In Love With My Monster

In Love With My Monster

By:  Yomide Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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After escaping with her friend from the orphanage, Jane was defiled by a drunk man. Unable to handle the betrayal by his fiancee, Chris drank himself to stupor. Making him commit a grave mistake. What happens when this two meet again years later without even recognizing each other? Will Chris be able to recognize his children? Will Jane be able to forgive him?

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11 Chapters
The escape
It's been five years since the incident that shattered and almost took my life. Five years of learning and unlearning, five years of constant toture and nightmare. You must be wondering what am talking about right?"Jane! Jane!! Jane!!! Wake up" Cassie said almost whispering. Cassie is Jane's best friend, they've known each other almost all their lives. Twelve years to be exact, Jane just turned 16 and Cassie is 10 months older.They both met at the orphanage they currently live in, today they had both plan on escaping the orphanage. They are tired of life here, apart from the food that's never enough. And the rag they wear called clothes, not like they are complaining or something. They are really grateful to these people that have taken of them all their lives but, they really want more.They want a better life, they want to go to school. Experience and enjoy life but, the orphanage won't let them leave. Unless someone comes and adopts them, or marry them off.Now it's time to esca
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' How could she do this to me?' Christopher has been asking himself this question, for the past twelve hours. Angel, the girl he loves with all heart and very being had betrayed him. He caught her in bed with his so called best friend, and she didn't even feel remorseful.He had gone to discuss some business deals with Carlos,when he caught them sleeping with each other.Their fathers are business competitors but, that didn't stop their eldest sons from becoming friends. Since they attended the same high school, college and also studied the same course.Christopher's father, Daniel Smith owns the biggest aviation company in the industry. He his a multi billionaire, and he had always warned him against been friends with Carlos.Says he's his enemy's son, and he should be his enemy too. But Chris hadn't taken his father's words to heart then, he was right after all.Only an enemy will betray a friend by sleeping with his woman, and not just any girl. The girl he loves with all his hear
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Chris just couldn't take his eyes off her, even though he couldn't see her clearly. He could still see her beautiful emerald eyes, he grabbed her skirt off her then her underwear.' Why can't I stop myself? I'm so going to regret this. ' he thought to himself."Please Mr, don't do this to me. I'm begging you, please don't touch me. I promise, I will leave this place and never come back." Jane pleaded in tears."I'm begging you not to do this, I'm only waiting for my friend. She went to get medicine," Jane cried and begged but, the man wouldn't budge. He kept pulling her underwear. "Just hold still, I'm not going to hurt you. I just need you to cooperate, I won't take long." he couldn't hold it anymore, he needed to be inside her and he can't wait any longer.He continued without paying attention to the girl beneath him crying. And begging to let her go."Are you a virgin?" Chris asked her, she didn't answer him. He asked again, this time anger evident in his voice."I said are you a
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Jane woke up feeling a bit more relieved. She no longer feel pains all over body, except her private area that still stings.She smelled food, and her stomach immediately reacted. "You must be hungry, I prepared some food. Here have some," Mrs Whitney said as she helped her dish the food in a plate.Jane sat up, and took the food from her. She quickly ravished the food, she was really hungry. She had not eaten for two days or so, Mrs Whitney watched as the girl in front of her ate all the food in her plate."Do you want some more? There's more," Mrs Whitney said, Jane nodded shyly. Taking that as a yes, Mrs Whitney put more food in her plate. She ate again, after eating the food Mrs Whitney packed the plate back into the bag."How do you feel now dear? Do you need me to call the doctor?" Mrs Whitney asked."No," Jane said, then she remembered again what had happen to her. She began sobbing again."Please don't cry anymore, it's okay, it's okay dear." Mrs Whitney consoled her."W
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Almost dead
Doctor Mike arrived with a nurse to the Smith's mansion, he has been the family doctor for more than two years now since he started practicing.He inherited the post from his father who had been the family doctor for as long as he can remember, before he died.As he arrived at the mansion the head butler Charles was already waiting by the door, with some maids to welcome him. "Right this way doctor, Mr Smith and the family are waiting for you upstairs. They are in the young master's room." Charles said and bowed his head as he led the way.Charles has been the family butler for the past twenty six years, when Williams and Maria just got married. He was here when all their children were born, and he loved all of them like his own.The family has been really good to him, he has his own wife which is also the chief maid of the house. And he has fathered four children.They arrive at Christopher's room no one, except Charles knows what is going on. Williams had asked the doctor to come o
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Chris woke up feeling very weak, he could barely open his eyes or move his body.He was hurting all over his body, everywhere looks white. ' Am I dead? Am I in heaven? No, I don't deserve to go to heaven. I deserve to die, and burn in hell after what I did to that girl ' These were the thoughts that ran through his mind, then he remembered the scene. How she begged and cried but, he never listened. He was blinded by lust and anger. 'He would never forgive himself, she had even called him a monster. Yes that's what I am, I'm a monster and I deserve to suffer ' Chris kept thinking to himself.Then he heard his name being called, it's sounded like his mother's voice. And then he heard his father's voice too, and then Grace's voice, granny too. ' What are you all doing here? Did you all die too?' Chris thought, only then did he realize that he was still alive. A wave of anger, and frustration flooded through him. But he was too weak to react, and he fell back to sleepDoctor Mike arri
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PRESENT"Hey dear, you've been staring at that mirror for as long as I can remember. Is anything the problem?" Mrs Whitney asked Jane."It's nothing Mrs Whitney, I'm just thinking that's all" Jane replied her, Mrs Whitney turns to look at her "Jane you are even crying," Mrs Whitney noted."I am?" Jane asked sounding surprised herself, she had been so immersed in her thought that she didn't even know she has been crying. "What's wrong? You look really sad" Mrs Whitney asked her. "Oh it's nothing, I'm just thinking about the past. You know it's not like I'm sad, I just wished some things didn't happen." Jane said feeling a bit relieved. "You don't have to think like that, at least some good things came out of it. Everything happens for a reason." Mrs Whitney said. "Yes I know, I have my son to show for it." Jane said. Yes she found out 2 months later, she was having a child by that monster. The incident wasn't such a waste after all , Jane thought. "But, I still can't find Cassie.
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Repeat of history
Jane got to work at exactly 1:59 pm, the club was just twenty minutes walk from the house.And she walks to work everyday except, at night when she closes. And early in the morning if she's going to work, that is if she's on the morning shift.She was really glad she didn't get to work late, she might hate her job but, she cherishes it a lot. She cant afford to be fired, she got into the changing room and changed her clothes.Which she hates because she has to wear skimpy clothes just to attract customers according to her boss Dante, and she has no choice but to comply.Jane got to work, she has tables to serve."Hey Jane, over here." Gloria shouted from the bar, gloria has been working in the bar for nearly four years now. She has been the only nice person to her here since she started working here two years ago.Every other person snubs her, and calls her fake because she refuses to hook up with guys and sleep with them. If only they know what happened to her but, she doesn't care.
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Gloria has been waiting outside for the past twenty minutes, Jane isn't the type to waste time dressing up. It already 9:30pm, and they need to start going home right now.She can't afford to go home so late, she has a lot to do at home. Gloria waited for another five minutes, still no sign of Jane. She decided to go get her herself.Gloria came into the changing room to a very disturbing scene, Jane was already almost naked. Her clothes were already torn into pieces, and that son of a bitch was almost having his way.Jane was really struggling hard."Hey you son of a bitch, let her go." Gloria shouted, the man looked back and gave her a sarcastic smile."You better mind your business blonde, I want this girl and I'm going to have her. I've been wanting her for long but, she doesn't seems to understand sign language. So you better leave." he replied and continued with what he was doing.He was already kissing her all over the face and neck. Jane tried to move but, she couldn't she was
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The bus ride to Gloria's house was a silent one, they were both immersed in their own thoughts. Gloria lives in town and she runs in between jobs, her mother died few years back leaving her to cater for two boys. She had to drop out of school so she could work, and pay the bills. That's why she had to do some despicable things so she and her siblings could survive, like sleep with Dante.And even some customers so she could keep the job at the club, she also works at a grocery store here in town. She needs all the money that she can get at this point, there are still some debt she still need to clear off.Like the one her useless father left her, and the medical bills from when her mom was sick, she had died of cancer. ' Ding ' the sound of the bus brought Gloria back to reality."Hey Jane we are here, let's go." Gloria said to Jane, Jane stood up and followed after herin about five minutes they arrived at Gloria's house, Gloria brought out her own spare key and opened the door."C
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