By:  Hareem Riaz  Ongoing
Language: English
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A COLLECTION OF SHORT LOVE STORIES. 1. FATED TO LOVE YOU She wasn't looking for love; yet, found it in the least expected person. When Dr. Mahnoor first laid eyes on Captain. Dr. Haider, she couldn't fathom even in her wildest dreams the mess she was about to get herself into. Haider, who was a , quirky and charming neurosurgeon, could hardly be described as anything except trouble personified. The kind of man, whom she never thought she could give a second thought about, least of all get involved with.Yet, little did she know that all her prayers had led her to someone, who was going to challenge everything she had ever believed in and break down the barriers she had spent a lifetime building. Fate brought them together but love tore them apart. 2. A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE Hoorain is done with her studies and ready to be thrown into all this marriage business. But what she isn't prepared for, is meeting the dashing and arrogant Hadeed who is not only far from her ideal type but a cold jerk whom she wishes to have nothing to do with. Hadeed is coldhearted and ruthless to anyone who messes with him. His past still haunts him and he measures a person's worth on that scale. Yet, he finds it hard to ignore the girl who dares challenge him at every step. Despite their mutual hatred, the two get thrown into a marriage pact. What do you do when you realise that the world is not all that it seems and you have battles to fight that you didn't sign up for? Can the two overcome their hatred and heal each other, mending the broken pieces of their souls? Or will the reality of their world tear them down even more?

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Nice story.
2020-10-14 20:36:20
29 Chapters
"Falling in love....It happens all of a sudden. Just like a car crash."
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I sat unflinching in my place, staring at my reflection in the mirror. Only for today, everyone; meaning Mum and Annie, had gone out of their way to pick my dress. They took special care that my overall look was perfect. Not to forget the 4 inches heels. Today, everything is supposed to be perfect. Nothing should be out of place. Dad had helped out Mom in the kitchen to prepare the dishes. Our maid Auntie had made sure that every nook and corner was clean, the driver Uncle had cleaned out the veranda and Annie was going to make sure that everything was served in perfect order and time. Obviously, my role was decided too. I had to dress up pretty, talk pretty, look pretty, laugh pretty, smile pretty etc etc and obviously serve without spilli
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"Madam." I stood there in my place, unflinching; with the phone still pressed against my ear. He was smiling. The s
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10 MONTHS AGO"OH SHIT!" I shouted out loud, after taking a look at
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"You have got internal navigation today." We were in the doctor's room when Faryal announced calmly. I stopped midway, changing into my overalls."What?!!No!!" I cried out. In vain, obviously. Since,
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"You're a houseofficer?" A random surgery resident came upto my desk and inquired. I looked between him and Amna who was taking a break and simultaneously helping me out at internal."Yes, sir." I re
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"You're leaving?" He asked with an unreadable expression. I still couldn't believe I had actually done this. In response, I think I made a grunting sound or maybe atleast nodded my head.
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"And—and then you know what he said—Mano!! You're not even listening!!" I cried out shaking her by her shoulders."I AM!! You have repeated this story so many times already!" She returned throughly i
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I watched him unblinking; whose face was barren of any emotions. I couldn't look away. Just like in the past, when my eyes would meet his and stay there. As if in a trance; as if time itself had come to a halt and everything around me would cease to exist and only he would remain. Just then, a car honked and he tore his gaze away. I stayed liked that for a few more moments before turning away slowly. Without saying anything, I returned my gaze to the window. Pretending that I hadn't heard anything, hoping that I had misheard him. Like when I would mistake someone else for him, because I could only see him everywhere in every face. Maybe this time too—my mind was p
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I lunged towards the door but before I could reach it, he blocked the door with his hand. I froze in my place in shock and didn't have the nerve to turn around and look at him."You can't keep runnin
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