich yet, she had to serve her terms in jail.Mama’s voice sounded very well on phon
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The dance Empire had greatly grown from a local street dance battle organizers to an international multi-million dollars dance entertainment company.As revealed by the internet, Mr. Tsung Lee, a very greedy and brutal Chinese multi-billionaire known as the king of Hong Kong, had become its new president taking over from its former president Mr. Bradley, the Canadian American. He had been the president for the past three years using his leadership and powerful connection to help the company grow bigger, stronger and ever bet
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