Chapter 10: The Chase

Chapter 10: The Chase

When Noah passed the kitchen, before heading to the emergency exit to get into the back alley, Noah saw Jason looking at him, worried and confused. He seemed to notice the commotion that just happened at the dining hall.

‘I cannot involve Jason in this matter, it could endanger his life!’ So

he just gave Jason a bitter smile and walked away.

Noah aware, Drake and Ken were still tailing him slowly from behind. ‘They are following me, I must hurry!’ he mentally warned himself and quickly grabbed the handle of the exit door.   

When Noah reached the back alley, four Silvermoon men in dark suits and sunglasses welcomed him.

The alley is long and narrow; it was about 8 meters wide and 100 meters in length. There are large trash bins next to the wall, for the restaurant to throw away the leftovers.

Noah quickly put on his glove and drew the silver twin dagger from his bag. The dagger was a werewolf’s slayer, which had been given by his mother.

‘Be careful Noah, they are Delta and seem to be skillful fighters,’ Ruiz warned him.

‘Don't worry Ruiz, I can handle them,’ as he clenched tightly to his daggers. ‘I will show them the fighting skill that my father and my mother taught me!’

Ruiz spoke, ‘you already eat your dish, right? It will boost our strength, recovery rate, and stamina.’

‘I did. I tasted it to confirm the flavor before serving it to the Silvermoon.’

He currently felt power running through his vein and he noticed the wound on his hand already healed.

Noah ran toward them “let me pass! I don't want to hurt you!”

One of the Silvermoon men replied, “I am sorry future Luna, the Alpha just contacted us. He has a clear order not to let you go.”

“Farewell then,” Noah quickly stabbed the man who stood nearer to him, on the back of his hip.

Silver weapons are deadly to werewolves; a small cut could make severe injury as it burned their tissue and cut their bones easily like a marshmallow.

The man growled in pain as he tried to grab Noah, but Noah quickly kicked him first, with a spinning kick until he hit the wall and fell unconscious.

The second, third, and fourth men attack Noah at the same time.

Noah swung his right dagger to the second man and cut his hand in an instance. The man was screaming in agony as he fell to the ground.

The third man tried to kick Noah, but Noah spontaneously dodged with his left and used his right to slash the foot of his attacker with a dagger until it was cut-off, spin-kicked him as he had thrown to the wall and passed out. 

‘Now, only one man left,’ Ruiz cheered in Noah’s mind

Noah glared at the fourth man. He froze in fear. “Just let me pass and you’ll be unharmed!” 

Instead of surrender, the man growled a war cry and charged.

Noah jumped and kicked him with both feet, threw the fourth man to the trash bin, and passed out.

Soon after the path was clear, Noah heard a click coming from the emergency door and saw Ken and Drake came out. They looked surprised at Noah and what he had done to their men, who currently were lying unconscious on the ground and severely injured.

“Are you sure he is an omega?” Ken asked Drake, disbelieved of what he saw.

Drake just huffed and walked toward Noah. “Don't run, Noah. You are my Luna.”

Noah ignored him and ran. So Drake chased after him.

“Man, I don't know you are the aggressive type,” Ken sighed to see Drake’s action. He checked the injured men, “thank Goddess, they’re not dead. Noah seemed to miss the vital spot on purpose.”

Noah walked out from the alley and noticed that 10 of Silvermoon men, who were guarding the restaurant front door, now came after him from his left. So he spontaneously turned to his right and ran away.


Five minutes later, Thomas and Lea came to the back alley of Silverplate; they found Ken was mending the injured men by wrapping the open wound with his garment, so the blood loss could be prevented.

“Just leave this to me, Ken, I can reconnect the separate limbs with my power,” Lea said as she took the cut-off hands, put them together, and held at the joint of the separate limb with her both hands. A glowing green light was coming out from her hands; it shone the broken limb and stimulated the severed tissue to reconnect. Lea's Luna-power was to be able to manipulate the growth of the cells.

“Your power is amazing, Luna,” Ken said.

Lea smiled at him, “But Noah’s is far superior to mine. We must have him join our pack.”

Thomas huffed, “I cannot sense him in my territory, he can hide his presence pretty too well.”

Lea looked at his husband and smiled, “ don’t worry dear, I already anticipated that. I could help you to locate him, I will contact Drake and the other men to follow my direction.”

Thomas shook in agreement, “I see, then I will order our best sharpshooter to aid the pursuit. Darling, You just tell me the current location of Noah.”

“Then I will go after Drake,” Ken quickly left the alley.

Lea mind-linked Thomas, Drake, and the other pursuers to tell Noah’s whereabouts. She tried her best to sensed Noah’s presence; because now she was certain that Noah was much more valuable than she previously thought.


Noah was a fast nimble runner. He could eschew the people who stand in his way, easily. So he could run off from his pursuers who chased him in the middle of the crowd, with ease. 

When he was about to enter the Park Avenue station, he noticed that Silvermoon men were already there and alerted of his presence.

So Noah quickly turned around, but then got surprised when he saw Drake with his men coming from behind. 

He began to panic.

Noah’s POV:

‘Ruiz, I thought I was able to lose them, how can they know about our location?’ I asked Ruiz while running toward the clear route of Silvermoon men. I have good stamina to keep running thanks to the food that I just ate. I guess my luna-power is very useful after all. 

When I took a peek to my back, I saw Drake was able to catch up with me, leaving his men behind.

‘SHOOT! I remember he also ate the cake,’

‘Noah, I can smell an unfamiliar scent coming from the handkerchief on your right hand,’ Ruiz suddenly warned me. He also seems to panic.

I see the floral pattern handkerchief given by Mrs. Silvermoon to mend my wound. 

This must be it. 

Somehow they can track me down because her handkerchief is attached to my body. 

But before I can release it. Ruiz warned me. ‘Noah watched out, something is coming from above!’

Then I heard the rifle sound coming from above me, BANG! BANG! BANG!

I dodge it by reflex. I saw what was about to hit me; it was three sedative darts, landing on the ground. Then I look to the top and see three snipers are standing on the fifth-floor balcony of some hotel building, aiming their rifles toward me.

“GIVE ME A BREAK!” I shout at them, which makes pedestrians who walk around me stop, then they are staring at me curiously.

They probably think I was crazy.


The sound of the rifle alerts the pedestrians, as they come to notice the shot and run in panic. They scream and scatter around randomly.

‘Good they can distract my pursuers, I must find a blind spot to hide from the snipers.’ 

As I begin to run again, I shred Lea’s handkerchief into five pieces, I catch two pigeons whom I come across, I tie down two-piece of the snippet on its feet and then let it fly away.


I dodge by stooping my body.

The dart hits the office lady who walks just in front of me while talking to her phone. She fell unconscious after getting hit, people around her become panicked and start to scream.  

I look above me, and I see the snipers jump easily from one building to another, as they try to trail me from the top.

I huff, ‘I hate werewolf snipers!’

I see to my left, it's a small alley made by two tall buildings, ‘Good, I found a shelter from the snipers.’

I run into the alley and see some stray cats that are scavenging in a large trash bin, looking for food. 

I catch three of them and tie the rest of the snippet on their feet; after that, I scare them by yelling. 

The cats quickly flee.

‘I bet now Mrs. Silvermoon couldn't track us down anymore. I had her handkerchief scattered into five different directions.’

I sigh in relief and hide behind the trash bin and fall asleep. 


Lea sat next to her husband in their limousine, she began to feel weary.

‘Drake, his signal suddenly divided into five different directions. He seems to be aware of the handkerchief that I put my cell on before I mend his wound.’ Lea telepathically told his son.

‘Damn! Can you do something about it, mother?’ Drake grunted, he was disappointed and upset.

‘I am sorry my Son,’ Lea replied, 'There's nothing else I can do now.'

‘The sharpshooter also seems to lose him’ Thomas added to their conversation through the mind link.

“FUUUUUUCK!” Drake suddenly screams in the middle of the road, trying to let go of his anger.     


After a few hours, the alley was drawn into the darkness. Only a dim light from neon, attached to the wall next to where Noah was currently sleeping. He woke up to a buzzing sound coming from his phone. He looked at it; there was an incoming message from Jason.

Noah’s POV:

Jason: Hey little dim sum, are you okay? You just suddenly disappear from the restaurant. Chef Clark seems to be pissed off, but I told him you have a stomachache again. LOL

By the way, can you meet me in 15 minutes at the cinema?

‘It's Jason, what should we do Ruiz? Should we go on a date with him? Would it be too dangerous?’ I consulted with my inner wolf for the best solution.

‘We should meet him and mate with him tonight! If we do that, the Silvermoon won't chase you any longer,’

‘I see,’ so I reply to Jason’s text.

Noah: I am ok. Please don't worry about me. I will meet you there.

Jason: Can’t wait to see you ;)

I take the ticket out of my pocket to check the address of the cinema.

‘Let's see, it's the XW cinema located near the central park. Hey, it is nearby, I can probably walk there in 10 minutes.’

I smile gleefully as I walk out from the alley, thinking about the romantic date I will soon have with Jason Watkins.


As soon as Noah came to central park, heavy rain suddenly poured down, and the people around the park ran quickly to seek shelter. 

The park became deserted in an instance.

Noah quickened his pace to avoid the rain. He currently wore his lucky sweater given by his grandmother and didn't want it to get wet. He stopped for a moment and sighed in satisfaction after he could finally see the cinema’s building.

However, when he was about to take a step further. A large shadow suddenly jumped from his behind, blocking his way. It was the largest silver wolf he has ever seen. 

“Pleasure to meet you, Noah, I am Duncan, your mate!” the wolf spoke to him as he walked closer. He grinned at Noah showing his large sharp teeth and his eyes were flaring yellow, looking at Noah with lust. “You were smart enough to know about Lea’s power, but you forget that I am your mate, I can still smell your sweet scent from a far.”

Noah became scared to see the monster in front of him. But he tried to stay strong and prepared himself for the upcoming battle. He knew that the worst ending of the chase was being caught.  


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Jazsime Angeles
Poor Noah, I hope Duncan doesn't hurt him too badly. Maybe he can explain why he did what he did, how much pain he was in.

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