Hush, Baby

Hush, Baby

By:  Chiaro De Luna  Ongoing
Language: English
5 ratings
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"When reality breaks you and oblivion is your only refuge, my love will bring you back..." Natalia Kings, the beautiful and sweet nurse, wakes up in the hospital without any memories about herself nor her life. Her problems don't stop there though, for she is believed to be abused by nonother then her own employer, Nathaniel Williams, the ruthless businessman who is secretly obsessed with her. Unable to handle all the questions and uncertainties that threatened to take away what was left of her sanity, Natalia starts looking for answers on her own, but what happens when the answers she is after are too hard to handle? Can she survive the darkness? Can she forgive? And can she be forgiven? Disclaimer: I do not own the cover. The book contains mature content but doesn't promote nor romanticize rape and abuse.

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Delinda Schumacher
51 chapters 1-15-23
2023-01-16 00:09:50
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Kristie Lau
Is this book complete?
2021-05-03 12:49:42
user avatar
Can't wait for next chapter
2020-07-24 18:30:41
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Chibuzor Victor Obih
Honestly, there are points were I noticed grammatical errors and issues in sentence construction but your story is promising. Knowing the girl was sexually abused is sad but knowing she can get better is epic. We all learn everyday and by constant practice, we get better. Great job!
2020-07-24 18:23:31
user avatar
Bella b
waiting for.lre chapters ❤️❤️
2020-07-24 00:48:59
54 Chapters
Why did this happen to us? right when I thought everything was finally going to be okay?Who is the one to blame?Is it us? Is it life?Can we blame it on life? Or was this entirely our own doing?But why us? And why you?The unanswered questions don’t linger for long, they fade away slowly into oblivion as if they never existed, and that scares me because they leave void and emptiness behind.The questions were painful, true, but I want them back, this void is much worse, it doesn’t cause me any pain, just numbness, random nihilism, nothing!I lift my heavy head and search the room I am in with my eyes, everything around me is either black or grey, I feel like I know this place but don’t know it in the same time, it is familiar in a way but completely new in another, I try to pinpoint the change that made me feel this way about this place, but I can’t, it feels as if I am looking at it with new eyes. I hear something in the back, it is noisy and disturbing but I can’t figure it out,
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Black Room
Where am I? I ask myself as I open my eyes in this strange…room, if I may call it that!A tomb would be a more befitting word thanks to these black walls, but unlike a tomb, this place is neither tight nor suffocating, it is quite spacious actually, the only flaw in it, besides the strange choice of color, is the roof, it is not only black but also low, lower than average that is, not to the point where I can’t stand tall on my feet though, it just feels closer I guess.The ground under me is black as well, as if made of perfectly sculpted obsidian, it is neither cold nor hot, and surprisingly not hard on my body, it feels as if I am laying on a mattress instead, not the fanciest but one which is decent enough to not give me sore muscles, what catches my attention though are the small little pattern engraved on the floor, they are beautiful, small, and unique, but above all, familiar, I don’t really recall where I have seen them before, nevertheless, they are really beautiful and I li
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“Calm down, Natalia! Focus on my voice!” I look at the doctor who came to stand in front of me, her blue eyes staring at me with concern, and in her glasses, I see the reflection of another woman!Scooting away from her, I back away using my hands until my back hits the wall, it is not the doctor who made me this scared though, it is the reflection I saw on her glasses, and the realization that came with it.That woman! With the black messy hair and a dead pale face was me! I was looking at myself and yet I didn’t recognize me! Seeing my state, the doctor returns to her earlier spot next to me and starts patting my back again, I want to thank her, to tell her how much I am grateful for this small gesture of hers, and that I don’t want to be left alone in this state I am in, but I don’t, I can’t, and I am in no state to care about my good manners while surrounded with these questions and ambiguity.“It is okay, Natalia, you are safe now!” it is not okay! How can she say that it is okay
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I place my hand on my knee, trying to force that annoying tremble to subside, it looks as if I am trying to dig a hole in the closed courtroom’s floor and I doubt anyone would be happy if I ruined the expensive-looking tiles.I try and take deep breaths, hoping it might calm me down but it is of no use whatsoever, I feel like I am about to faint, these last few days have been nothing but a tormenting vortex of questions and revelations that only lead to more questions.Seeing my uneasiness, Maisie, the nice doctor takes my hand in hers and offers me an encouraging smile which barely provides me with any encouragement, I return it nevertheless, out of gratitude toward her kindness and for being here for me today.Out of all the people in this city, Maisie happened to be my best friend and my ex-roommate, we even worked together in the same hospital, only that I was a nurse, it explains how good she has been treating me so far, she knows me better than anyone else, and therefore answered
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“Shall we continue?” the representative asks once I am back with Maisie and Emma to the room, I feel a little better now after the little stroll we have taken in the court's park, the air wasn't exactly fresh but it helped me relax a little ad gather my thoughts, I am not as panicked and shocked as I was when I heard what Dr. Jones said earlier, not as bad at least.Taking my seat, I nod at the representative and my senior, telling them that i am feeling better and ready to continue this hearing. However, I avoid looking at that Williams' guy at all costs, I feel his eyes on me though, his lawyers are talking among themselves in a very serious manner while he is just sitting quietly as if this matter doesn’t concern him , all he does is look at me with undecipherable eyes and I refuse to look back at him, I need to keep it together for the rest of this hearing, I need to know what happened to me and I need to figure out my next move once I do.Seeing that I was feeling better, Dr. Jone
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Fuck, why can’t I stop these tears?I try to wipe them away but they keep on falling like waterfalls, I try to calm down, take few breaths, squeeze all the tears out, but nothing seems to work.I give up on my attempts and look at that Williams guy with an angry face, drenched with tears and snot, yeah I really don't care right now, I am not bothered with my looks, I am bothered with the way he is looking at me! why in the hell is he looking at me like that? With those sad and pitiful eyes of his, I don’t want his pity, I want to know what he did to me.“We are still waiting for your answer, Mr. Williams, if you haven’t done anything to her, then why did she end up like this? And why did we find her in that state at your house?” Emma asked with a raised brow, a defiant look on her face, at first I am happy with her aggressive tone, it is so satisfying for my ears, however, I can't help but notice the way they are looking at each other, I don't know why but I feel like this isn't the fi
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I stare at my surroundings with a ghost of a smile, a weird warmness taking over my heart, it is faint but it is here, the feeling of Déjà vu, of knowing this be honest, I don’t know if it is some blocked memories trying to resurface or just the preexisting knowledge that this is where I used to live with Maisie before moving to the Williams’ residence, whatever it is, it fills me with a strange… familiarity!I take a deep breath and walk further inside the apartment, Maisie trailing behind me, I am so happy she invited me back here, from what I understood, I moved out six months ago to live in the Williams house and be a twenty-four hours caretaker, my job was to take care of his father, who suffered from a cerebrovascular accident that left him paralyzed, the man was no longer able to move the right half of his body.According to Maisie, the offer was really tempting, the payment was three times the amount I made in the hospital, the job was very easy as I only had one pat
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Bloody Kiss
“This…” Maisie doesn’t finish her words, and I am grateful for that, I am already embarrassed enough as I am without anyone addressing it.“I will go get us more coffee…” she says while picking up the empty mugs, I just nod, still looking at my broken phone's screen and the thousands of messages I shared with my potential rapist. Just what the hell is this?I scroll up and down in the conversation, between me and the so-called Nathaniel Williams, unable to believe my own eyes.At first, they were all normal texts, work-related and professional, the very first ones were discussing some of the contract conditions, and I see that I have signed with him for two years. Now that was promising.“You are late.”“Impressive job with Father”“You are late.”“He is getting better with your care.”“You are late.”“We have many spare rooms that can save us all the tardiness, Miss Kings.”These were all messages I have received from him, and call me paranoid but I’ve noticed this weird pattern, like
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Something Very Stupid
“What could it be?” I ask, my eyes burning with all the tears, I hate the fact I am crying like a baby all the time but it is too much to take.Every day, every single day since I woke up not knowing who I am, is but another labyrinth where I have to run and run trying to answer my questions but I only end up with more.I feel like I am falling inside this endless pit, just falling and falling, neither saved nor crushed to the ground, I am stuck midair with nothing but fear.I am devastated, mostly because without my memories, I feel naked to the eyes, without anything covering me, it feels as if my memories were a shield that I used to hide my thoughts and myself, but without it, my mind was bare.Call me ungrateful but I don’t like the fact that what used to be my secrets were no longer that secret, I don’t remember the reason why I hid secrets about myself from my best friend and the people who knew me, there must have been a reason though, and I am bothered by the fact that I don’t
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Not Home
Hey…A damn ‘hey’…How stupid and irrational does one need to be to send their potential rapist a ‘hey’…A lot, apparently, besides the total absence to any sign of common sense in their brains, I wonder if I can blame that on my amnesia, I am not sure but maybe they are related.I hope they are related because I really don’t want to think of myself as a complete and utter dumdum.I stare at my stupid hey as it sat there on the conversation field and I cursed myself, what the hell was I doing? I throw my phone angrily at the bed as if it a lump of burning coal, and after looking at it for a second, I flip it on the other side, I don’t want to see that damn hey, mocking me.I shake my head and stand up, I feel too hot and embarrassed, even though there is no one in the room with me, I just feel as if I am surrounded by many judging eyes, I have been feeling like this a lot lately, under everyone’s careful watch, as if I am a ticking bomb that might explode if they took their eyes off me
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