Chapter Fourteen

The more I thought about it, the more sense it made that this match was orchestrated but I had no proof. The King had made it clear that he wanted this bond and even Maya had suggested it the previous night.

Echo was in two minds because the evidence of what I’d done was there. I was angry at myself for being in this position but the memories were slowly trickling back. I could remember kissing Maya, taking off her clothes, but I had no clue why I would do it.

A footman informed me that Maya was in the private gardens and I braced myself for the conversation we would have. She was sitting on the exact same bench where we’d talked the previous night. She looked up when she heard my footsteps and then looked down again.

“Can we talk?” I sat down next to her and she looked at me again.

“Of course Mr Grey.” She was sad because I’d acted like a jerk. She’d given herself to me willingly and I’d made it cheap by just leaving and asking for proof when I knew in my heart that she wasn’t lying.
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