Howls And Fangs

Howls And Fangs

By:  The Alpha Writer  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Huff Huff, who am i? rather what am i?" Blake thought swaddled in moss and mud. Justice, did such a thing exist?. It's a dog bite dog world,the strong remain strong and the weak are being trampled upon. Pathetic. Being weak is pathetic. Hah!!!, this ... this was doomed right from the start. With the devil's grin and longing for the blood of his enemies he let out blood curling screeches. "This isn't over!!!!" He screamed into nothingness. This is story brings you to a world of explicit and realistic romance, it's an coming of age story of great protagonists and their intertwined, buried histories. *WARNING CONTAINS MATURE SCENES!

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Just one word... ENTHRALLING.
2021-07-30 16:45:15
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One of the best werewolf books out there. Good character development! Adding this to my library 👍😍
2021-05-13 06:21:35
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Lovely write up Keep it up
2021-07-30 23:41:32
15 Chapters
Frost Bites
The sound of repeated, fast paced shuffling was heard across the dimly lit room. The headaches were getting unbearable, where was it?, he was sure he put it around there somewhere. Desperately searching the drawers, touching something smooth and round immediately grabbed it. It turned out to be a plastic container, quickly opening it took out two pills and drove it into his mouth.He squeezed his face, how could he have forgotten?This motherfucker was bitter. With quick strides, he grabbed the glass of water on the shelf-top and drank it rinsing his mouth in the process.Much better.Strolling casually, his bare feet against the freezing room tiles he sat on the king sized wooden bed. It was winter in the Kingdom of Alynthi a place where vampires reigned supreme. Through the clouded windows one could see that the snow was at least knee deep, a perfect time for hibernation. He hated the winter and everything tha
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First Impressions
ALICIA'S POV I drew back my jet black hair as i layed in the bath feeling the water seep through my skin. Somehow staying in hot, scented baths always seemed to calm my nerves, it is a really satisfying therapy. Recalling what the message from my father Sir Erwin had relayed to me just a moment before. My father, the current Lord of the vampires, has once again thought of a way to keep me in his line of sight. For as long as i could remember, he had always considered me a threat for reasons i knew not of. My room was the only place I was safe from his eyes, trying to infiltrate?, like I would let that happen! Over the years all I did to get his approval only ended in me earning his disgust. Though it had a silver lining to it as I had trained myself to become outstanding on various endeavors. He only rewarded me with a hate filled glance and the words i have gotten to memorize over the course of time "You could have done
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Musou Foundations
"I'd give you my rules according to the matter at hand as we spend time together" Alicia said, slightly cocking her head as she flipped one leg over the other."Understood" Blake answered unshaken by her demeanor."Good, I understand that you are new to the castle and it's ways and i trust you can figure that out with independent effort," Alicia said as she rose up from her seat walking out of the pallavion "Your room would be two doors away from mine, be sure to report to me hourly""Yes Alicia"She turned, her hands in the front pockets of her shorts, and gave Blake a frigid smile."I look forward to my days with you" She said before leaving for her Chambers.---Three days had passed since Blake arrived at the castle yet he hadn't been called upon by Alicia nor had he seen her in person. He used this opportunity to get familiar with
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Da Rules
Alicia's POV Boy was I glad we were out of that damned elevator. It was just extremely awkward in there, scrolling mindlessly through my phone didn't help either. Wait, why was I feeling nervous?.Calm down Alicia, it's just a bodyguard, there is no need to stress about it, his words don't matter to you. It's insignificant, totally insignificant I chanted in my head. Who was I kidding?!. I felt so fucking betrayed when he said those words. What kind answer was I expecting when I asked that wasn't like he owed allegiance to me or something. I squealed internally from frustration. Taking a quick glance at him. He maintained his calm composure with a straight face as he faced the other way. I wondered just what he was staring at that seemed so interesting I was put as part of the background. This motherfucker, was I the only one affected by this!!!...Deep breaths Alicia
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30 Minutes LaterBlake POVI had just gotten out of the bathroom, water still dripping from my body, which was clad in a white towel. Just then I heard a text notification from the receiving room. I had left my phone in my coat's pocket.Taking quick strides into the living area, I swooped up my phone wiping my right hand against the towel before opening the text. It was from Stella, it read;★Has the witch done anything to you yet?★★I am bored here, Blake. All I do is train all day. I miss playing pranks on you (crying emoji, Halo emoji)★★Sir Louis is out on business...again★★Mom hasn't been making her muffins as much as she used to, i think she misses you but is too proud to admit it★It read, Stella sharing her random thoughts, that had always been a habit of hers since they were children. She was a really extroverted and outspoken individual,
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The Introduction
ALICIA'S POV My comment had erupted uneven whispers, some too low to be heard by an ordinary vampire and some obnoxiously and intentionally loud. 'Welp, another one's gonna lose his head this month.' 'She is introducing this one to us what's changed' 'Change? Ha! It's hard to see any change in this kingdom. I guarantee he would be dead in a month tops!.' 'Alas death Is the only ending for this unfortunate fella.' 'She isn't called the Red Dame for nothing.' "Red Dame, the sexy but ruthless Goddess. I wonder how she got go good at combat and assassination. I've been practicing nonstop for years yet I don't even deserve to be in her shadow." 'Princess Alicia is so hot I'm ready to ignore all the red flags if I could just jvghikkr#*%' "Throw me that ass!' "I know right, ugh just
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Missing Humans
Blake's POV  "He doesn't deserve to be in the same room or building I occupy, count it as a privilege he is Alicia's bodyguard."Scarlet spat out mercilessly. These words rang through my ears continuously each time more hurting than the other, line a broken record. The event of that day passed through my mind again. I still had a long way to go, to get rid of this stigma. For now [I clenched my fists] just now I can only endure and be as reasonable as possible. "Then you wouldn't mind coaching this junior on a few moves, would you?" He asked in a suggestive, calm tone. "En?" Alicia looked surprised. "A teacher? Ha ha, Alicia you've got a keeper here. I knew I would get along with him! Look how he cracks me up!" Ian commented light heartedly. "You are here on a job to protect your master and not for combat lessons. People these days are a lot more
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The dark web
Blake POV"We do not need any room services. I'd just go up" I told the receptionist before jogging into the elevator.I had woken up quite early in the morning and ran a few laps in the snow to get my thoughts in place.Of course, being a bodyguard I had asked for Alicia's consent first to which she replied, "Just get lost." While studying several documents on her private desk.It looked like she had a lot going on on her plate.Last night's sleep didn't have much effec
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Misleading Emotions
Blake's POVI quickly took the elevator down, which this time was much more satisfying than the last.*Come right out the foundation, walk in the left direction till you track the black SUV.*Such great timing for another order! This made me reacknowledge just how distinguished Ian was.The front passenger door opened up as soon as I arrived, giving me an easy entry into the car."Not bad for a first-timer. If you came any sooner you wouldn't have missed some idiot trip
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Linota's Premonition
Meanwhile A Border and some Miles Away     In a fairly large room, two individuals are seen in a conversation, it is easy to identify the hireachy of the participants in the dialogue, one seemed to be the servant and the other, the boss.   "All new recuits are undergoing monitored training." He reported.   "The new weapons…" The one who dominated the other asked.   "Stocked and ready to replace the old."    "I see. How is the project coming on?"    The standing man flinched.   "However, the supplies are There has been zero successes."   His eyes widened, but had calmed in a split second.   "Go and attend to the rest."   "Yes."   The other individual, bowed and left.   Alpha Ashn
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