Lea’s Epilogue: The Imperfect

Everyone was seeking perfection in their lives and there was no life so perfect as Lea Silvermoon. She had everything that she ever wished for. A handsome-loyal husband who led the most powerful pact, wealth that was more than enough to buy anything that she ever wanted, and soon—a perfect son-in-law that would complete the family picture that she always dreamed of.   


As she woke up early this morning, feeling joy and excitement, Lea Silvermoon was ready to do her daily routine. She began her morning by preparing breakfast for her beloved husband, she checked the mailbox for important matters, and in the meantime, she also ordered her servants to do the house chores for her.

After learning Noah’s whereabouts, Lea was always feeling ecstatic. ‘I can't wait for Noah’s return and held his postponed wedding… I’m sure it will be grand and perfect!’ she thought,


<A/N thank you so much for reading my book to the end, I’m really grateful for your time. As we know that this book hasn't completely finished. There are still many problems that need to be solved. So why do I cut my book here? Because it’s already too long and while I enjoy working with this book and upload it periodically, I am well aware that someone could steal my work if it in the form of a complete book. That's why I use an ‘open ending,’ instead. Some of you may be disappointed by it and want a complete story. Don't worry, it will be complete, but I just need time to create a better plot. Believe it or not, I began to write this story in 2016, so it’s already been 5 years. I postponed this story for various reasons, such as study, writer block, etc. For

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goodnovel comment avatar
Margarita Cruz Santiago
it's so aggravating. this is not a complete book and there's no name for the sequel
goodnovel comment avatar
Junaid Mehar
The ending is totally disappointing,,,if you are going for another part then u should’ve mentioned the name of the book at least,,,
goodnovel comment avatar
Elizabeth Keeling
what is the name of the second book

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