Chapter Forty-Three

Ally remained in the living room as Riley took Nova, Shae and Abby upstairs to the guest rooms while Milo and Ryder got their luggage from the car. Ally looked around nervously before standing up and sitting down next to me.

“We have to talk Wynter, alone. Can you come over to Chandra’s house a bit later?”

“I’m sorry I kissed you, it shouldn’t have happened.”

“Wynter … please.”

She left again as quickly as she had sat down and was out of the front door. It could only be about that kiss, we really had nothing else to talk about and I knew that she’d felt that bond groping for us just as strongly as I had.

“Wynter, you really don’t have to give up your room for us. We can go stay in a hotel.” Ryder still had the luggage in his hands and I looked up from the couch.

“Not a chance. I’ll be fine down here.” I took a suitcase from him and headed up the stairs to my bedroom where he and Nova would sleep.

I put the suitcase down and took some clothes from the walk-in cupboard and found Ryder l
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