Chapter 2: The Rejection

Chapter 2: The Rejection

The handsome strangers seemed to acknowledge Noah’s scent and he saw Noah with anger and disgust. He mumbled “the fuck…”

As the stranger walked closer to him, Noah's heart beat faster and faster. 

Thump… Thump… Thump… it was incoherence with his step. 

Noah faced the man in the eye and smiled at him. A genuine smile he rarely shared.   

As the man stood closer to Noah, he grabbed Noah’s collar with his strong muscle hand and snapped “Hey you! Chinese dude, what’s your fucking name?”

The stranger gripped was so strong, Noah almost choked by it. He was gasping while trying to respond, “My name is Noah” he yelped, “Noah Cheong, a rogue of Cheong pack.”

The hunky muscular man glared at him when he mentioned the word rogue; “a rouge! In my territory!” The stranger observed him carefully, “you’re a fag, an omega, and a weakling, damn! Can you even put up a fight?” he snapped again, making everyone on the street stared at them curiously. Then he glared at everyone that passed, “what the fuck are you looking at? Scram!” he yelled. 

Noah instantly became scared and tensed at the handsome man who stood in front of him. A cold sweat came out from his neck. “I-I don't like to fight,” he replied while looking at the man’s beautiful blue eyes. ‘But I can defend myself when I have to’ he whispered to himself.

The stranger released his grip but suddenly took Noah’s chin, and whispered to his ear “listen, little guy, I want this to be quick for both of us, ok! I, Drake Silvermoon, the future alpha of Silvermoon pack reject you, Noah Cheong as my mate” he paused, “I am not a Faggot like you so, I hope you just fuck yourself and die." He released Noah‘s chin and intentionally bumped to his shoulder as he walked away.

Noah’s POV:

Due to Drake’s hard shoulder, a little bump like that felt hurt, I groaned. But what is more painful is my heart. It felt like dozens of daggers stabbed to my heart, over and over as its beat. It was so hurt I wanted to crybut I won’t!

 I must be strong, this is just another misfortune that I must endure and I have to survive!

‘Noah, he shamed us! He SHAMED US! HE BETRAYED US!’ Ruiz growls angrily inside my mind.  ‘The pain, make it go away!’

‘I am sorry Ruiz, I am hurting too, but nothing I can do’ 

After him!’ He demands, ‘you must reply to his rejection. In that way, he will feel the pain that we feel.’

Ruiz also feels the pain because of his rejection!

That bastard can harm me to his heart desires, but I won't let him hurt Ruiz! He is the most important thing to me. I can live now because of him!

He saved me from the chase, from those traitors! From those whom I used to call family, my pack!

I will avenge Ruiz's pain! I decided to go after him!

I burst with anger as I ran into the crowd, not caring if I bumped into someone by mistake. I don't even care to apologize. My focus is only to get my ex-mate and make him pay for what he did. ‘He couldn't go away that far.’

He can be easily discovered amongst the sea of men. His tall figure and heavenly musky smell are very obvious in my sense. 

‘There he is!’

“Wait!” I scream to a tall blond who is about to cross the street; he seems to be surprised and turns his head to me. I quickly grab his left hand and say, “I, Noah Cheong, a rogue of Cheong pack, reject you Drake Silvermoon as my mate,” I pause and stare at the devilishly handsome face, “it was good riddance, BITCH!” I yell, releasing my anger and resentment toward him.

‘That's for hurting Ruiz,’ I said to myself. I usually refrain from swearing and say dirty words. But he deserved it.

After my rejection, I see his facial expression change as he holds his chest with both hands. He glares at me and mumbles, “what the fuck is this?” I cannot hear him clearly cos his beard seems to muffle his voice.

‘It hurt isn’t it,’ I sneered at him.

He responds to me with an angry glare, as our minds seem to connect.

He is about to capture my hand but I am too fast for him to catch.

I dodge and start to run for my life. 

He tried to follow me. But I think I am superior in the running department. My build probably is not buff like him. I am petite and frail, but I am agile and fast. I inherited it from my wolf features. Thank you, Ruiz!

“Come here, you mother fucker!” he screams from far behind.

After I run for several minutes, I look back, and can’t find his glimpse anywhere nearby.

I sigh in relief, ‘he seems to lose me.’ 

I quickly make a turn into a small alley and hide behind a trash bin.

I spray the anti-wolf tracking perfume that can hinder my body odor from the wolf-tracking nose. My mother taught me about this formula, as she is a werewolf’s huntress.

She was a smart, pretty, and skillful werewolf’s huntress. She taught me how to fight the werewolves. That’s why I can easily use the silver bullet guns and twin silver daggers thanks to her wisdom.

I usually kept my gun in my small studio apartment, because it was illegal to carry it in the subway, but I always carry the daggers whenever I go. I can easily hide it within the hidden pocket in my backpack.   

‘Noah, he seems to lost us’

Ruiz suddenly speaks again to me

‘Yeah, are you happy now?’ I smile. 

‘A little …’ he replies and returns to sleepI know that he still tries to cope with the pain, but I cannot do much to help. What we must do now is face the reality that our mate has rejected us and moves on.

Ruiz is a prideful wolf. He must hurt that his pride has been destroyed by the betrayal. I will do anything to lessen his pain.

‘Sleep well my friend… I will go to work now.’ 

He replies to me only with a blink.


When Noah Cheong felt safe, he came out from the alley, observing to his right and left. He sighed happily when there was no sign of Drake. But something was bothering him. He seemed to miss a really important clue that could threaten his life. But at the moment, he couldn’t point it out…

Regardless, he ignored the feeling and hurried his step, as he was already late for work.  


Drake tried to follow Noah, but he failed. He was far-gone. He couldn't see him or smell his presence. ‘That fag couldn't be run that far,’

he thought.

As he caught his breath he tried to communicate with his inner wolf.

Drake’s POV:

‘Where the hell did he go?’  I snap to Duncan, my inner wolf. He seems to be angry with meHe snaps back at me‘you foolish child! Go after him and apologize. Do you know how long I have been waiting to meet my mate?’

Are you a fag Duncan? There is no way in hell I will mate with that homo omega’

I groan, ‘my inner wolf is a fag, why moon goddess is so cruel to me? Why?’

Ignorant fool, our mate is the only one who can satisfy us, who can strengthen us. Without him, we are forever incomplete and you couldn't be any stronger than your beta. Did you hear me, child!’ the silver wolf growled angrily at me‘Find him! Ask for his forgiveness, so this pain will go away’.

‘Don’t worry old man, I will catch him for sure… and beat the crap out of him for causing me this pain.’ I replied as I kept running and searching for his glimpse.

‘Damn! I got beaten by my dad, my enemies, or my beta during our spar; but I never feel so much worse than this.’ I mutter as the pain is getting worseI feel like it is thrusting my chest with dozens of blades.

“Arrrgh!!! I will catch that fag and make him pay 100 times!” I scream in pain, like a crazy man.

Foolish child! This pain was caused because he accepts your rejection. And since you will be an alpha soon, you’re feeling more pain than him. The pain is the punishment from the moon goddess herself to those who are ungrateful.’

‘You must be kidding me old man’ I said disbelieved. The moon goddess... that an unfair-bitch!

‘He is an omega, soon after rejection, he could find other werewolves as his mate,’

Duncan pauses, ‘unlike us, who only have one mate for the rest of our life. However…’

I couldn't care less with Duncan’s rattle. I block him. I care more about doing some punching than listen to his lecture.   

I see no sign of him, ‘where did he go? I need him to take this pain away’ I sigh to myself.

‘I give up!’

‘Dammed, I need to fuck right now. This heartache makes me horny’ my hand goes to my pocket as I reach the phone and dial random bitches’ numbers in my contact list.

‘Hmm, who should I call? How about that underwear model? I met her at the party last night, she seems fun,’ I smirk, but then the pain throbs to my heart again. ‘Damn this pain! It hurts like hell!’

“Hey Cynthia, it’s Drake. Meet me in 30 minutes at my house! I want to fuck you!”

Cynthia giggles and replies to me with her suave tone “Sure Drake, wait for me, I am going to freshen up now. Meet you in five OKs?”

“Good,” I said and hung-up.

‘That woman makes me horny! Probably good sex will lessen this pain.'

What are you doing, you fool’ Duncan whimpers. He seems in agony. ‘If you mate with other women, our mate will suffer.’

I smirk at him and reply ‘good’.


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