How did I end up here?

Xavier came towards Mark. “Sir, what happened?” Xavier asked, looking at Lily who was in Mark’s arms. 

“Xavier, prepare a room for Miss Lily,” stated Mark and went to his room. He placed Lily on the bed gently. Taking out phone from his pocket, he put it on the bedside table. He saw the hair strands which had come front of Lily’s face. He tucked them behind her ear and straightened up. Putting his hands inside his pants pockets, he came towards the door when his mother came there. 

“I heard Lily is here. What happened to her?” Elizabeth asked worriedly. 

“Miss Evan is unconscious for now. She has seen a wandering soul. Luckily I was there so, I took the action and brought her here,” Mark pronounced. 

“She has started seeing them? But when she will wake up, she will question you. How will you answer her? Should I erase her memory?” Elizabeth queried him. 

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