Chapter Thirteen

We took our seats and King Florin gave thanks to Typhon for our many blessings and servants entered the room to take our orders. Cali walked into the dining room and gave Nicu a look as she took a seat next to Maya.

Abigail was seated next to Nicu and he paid absolutely no attention to Cali. I caught Cali staring at me a few times but my eyes didn’t linger on her. I felt no sympathy for her, she was shallow, cruel and perhaps even vindictive. I’d have to speak to the King about what she could be capable of when she found out that Nicu planned to propose to Abigail.

We had all put our orders in and a few minutes later fresh fruit and yoghurts were brought in and Nicu surprised everyone when he served Abigail a helping of each.

“Thank you Nicu.” Cali’s spoon clanged against her bowl as Nicu stared at Abigail, looking like he was in love.

Protocol didn’t allow for commoners like us to call any member of the Royal Family by their names. They were to be addressed by their titles at all ti
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