Between Two Titans

Between Two Titans

By:  Samarra Blair  Completed
Language: English
7 ratings
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Moving into a new school, Vivienne Alfonso thought she had escaped her miserable student life. But she was wrong. Things get worse when she entangled with Raylie Zaico. He was the famous hotheaded king of Titans—the most popular boy group in Brixton University. And what’s makes things more complicated was Raylie started to like her, while she likes his friend named Thore. Will she end up winning Thore? Or will she end up falling into Raylie’s bursting charm?

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Samarra Blair
I missed reading them again.
2023-10-01 03:59:35
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Savage Alex
The content of this novel is attractive written beautifully. recommend all the readers out here to give this book a shot ......
2022-12-20 15:32:09
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naomi innocent
Beautifully written. I love the storyline. very fascinating. kudos author.
2022-05-24 01:09:57
user avatar
< 3 <3 <3 <3 <3
2021-10-31 19:21:20
user avatar
James Paul Bantilan
2021-07-09 23:07:07
user avatar
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
2021-07-09 13:42:36
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S.H. Waen
Excited to see more of Vivienne and her new classmates. I hope you update more soon.
2021-06-19 12:33:29
114 Chapters
Chapter 1- The quick change of my life status
Vivienne“Hey! Vivienne, I like your dress!” Lyzie greeted me upon my arrival at Kingstone High School's entrance.KHS is one of the most prestigious schools in L city. Students here were the children of wealthy families.“Thanks, Lyzie.” I smiled at her.“I guess that’s the latest design.” She said, pointing to my dress.“You guess it right. Not even out in the market.”It's wash day, so we are not in our uniforms. It's about time to show my friends my new dress. My family—the Alfonso—owned a big laundry company in L City. It was easy for me to have the latest wardrobe before launching it in the market.“Carrie and the rest will be thrilled to see you.”I just smiled at what Lyzie said. I am excited to see their envious reactions.We walked side by side as we went to our classroom. We've been chatting about everything when a g
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Chapter 2- Who is helmet girl?  
Vivienne“Run!” I heard the guy hissed at me while we were running together.I looked back and saw a group of guys running towards us. It seems I've got myself into trouble. What is happening? Why are those guys running after him?I hurriedly took back my arm from the guy and ran the other way. I saw the group of students runs in his direction. I finally get away from them. Catching my breath, I leaned on the concrete wall of the building while hugging the helmet.The helmet?Oh, my!Only then I realized that I am still holding the guy's helmet. Whoever he is, I don’t want to entangle my life with him. I already had a hard time dealing with my own problems. The next day, I went to school, but things get worse.  They threw my stuff at the backside of the classroom. My chair and table were pushed to the side. No one wants to talks to me, or they’ll be in troub
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Chapter 3-Moving to a new place
Raylie   “What are we doing here, Raylie?” Logan whispered. All the three were tiptoeing as if looking for something or someone. “I was looking for helmet girl,” I said while looking around the lobby on the ground floor. “Huh?” Loki frowned at me. “Is that the girl you said you run away with when Jax group chased you?” “Exactly,” Thore answered, leaning on the wall near the registry office. “Why don’t we just asked the command department to track the girl down?” Loki suggested. “And what the hell did you need in her? Don’t tell me it’s because of your helmet?” “Give it a rest, you brute. You can buy even a hundred pieces of the same helmet. Why still chase for the girl?” “I was just curious why she’s here. The last time I saw her, she wears Kingstone High School uniform.” I honestly said. I was just curious. That girl must be wealthy too. KHS isn’t just an ordinary s
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Chapter 4- New school, new trouble
Vivienne I've been walking for almost half an hour. I can’t see where my classroom is. It’s my first day at Brixton University, and I think I am lost. The University was so big. It’s four times bigger than KHS. They have college extensions, that is why. I've been asking some students about my classroom, but they keep giving me the wrong way. I suddenly felt something wet down. My eyes grow wide. Oh, my! Is it the day? I checked the date and remembered when did the last time I have my period. “Oh my God! It must be today!” I am starting to feel stomach cramps. This must be it. I run towards a building, holding my stomach that was hurting. I might find a comfort room there. But I didn’t saw someone was coming my way. I was too focused on my goal of finding a washroom. I bumped into something hard. No! It’s a man. And his phone was thrown on the pavement. “What the heck!?” My eyes g
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Chapter 5-Meets the Titans
Vivienne  “You!” The guy with the same face yelled. “You are the one who broke my phone! How dare you escape with me?” He angrily pointed at me.  “So, that’s what is she talking about earlier.” Logan laughed and brushed away the guy. “She was asking me if my phone has broken. I was weirded out at first. But now I guess she thought I am you, Loki.”  “Grr! You must pay for running away from me.” Loki hissed at me. “How did you get her, Logan?” “I’m sorry,” I said before Logan could say a word. I bowed, holding the hot compress. “I was in a hurry awhile ago. But I'll pay for your phone's damage.” “Silly girl, my twin wasn’t asking for money for the phone, but the compensation of escaping him.” Logan laughed at me when I gave him a questioning look. “He… what?” “You escaped him, and you paid the price.” “Can we talk about it later? I need to attend the class.” I handed the hot
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Chapter 6-New enemies?
Vivienne “Know your place, bitch! You are not supposed to hang out with them.” “Szane was right, Vivienne. Titans were the untouchable students of Brixtons. They were the most famous students who came from well-off families. Actually, their families were the biggest sponsors of this University. Only elite students were supposed to be with them. And not someone like you, whom we don’t know where you came from.” “Looking at her, she looks like she came from slumps. I heard our new classmate was under a scholarship program.”  Another girl stepped closer to me. She even tried to smell me and pulled a disgusted face. “So, that must be the reason why she stinks.” “Yeah. I could smell garbage here. Let’s go, girls before we could catch any virus coming from this rat.” The girl named Szane disgustingly said and turned away from me. I felt terrible. What did I do that they seem to hate me at the very first time?
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Chapter 7- Saving her
VivienneJax leaves me on the concrete pavement and stands up to meet Raylie. I don’t know if I should be thankful he came and fix his mess with this crazy guy. Or should I just yell at him for bringing me into this situation? But my stomach aches like crazy I tried hard not to collapse in pain.The group of students takes the plunged towards Raylie. Things went out of control. I just realized they were fighting each other. Jax group have paddles on their hands while Raylie wasn’t armed with anything. But I was surprised by his strength that he quickly finished them alone. Students, together with Jax runoff while throwing a lot of threats and curse towards him. It was just then that the school security came to our aid.“Tss! Weakling!” I heard Raylie smirked.He approached me.  “Hey, are you okay?”“What do you think?!” I snarled at him.I suddenly winced in pain when I fe
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Chapter 8- That was too rude.
Vivienne  It was Thore. My mouth fell open as I looked up at him. He was so tall, over six feet, and such a handsome guy. His warm eyes were as if sparkling while gazing down at me. “Are you hurt?” A gentle but cold voice came over. His eyes were warm, but his voice was cold. But I know he was better than his friends. “Huh?” I was suddenly trapped in my own little world for about three seconds before I finally managed to answer. “No. Not really. I was chasing my scooter that your stupid friend threw.” Thore chuckled a bit and looked around us. I just realized that there are four shining cars lined on the street. “Who among them? They were all stupid.” Thore jokingly asked and glanced at his friends. “What? Who is stupid?” Loki impatiently complained. “Hey! Move your cars, you idiots!” An insolent voice roared. That was coming from the fourth car. I saw Raylie’s head peeping outside the car window.
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Chapter 9- I didn’t send the letter.
 Raylie I WOKE up feeling irritated the next day. The scene at the school still lingers in my head. That girl’s words bother me a lot? I should not care, right? Why would I feel guilty over something that happened already? I could not change it anymore.“Young master… it’s time to get up. You'll be late to school.” I heard one of the maids knocked on my door.Sheesh! How am I going to attend school when I haven’t got the right sleep?“Leave me alone! I'm not going to school!” I yelled without getting up.“Young Master, your professors said the examination was near. You have to attend school, even for just a week.”“Sheesh! Damn it! One more word and I'm going to fire you! And I swear, you'll never get a job anywhere in L City!”The door suddenly went silent. Good thing it did. That was always the magic word for our maid
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Chapter 10- I need money  
 VivienneI AM ON my way home, driving the scratched scooter. I asked Vianna to take the public vehicle in going home. The scooter was still in a bad shape, I only opt to bear with it.  Just like now, it suddenly stopped running. I tried to start it again but didn’t have any luck. I decided to guide it by hand until we reach the nearest auto shop.I sighed heavily while waiting to get my scooter fixed. I shoved my hand into my pocket only to fished a small card. It’s the schedule for the quarterly examination. And it will be next week. It would also mean that I need to update my tuition fee payment until this month, or I would not get the examination. Even though I was under a scholarship program, I still need to pay the miscellaneous fee and that was a big sum of money.We have lots of expenses right now. Mom's salary from being a service manager in a fast-food wasn't enough to pay all the bills. I don't want to bu
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