How to Settle?

How to Settle?

By:  Infinity  Ongoing
Language: English
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"There Are THREE SIDES To Every Story. YOURS, HIS And The TRUTH."We both hold distaste for the other. We're both clouded by their own selfish nature. We're both playing the blame game. It won't end until someone admits defeat. Until someone decides to call it quits. But how would that ever happen? We're are just as stubborn as one another.Only one thing would change our resolution to one another. An Engagement. .......An excerpt -" To be honest I have no interest in you. ", he said coldly almost matching the demeanor I had for him, he still had a long way to go through before he could be on par with my hatred for him. He slid over to me a hot cup of coffee, it shook a little causing drops to land on the counter. I sighed, just the sight of it reminded me of the terrible banging in my head. Hangovers were the worst. We sat side by side in the kitchen, disinterest, and distaste for one another high. I could bet if it was a smell, it'd be pungent."I feel the same way. " I replied monotonously taking a sip of the hot liquid, feeling it burn my throat. I glanced his way, staring at his brown hair ruffled, at his dark captivating green eyes. I placed a hand on my lips remembering the intense scene that occurred last night. I swallowed hard. How? I thought. How could I be interested?I was in love with his brother.

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16 Chapters
Lucky me?
              ----- DESCRIPTION -----"There Are THREE SIDES To Every Story. YOURS, HIS And The TRUTH. "
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"Athier, Athier. "I cried tugging the sleeve of his shirt willfully, urging him to get up from the couch he had established himself on. He pulled his arm back with his lips upturned."Leave me alone. "He said focusing back on the video game he was playing, obviously irritated. My lips turned upwards, and I put up the nicest puppy dog eyes I could muster, the ones that always got dad to get me the things I wanted. No one could resist it, not even mom.
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Chapter I : "The lace on your dress tingles my neck."
Curse my hazel eyes. Yes! curse them.            My round hazel eyes were the cause of my current dilemma, the true b
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Chapter II: "And when we go crashing down we come back everytime. "
"Well if it isn't her majesty herself."  That statement rang in my head the same way the noon bell of an execution would a prisoner sentenced to be hung.
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Chapter III: "And when we go crashing down"
“Ethan! What the hell.” I yelled at my boyfriend in the driver’s seat. I was still processing all that had to happen. Ethan smiled. His index finger tapped the steering wheel. “Shit! I thought you’d like to escape that place.” I shook my head and after a few seconds of dead silence I burst out laughing.
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Chapter IV : " No you don't have to keep it under lock and key."
 With a ‘thud’ I hit the floor. Tears were at the brink of my eyes as I held unto my elbow, which I was sure would leave a bruise. I glared up at my 'Prince Charming' as my lips tighten thinking of all the ways I wou
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Chapter V: " She took my hand, I don't know how it happened "
Sir, we can explain. "Athier began, and I unsuccessfully fought back a chuckle. He looked back at me then at the security guard.
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Chapter VI:" I can be what you want me to be."
"Hey girl!" Dylan said once she spotted me in the crowded hallway of our high school. Dylan strolled towards me, her hells made a clinking sound with the marble floors.
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Chapter VII: " There's only me, there's only you. "
I wore a black short a-line dress with a yellow floral pattern with black pumps while waiting for Athier.
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