I'm Not Yours, Alpha!

I'm Not Yours, Alpha!

By:  licia Khellanie  Updated just now
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Aimee: I had it all: a loving family, a good education, and a handsome boyfriend who was about to propose. But my perfect world came crashing down when Jake publicly announced Jessica, my worst enemy, as his Luna on the night of his coronation. Heartbroken and humiliated, I planned to flee back home, bury my face into my pillows, and sob. But fate had other plans for me. That same night, I discovered that I was mated to Alpha Logan, the ruthless leader of the Ridge Pack that haunted everyone's nightmare. Logan: I didn't give a damn about the coronation of the new Alpha of the Crescent Pack. I was only there to sign a peace treaty and get out of there. I had enough problems of my own: a curse that had made me numb, and a mate that eluded me. But then I smelled something that changed everything. A sweet and intoxicating scent that stirred something in me. She was my mate, and she was mine. And I would stop at nothing to claim her. Even if it meant starting a war.

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so captivation and thrilling. i'm already in love with ty, he is a supporting brother.
2023-07-30 08:07:49
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Done 4 pages 35 points and nothing to move the story forward! Readers beware!
2023-09-19 07:36:27
77 Chapters
Is He Cheating?
Aimee’s P.O.V My hands shook as I slid a key into the mailbox. The sight of the thick envelope with the WSC College logo made my heart race, and it felt surreal to hold the result between my fingers. I've worked so hard for this, and it terrified me to think of what the letter would say. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I carefully ripped the seal off the envelope and scanned the first two lines. Dear Aimee Moore: You have impressed us with your application, and we are pleased to admit you to WSC… “Yes!!” I jumped into the air as I confirmed my admission to my dream college. "Oh, goddess. Yes!" Thinking of my brother Ty waiting for me outside, I stuck my acceptance letter into the envelope, hurrying out of the pack’s postal office. Ty was still in the same spot I'd left him, leaning against his car with his foot propped on the bumper. Sun rays made his brown hair sparkle with golden streaks as his eyes met mine with a soft expression. Although he had inherited our father’s G
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He Chose Another
Aimee’s P.O.V “What?” I sprang to my feet, a slow smile forming on my face. I couldn't believe what I heard. My father had just given me the best news: The night I had dreamed of all my life was only a few hours away. I was an Omega, the lowest rank in our pack, and usually forbidden from attending important occasions. But this was different. I couldn’t miss this for anything in the whole world. This was the night Jake would declare me as his Luna, his mate for life. I felt like the moon goddess herself had blessed me with good fortune. Joy again flooded my veins, washing away the sadness of Jake’s earlier treatment. Suddenly, everything made sense to me. Jake wanted to make it up to me after what happened today, and that’s why the announcement was so soon. "Dad?" I called out as I rummaged through my closet. "What should I wear? Something blue or something red?" There was no answer. I turned around and saw my father standing in the doorway, his face dark and angry. "You are not
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Maddening Pheromones
Logan’s P.O.V I twisted the cufflinks on my wrist, feeling the cold metal bite into my skin—a sign of impatience, boredom, or both. My Beta yanked the door open, his eyes wide with anxiety. He knew better than to keep me waiting. We should turn back. My wolf snarled in my mind, his primal instincts urging me to flee from this place. Severing the link with a sharp mental snap, I silenced his protests. We rarely saw eye to eye, so it was easier to ignore him. Curtly nodding at Damien, I stepped out of the limo, my jaw tightening as I saw the swarm of wolves crowding the entrance. I cleared my throat once, a low and menacing growl that made them flinch. Their faces turned white as they recognized me and scrambled to make way for me. ‘That’s more like it,’ I muttered, walking past the crowd who whispered and gawked at me. My brow arched at the man approaching me with a wide grin. He was holding a leash attached to a young girl's neck. His black hair was streaked with gray, the deep g
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Spellbound by the Mate Bond
Aimee’s P.O.V“Aimee! Aimee! Don’t you faint on me!...”Lily's voice was muffled like she was talking through a wall. I felt her hands tapping my cheeks, trying to snap me out of it. But I didn't want to. Reality sucked; it crushed me.I wanted to stay in the darkness, where I could escape everything.But then a sharp sting brought me back, and I gasped, blinking at the bright lights overhead. My hand flew to my cheek, where it burned like hell. Ow! Lily had slapped me. Hard. I knew she meant well, but that hurt like hell.A sob caught in my throat as I looked up at her. She was kneeling beside me, her eyes wide with worry.“Are you okay, Aimee?” She shook my shoulders, making me wince, and I realized that I was in the party hall, on the floor.Shit, did I pass out?“You look red, babe.” She frowned. “I swear, I’ll hang Jake’s balls on….”My eyes drifted shut as my throat tightened, tuning out her voice. A wave of nausea churned through me as Jake's words echoed in my head.He’d ripp
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Find Her! Tick...Tock
Logan’s P.O.V. I forced myself to get on the stage and face the Crescent pack, ignoring the tempting smell that drove me crazy. Damien laid a hand on my arm, and I could feel his calmer energy washing over me. He had noticed the scent too, and how it had shaken me. I shot him a grim smile, absorbing his serenity. Damien had been my beta for years, so much so that he’d become the brother I never knew I needed. Like all Betas, he was calm and thoughtful, and I was a much better person when he was around me. Slightly appalled at my passion for the scent, I sucked in a deep breath and turned to the crowd, speaking into the microphone. "For decades, wolves have been slain from my pack and yours, our blood desecrating the territories." I begin. "We've lost great men, fathers, brothers, uncles, and sons all because of the greed of the former pack leaders." A few nods of approval and choruses echoed in the halls. "But as a new moon rises, the sorrows and darkness of the past are washed
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Hide Kitten Hide!
Aimee’s P.O.V Sounds of waves lapping against rocks reached my ears, followed by the fresh scent of the stream. When I finally burst out through the dense woods, a weak smile pulled at my lips as I saw the sparkling water. It was just as magical as the first time I’d laid my eyes on it. Sparkling and shimmering, I could almost convince my young mind that fairies came out here at night and this was their spot. Who knew? I could be right. ‘I should take a swim,’ I thought, grabbing the hem of my dress. ‘It might help take my mind away from…’ Oh, Jake. His name stabbed my heart like a knife, and I doubled over, choking on my tears. Oh, It hurt so much. The nature around me had blocked him out of my mind, but now all I could hear were his words on the stage and how Jessica was wrapped around him like a leech, kissing what belonged to me. Then he’d slapped me. Why? No, I couldn't swim. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I settled on my favorite spot, gathering stones to toss into th
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Escape from the Alpha
Aimee’s P.O.V My fingers dug into the edge of my seat to hold on for dear life as the vehicle bounced over rocks and potholes. I should have known that the journey would be rough when Alpha Logan pulled his limo to a stop in Sacramento Hills, exchanging the luxurious limo for jagged trucks. But I was too busy avoiding him to pay any more attention. Although, I think my disgusted expression worked out for the best as he'd refused to stay in the same truck with me. "Get into that truck with Ella." He growled at his Beta whilst glaring at me. "Aimee will ride in the other truck with the Jackson brothers." A snort rose to my lips as I recalled his words. Who the hell did he think he was? Did he think I'd be intimidated by two strange burly men who barely spoke to me? Good riddance. I huffed under my breath. As the sun dipped and long shadows emerged over the hills, dust poured in through the windows; filling the car with a choking haze. My throat burned and I began coughing. I pull
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Aimee’s P.O.V I had never been this scared in my life. So scared that my heart was pounding so loudly I swear it echoed through the still forest. So scared that Ella’s hands were bruised from how hard I was clutching them as we ran, dodging over branches and roots. Our breaths were ragged, and our legs were sore, but we didn’t dare stop. We both knew Alpha Logan wouldn’t easily give up on finding us. Last night when we tried camping under the stars, we didn’t get up to thirty minutes of shuteye before his scent permeated the air, alerting me to his closeness, and we picked up running again. I glanced at Ella, who was trudging beside me, and flinched. Her eyes were sunken and red-rimmed, but that wasn’t what scared me. It was the emptiness in their depths that terrified me. Ella was in shock from everything that had happened, and no matter how many roast squirrels I tried to feed her, she didn’t open her mouth. Sensing my gaze, she lifted her head, and I pulled my lips in a small sm
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Wolf In Sheep Clothing
Aimee's P.O.VIn panic, I turned my head to look at her, only to find her totally asleep. Lifting her into my arms, a chuckle slipped out of me. “I found us a shelter, Ella. You’re going to be safe!” Quickening my pace, I reached the cavern in mere seconds. Gently, I dropped her by the entrance and checked inside. Thankfully, it was empty and spacious enough for us. From the moth-eaten blankets and pots, I could tell someone had once lived here. “Perfect,” I murmured under my breath and went back outside. I carried Ella back into the cavern and she almost fell from my arms. “I’m so tired.” She murmured sleepily, her eyes shut tightly. She was so fragile, like a porcelain doll that could break at any moment. “I know, Ella,” I said into her ears. “Me too.” Rising to my feet, I grabbed a few empty bottles from the corner of the room. “Just hang on while I go fetch some wood for a fire. I’ll also wander a bit to see if I could find a stream or something to get water.” She only murm
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Take Your Clothes Off!
Logan’s P.O.V I looked at the girl before me. She wasn’t crying or screaming, but I could tell she was out of her mind with terror. “Leave us,” I said to Damien without looking at him, and he quickly sprung to action, leading Ella and the other men out of the Cavern. “You ran away,” I said once the space was empty. I held her chin up, forcing her to look me in the eyes. “Now, good girls don’t run away, do they?” “I…I don’t know.” She choked. “You don’t know?” I smirked. “Well, you are about to find out.” “Okay,” she whispered and looked away. What? This wasn’t how I’d imagined her reaction. She was very calm. Did she not understand the gravity of her situation? Ah, she must be in shock. Shocked by the betrayal of her new acquaintance. I was surprised at my inclination to tell her not to hate Ella, that it wasn’t entirely her fault. That I was the one who threatened to kill Ella and send her butchered head as a gift to her pack if she doesn't comply with me. The poor thing was s
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