Chapter 77: Who can it be?

Mom is thrilled that I’m finally back. Upon seeing me, she pulled me into her arms for a big hug and didn’t let go for one minute. She asked me a lot of questions about my life in Miami and New York, and of course she didn’t miss out the chance to interrogate me about the reason I left Boston three years ago.

“I had always been thinking that after you graduate high school, you could continue studying here. There are lots of great college in Boston and you could pick the one you like…”

I sigh, “Mom, I’ve told you before. I can’t afford a fancy elite college.”

Seeing she opens her mouth in disapproval, I quickly add to that, “—And don’t say that Mr. Ramirez is willing to help me! I’m not taking any more of his money.”

She pouts.

“Fine…but I still don’t understand why you needed to leave in such a hurry! You didn’t even tell me and just got on a flight and left. Do you know what kind of damage it did to me? I kept thinking that I didn’t something wrong—”

“Just let it go mom. It was three
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Divina Catarungan
So agonizing to wait for update.
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Anyone know how often the author updates the story? I feel like I see it only 1x/week, but maybe I’m wrong ...️
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Divina Catarungan
Update please! How come katherine will be his wife? For Godsake.

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