Chapter 3: The Pain

Chapter 3: The Pain

When Noah entered the restaurant’s kitchen, he greeted by his co-worker, Jason Watkins, a young talented chef with a handsome face, tanned skin, hazel eyes, and well-trimmed facial hairs, his good-look makes all women staff in the restaurant (and probably the outside too), swoon.

“Hey little dim sum, you were 30 minutes late,” Jason greeted Noah with a husky voice, “did something happen?” He smiled.

He called Noah with a nickname little dim sum because Noah was short and Korean. Dim sum originally came from China. It was a small bite-sized cuisine filled with chopped meat and prepared in a small steamer basket. However, Silverplate served the Korean styled dim sum because it was more suitable for American taste. Its white color and fluffy texture resembled Noah’s soft skin.

“Yeah, I had a small accident earlier and a bit unwell” Noah replied while changing into his assistance-chef uniform.

Jason observed him with worries, “are you okay little dim sum? You look sweaty and a bit pale.” He moved closer to Noah's kissing range and slightly touched Noah’s forehead. It made him blushed.

“My skin is pale, it's genetic” Noah chuckled; he tried to mask his pain and shyness.

Jason pinched Noah’s cheek, which made some female staffs glare in jealousy at Noah, “Let me know if you need any help because today we’re having important guests. Mr. Silvermoon, his staffs, and business partners will be having lunch at our restaurant” Jason saw the dining hall through the tiny window in the kitchen, which allowed chefs to see the patrons. “We should hurry; we only have one hour and a half to cook for 50 people, and some of them are already coming.” Noah could smell his minty breath while he talked.

 Suddenly the head-chef Clark entered the kitchen and saw Noah and Jason were chatting while the other staff was busy cooking. “Hey love birds, stop talking and more cooking!” he snapped.

Jason and Noah startled and replied “yes chef!” at the same time.

As Noah wanted to walk to his post, the dessert section; Jason came to whisper, “If Chef Clark asks you why were you late, tell him that you had a stomach ache” Jason winked and went back to his grilling post.

Noah replied with a grin; it showed his perfect white teeth. He understood that Jason was trying to cover up for him.

 ‘Isn’t he a fine gentleman Noah?’ Ruiz teased.

‘Yes he is,’ Noah’s cheek was blushing, ‘If I knew my mate will be a male, I hoped it would be him, Ruiz’

‘Well; now our mate is gone. Shouldn't you try to find another fish?’ he smiled, ‘Sooner is better…’

Ruiz returned to his sleep.

When Noah came to his post, his co-worker Lisa Abbot was glaring at him, "Took you long enough," she said, holding her anger. She seemed pissed at Noah, as she saw him and Jason's intimate moment. 'Why the good looking one is always gay' she muffled while cooking. 

“Sorry” Noah replied while starting to prepare the ingredients for the dessert. He and his co-worker were planning to make white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

“Today we have VIP,” she said as she was pointing her finger to the small window, “That’s Mr. Thomas Silvermoon who sits in table No 5. I saw his son also come by, but then he left” she paused and giggled to herself “God he’s a fine-looking man…”

As Lisa blabbered about the man of her dream, Noah suddenly realized one thing that he almost forgot, the one that may endanger his life.

His restaurant was owned by the Silvermoon Family and his mate was named Drake… Drake Silvermoon…

Noah’s POV:

“Lisa, do you know the name of Mr. Silvermoon’s son?” I ask her curiously as she stops at her blabbering and see me with a big smile on her face

“I think it was Damon, no wait… Derek… OMG Lisa how you can forget the name of your future husband!” she squeaks with a low raspy voice.

 “Did you mean Drake?” I asked, afraid if I was correct.

“Bingo!” she said and returned to her dish.

I am starting to tremble, ‘No way,’ I mumble. I try to wake Ruiz up while I am in the middle of cooking. I want to consult with him about our situation. ‘Ruiz, wake up!’ I demand.

 ‘What’s wrong little dim sum?’ He asks me with a teasing tone

‘Now is not the time for a joke. We’re in trouble, our mate is the son of this restaurant owner,’ I said while cutting the frozen raspberry, while

Lisa is watching me like a hawk; she makes sure I am doing my job.

‘Then we have no other choice, we must do it,’ he pauses, ‘the rite of rejection.’ 

He sees me with a serious expression, his blue orbs are glowing; it makes him look a bit scary.

‘What is that? Is it dangerous? Cos you’re looking so serious.’

‘It is the rite to cut the bond between mates, it’s dangerous because the inner wolves may die if it’s not done correctly.’ 

 “No!” I startled, making Lisa who works beside me jump in surprise.

“Sweet Jesus! Boy, you should stop screaming suddenly like that… Noah, you need help!” she said, looking pissed. “By the way, have you done with the raspberry? Could you stir this cream cheese for me, please? I need to go to the toilet, while on the way I will check on Drake in case he returns,” she gasps as she realizes that she was telling the truth and I knew it. This poor girl wants to stalk on Drake. 

“I meant I needed to go to the toilet because I drank a lot of water this morning,” she said and passed me a bowl filled with cream cheese.

 “Sure Lisa,” I sincerely accept the bowl.I wished you a good luck, girl, cos you need it. I am through with him, he’s all yours.’

As Lisa left, I suddenly felt my chest burning, like the flame of daggers, stabbing me, it felt more painful than before.

‘Ruiz, what is this pain?’ I asked my inner wolf.

‘It was because of him… that bastard … he is currently mating with another person… Noah, I feel hurt too… PLEASE DO THE RITE OF REJECTION… PLEASE!’

‘Then what should I do?’

‘Go to the alpha of Silvermoon pack; tell him that you were rejected by one of his pack’s members. But be careful not to mention his son’s name. I am sure he will NOT do it if he knew you that you were mated to his son.’ 

‘I understand, the alpha is here at the moment, I will look for a good opportunity to talk to him, until then please hang on.’

‘I will try,’ he whimpers. 

I am trying to cope with the pain while cooking at the same time. I am panting, it's hard to breathe. I feel like the oxygen has been sucked out of my lung. To add to this misery, the burning in my chest becomes more and more painful as I try to grasp the air.

‘It has been one hour and he still having sex!’ I gasped in disbelieve. 

‘I need to get out of the kitchen, the air here is too stiff, I-I need to breathe!’

“Geez are you okay Noah, you look like you’re having a fever,” Lisa asked, she looks genuinely worried.

“I was joking by telling you that you need help, but now it seems that you really are.”

“I’m fine Lisa, thanks,” I said while panting,

“I’ll take a break after we’re done cooking, okay?”

 “OK,” she replied.

‘I need to concentrate on my cooking! Strangely, even though I am in pain, I could feel that my cooking ability suddenly increased. Maybe this is what you call a silver lining. After the rejection, I gain a new ability to make the cake that I cook become more delicious; more enticing!’ 

I’m drooling when I see our Raspberry cheesecake is done perfectly.

‘The cake looks shining.’ I couldn't hold myself not to steal a bite. I feel better after I ate it. 

‘You seem to awaken your Luna’s power, Noah…’ Ruiz whispers to me.

Luna’s power?’ I do not understand’ I ask.

‘I will tell you later Noah… I am now trying to cope with the pain… I am sorry’

he whimpers.


When Noah finished platting the dessert, he told everyone that he would take a break. He left the kitchen and went outside the restaurant for fresh air.

He tried to suck as much oxygen as possible into his lung. He was panting and his chest was burning. Soon, he couldn't take the pain anymore and passed out.

After the restaurant was closed, Jason Watkins went outside to throw the trash and smoke at the back alley of the restaurant. As he opened the door, he was surprised to see Noah’s body lying on the ground, unconscious. So, he decided to call the ambulance, but then he canceled. There was a spark in his eyes, a lustful desire when he saw Noah’s porcelain skin, pink rose lips, and petite body.

He reconsidered and decided to bring Noah to his apartment instead.   


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