Chapter 9: The Proposal

Chapter 9: The Proposal

Drake Silvermoon had never had a hard time finding love. The girls were crazy about him, and he knew it. So when he found out that Noah, the one who was supposed to be his mate, was crazy to someone else, he didn't take it too well.

‘So the rumors were true after all. Fuck! What does Noah see in that dude when he can fall in love with me?’ Drake mumbled to himself, he gripped his fist so hard as he tried to hold his anger.

He glared in jealousy when he saw Noah blushed over Jason Watkins. 

But he knew when it came to love rivalry; a carefully made plan was necessary.

“Excuse me, Sir, the kitchen is off-limits. Here is for staff only.” A male restaurant staff suddenly admonished him.

‘I must plan my moves well; I don't want him to hate me or become suspicious of my action. I should keep a low profile for now.’ Drake wondered, so he looked at the staff, gave him a fake smile, and pretended to be nice. “Oh sorry, I was lost. I actually was looking for the toilet, but somehow I‘ve ended up here,” Drake lied.

“You can find the restroom across the dining hall, Sir. It is to the left side from here and then turns left again,” the staff explained. 

After that, Drake nodded and excused himself politely as he left the kitchen.


Drake’s POV:

“Drake, where have you been?” Ken Byrd approached me in the Dining hall; “You cannot leave the table suddenly like that. At least tell me first.”

“Sorry dude, I was just following the sweet scent of my Luna and ended up in the kitchen. My body moved automatically, as I couldn't control it,” I replied and patted him on the shoulder.

“Hmm… probably it was the work of your wolf. He seems to miss his mate” Ken winks at me, but I kind of annoyed by his words. Cos he reminds me that my wolf didn't even want to talk to me.

‘Damn that old man Duncan, when will he stop sulking!’

“Did he still abandon you?” Ken keeps pestering me as we approach the table, where my parents are sitting. They seem to have an intense discussion.    

“Yeah, it seems so. By the way dude, can you change the subject!”

I snapped at him, I don't like people talking about my wolf’s abandonment. It was a sensitive subject.

Ken responds by raising his eyebrow. He seems to understand my feelings.

‘Good boy,’ I whispered to myself.

I have enough problems with Noah's betrayal and I don't want to deal with Duncan’s sulk.  

After 45 minutes of waiting, finally, our food is coming. The main course was normal. I mean the taste was ok, but our personal chefs in the house could make a similar goddamn thing. 

However, when the desserts come, I am drooling. I am not even a fan of sweet foods, but damn this cake’s aroma was enticing. When I eat it, I feel in heaven, it revitalizes me, just like the flow of energy runs through my veins.

So I decided to have some more since we ordered extra desserts. 

I felt the same sensation, my spirit, my desire, and my power; all seems to come back to me. Is this what were my parents talking about? Is this Noah’s special power? I want him even more! I want him back!

‘Now, You realize, fool?’ Duncan barks inside my head, he seems still sulking but I relief his back. ‘That is our Luna’s power! With it, we’ll become invincible!’

‘Hey, old man! Welcome back. About time you showed up!’

‘Get him back! Reunite the broken bond! Make him fall in love with you!’ Duncan ordered.

‘I am on it, you just watch, old man.’


After he had done cooking, Noah cautiously took his backpack and went to exit from the back alley of his restaurant. Apparently, he followed Ruiz's warning and was planning to escape. Sadly for him, as soon he went out; he could see four of Silvermoon’s pack members guarding the alley.

‘Ruiz it seems we are surrounded by Silvermoon’s men, what should we do?’ Noah asked as his heart began to tremble.

But before Ruiz could answer; Chef Anderson suddenly approached him.

“Noah, what were you doing here? I was looking for you everywhere. Mr. and Mrs. Silvermoon seemed to be amazed by your cooks. They want to thank you personally. Come with me to the dining hall,” As Chef Anderson pulled Noah's hand back inside, "they were waiting." 

Noah’s heart grew weary. But he decided to face his fear anyway because he knew; he didn't have any other option.


Noah’s POV:

When I come to the dining hall, I can see Mr. Silvermoon sitting with his wife, Mrs. Silvermoon. I could also see Drake, the man I despise the most, and another handsome man with dirty blond hair, sitting next to him.

When I approach them, they seem to notice me, as Mrs. Silvermoon smiles and warmly welcomes me  “So are you, Noah Cheong? It's a pleasure to finally meet you,” she said with a friendly tone. She looks very beautiful, and her dress is elegant. “My you’re looking so handsome. Come sit with us. Ken, please give Noah his chair.”

Ken, the handsome blond guy with an elegant suit, stands up and gives me his chair. 

‘Isn’t that obvious that they want me to be seated next to Drake!’

Nevertheless, I accept the invitation and sit next to that jerkI could smell Drake’s scent, as it becomes stronger when we sit close to each other.

‘I cannot think straight; his alluring scent makes me crazy. You need to calm Noah, take a deep breath, and relax!’

“Thank you, Mrs. Silvermoon, I am happy that you were satisfied with my cooking,” I said.

“Please call me Lea, and this is my husband Thomas. I believe both of you had already met,” Lea introduced me to his husband. Oddly, this time he looks nicer and friendlier.

He smiles at me and says, “It is a pleasure to see you again, Noah.”


So I smile back at him, “The pleasure all mine Mr. Silvermoon and thank you for helping me the other day.” as I bowed to him in a Korean manner

In Korea, this is our way to show respect to the elderly or people with high stature like Mr. Silvermoon.  

“The gentleman who just gave you his seat is Ken Byrd, he is the beta of my son. Drake Silvermoon,” Lea explains as she points each person one by one.

I smile at Mr. Byrd and just politely shook my head to Drake as I am trying to show my hospitality.

Ken returns by smiling back at me, he was a charming lad. Unlike Drake who acts indifferent.

‘Well, to be honest, I am more comfortable that he acts that way.’ 

“We really pleased with your dishes Noah. So we are going to offer you a job as a personal pastry chef in our house. We hope you accept our proposal.” Lea says as she tries to avert the awkwardness between Drake and me.

‘Reject!’ my Ruiz howls to me, ‘That is a trap, Noah!’

Mr. Silvermoon adds “And I also wanted you to repel the rite of rejection. I didn't know that your mate was our son. If I knew, I wouldn't agree. He is probably a jerk, but he is a good boy. So, I beg you, please take him back.”

‘Reject! my Ruiz howls at me again‘I will never forgive him, Noah, ever!’

‘Okay, I understand. This means we will fight them.’ I said. To be honest, I am tired of running, when my uncle kills my parents, I cannot do anything, I just run. Now my wolf must be mated against his will, I won't allow it. I will protect him from death, cos he’s my only friend.

“Mr. and Mrs. Silvermoon I am terribly sorry, but I must reject both of your proposals. I am currently seeing someone else, however, I wished Drake to be mated with someone that he likes.” I pause because they seem to be disappointed with my decision, but this is my life,

“and I prefer to work in this restaurant, I really like the people, I already think of them as a family.”

They are speechless, they don't respond to any of my words.

Mr. and Mrs. Silvermoon are just looking at each other; they seem to think of something.

‘I must go fast, now!’ I mentally warned myself.  

“Excuse me, but I have to return to the kitchen now, it's a pleasure to meet all of you.” I stand, and as soon as I walk, I feel that something stumble on my feet and it makes me fall down.

Turns out it was Drake who tackled my feet. “Do you think I will allow you to see that guy again?” He is yelling at me and then his foot stomps on my hand so hard it bleeds.

“Arrrgh!” I cry as I try to remove his feet from his hand. "Drake, stop it hurts!" I plead.

He ignores my complaint. 

He then grabs my hair and speaks close to my face “You are mine, I won't allow you to be touched by anyone but me!” Drake speaks so closely to me, our lips almost meet.


I see his eye change yellow; it seems that his wolf starts to take over him.

Mr. Silvermoon rises from his chair and smacks his son on the back of his head. Drake instantly releases his feet off my hand and his hand off my hair. While Mrs. Silvermoon helps me to stand up and mend my wound with her handkerchief. 

“I am sorry for our son's behavior, please forgive him, he just… acted immaturely,” Mrs. Silvermoon glares at Drake, “Drake, apologize to Noah, now!”

He seems upset from the order, “Sorry.” He said, while still sitting on his chair and staring at me with an emotion I cannot understand. 

“It's ok, I must go now.” I give them an awkward smile and leave them in a hurry. 

I see the entrance of the restaurant is more heavily guarded than the back alley. So I decided to go to the emergency exit.

I felt that Ken and Drake were following me from behind while The Alpha and Luna are staying at the restaurant.

They seem unwilling to accept my rejection of their proposal. So, it's time for me to run! 


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