Chapter Forty-Two

I pulled open the front door just as Chandra reached to open it. She narrowed her eyes at me and in that moment it didn’t bother me. I was the old Wynter now, the one that never got hurt. I walked past her to the sidewalk and grabbed the dustbin that I hadn’t brought in from the street the previous day.

“You are full of secrets Wynter Grey.”

“I take it she told you.”

Chandra and I stood in the driveway, facing each other, knowing she’d ask but not sure if I’d answer. “You could have confided in me, you know.”

“What would’ve been the point?”

“Why did you want them to think you were dead?” Her eyes searched mine but found nothing and that both shocked and scared Chandra.

“I didn’t. I changed my name to get away from Romania and everything that was expected of me there. I didn’t know they thought I was dead.”

“And Alexis? You love her right?”

“Loved. I don’t anymore.” I didn’t want to have this conversation with her but the truth was, she was my best friend and she deserved answers to he
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