In The Arms of Morpheus

In The Arms of Morpheus

By:  Kristi Christensen   Ongoing
Language: English
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I could hear his heart race as he spoke, my head pressed against his chest. “And were you pleased with what you found?” I asked, giving in to the urge to find out exactly what he thought of me. “I found you to be exactly what I had hoped for, after all these years. You’re smart, funny and generally adorable. You drive me insane with your stubbornness. You have a gorgeously alluring figure and a pure, sweet face. Most importantly, you’re someone who I could live with for the rest of eternity.” He squeezed me gently, running his fingers through my tangled hair. *** Seventeen year old Callista is just your average teenage girl, however when she starts to have strange dreams after coming into contact with a mysterious guy in a coma things become complicated: especially when she begins to suspect that he is trying to speak to her through her dreams. Launched into an alternate realm with Greek gods, succubi and all things mythological, Callista struggles to balance her new-found destiny and her life in the human realm.

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Amy Morton
I loved reading this book the initial paragraph is what drew me into reading it and I'm so glad I did.
2023-11-29 03:54:41
56 Chapters
COMATOSE: Chapter 1
"Callie! Get up, and don't make me come up there!"The voice filtered through the pillow which covered my head, interrupting the dream in which I was making out with the delectable Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries. Arg! It's always the good dreams that get interrupted and never the ones where you're being chased by giant bunny rabbits who want to eat your brains.I pried my eyes open and stared at the ceiling of my lilac bedroom. When I was younger the walls had been decorated with ballerina posters and dolls and, even though the ballerinas and dolls had faded along with my childhood, the lilac walls remained."Callista Natalie Georgiou, I'm not speaking again! You're going to be late for school!"Who needs an alarm clock when you have a mother? I dragged myself out of bed and grabbed the first items of clothing which I laid my hands on – a baby blue vest and a pair of jeans – tugging them on unceremoniously. With that done, I ambled into the bathroom. My hair was a mess of dark
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Chapter 2
Kayla and I lounged across her bed, nibbling potato chips and watching Gossip Girl re-runs on her sixty-two inch television, something which she had never really appreciated to its full extent. Her room was the complete opposite of mine, almost sterile in its cleanliness without a single item out of place. Anyone who walked into her room would believe that she had OCD... until you walked into her bathroom, that is. While her room was spotless, her bathroom was strewn with beauty treatments, make-up, and various paraphernalia, which seemed to grow in volume each moment you glanced at it.The only child to a cardiologist mother and a neurologist father, Kayla rarely saw her parents. In fact, she had been raised almost entirely by her grandmother, whom we both called Nana. Nana had moved in to help raise her granddaughter after her husband tragically died of cancer, something which she was still pretty sensitive about (who could blame her?). Niklos had always maintained that Nana had fi
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Chapter 3
Friday morning started with a bang, quite literally. As soon as we arrived at the Science class, Mr Porter, a short and balding man who wore his goggles to every class, exclaimed excitedly that we were going to be testing chemical reactions in the presence of oxygen."But first, I will assign you all chemistry partners."I looked around, praying that I would get the same partner as I did last year. Amy Adkins was gifted when it came to all things scientific, and she revelled in completing every task at hand, thus most of the year, I barely lifted a finger. Amy exchanged a glance with me and smiled as our eyes met . I guess she felt as if we had established a friendship of sorts, even though we barely knew each other on a personal basis."Adkins, you're with Parker."My heart sank a little bit. Oh well, it just meant that this year, I would have to pull my weight."Ballios, you're with Georgiou."I caught myself before I groaned. Eric Ballios, aka Ricky, was the quarterback of our foot
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Chapter 4
Chapter FourAt nine o’clock sharp Kayla and I walked through the gleaming doors of Carmel General Hospital. We were immediately assaulted by the smell of antiseptic cleaning detergent and the sights and sounds typically associated with hospitals. “Do you know where we’re going?” I asked Kayla, a little unsure of myself. “Mom said to ask for her at reception and she’d come to find us and show us around.” she replied, heading over to the receptionist. “We’re here to see Doctor Lana Cook.”The receptionist, in typical receptionist fashion, looked up at us from behind her desk before returning to examine her perfectly manicured talons. “Do you have an appointment?” “Yes, she’s my mother and knows that we’re coming.”The receptionist glanced up at us, unbelieving, before she picked up the phone and dialled Dr Cook’s office. Before our eyes the ice-queen melted and suddenly the receptionist was bubbly and welcoming, ushering us tow
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Chapter 5
I sat alone on a bench in the middle of the park, staring down at its peeling green paint and reading the names which had been scratched into it over the years. A gentle breeze tugged at my hair and the grey sky cast a sinister shadow onto the trees which lines the path, filling them with creatures only the imagination could see. There were none of the park’s usual patrons in view; no joggers stampeding their way along the paths or dog lovers taking man’s best friend for a walk and the sound of children’s laughter was notably missing. Strangely, this didn’t seem to bother me at all. Instead, I revelled in the solitude. A fine rain began to fall from the heavens, not enough to soak my clothing but enough to just dust my skin with its gentle caress. Ever since I was a child I had loved the rain. I used to sit by the window and watch it fall once I had given up asking my mother if I could play outside in it. Now, without my mother’s disapproving gaze, I raised my head to the skies, welco
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Chapter 6
The usual sight of Nik’s dorm room greeted me. Take away cartons littered the desk, a piece of congealed pizza stuck to a paper plate and unwashed mugs lay haphazardly about. His unmade bed lay in a jumble with dirty socks and other various paraphernalia. It was no surprise that he had told my parents that his laptop’s camera was broken. If they had seen the pigsty my older brother lived in, my mother would have certainly flown over there just to clean it up. My room was nothing in comparison and she constantly moaned at me to clean it up. There was a shuffling sound as he moved about his room, no doubt kicking various items of garbage out of his way. As my brother moved into view I felt myself fall backwards off the chair in shock. “What the hell did you do?” I was too horrified to say anything else.Nik’s once glorious hair had been shaved until it was barely a centimetre long and along his temples were patterns of flames which had been shaved to reveal his scalp. He looked more l
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Chapter 7
It didn’t take long for Violet to rope our friendship circle into helping with the haunted house for the Halloween fair. In fact, the very day Kayla and I had planned on asking for her help regarding the Mr Peterson issue she had asked everyone to help paint backgrounds which would be hung up across the school gym creating the “house” effect. After a day packed with lesson after boring lesson, it felt rather liberating to put our creative sides to work. Josh, Violet’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, had dragged a giant piece of white cloth onto the floor for us to paint while Robert fetched the paints. The two boys couldn’t be further apart in appearance and character, however they had become best friends within moments of meeting one another. Josh was proud of his gothic-emo looks and made a point to keep his dyed black hair covering one eye at all times. Although the school forbade him to wear plain black or paint his nails with an equally sombre shade, he compensated by attaching ch
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Chapter 8
I got a lift to the hospital with Mikael on the Tuesday afternoon, having thought about the guy in the coma unit who lay alone in the corner of the room without a name for the entire day at school. After the dream the night before I found it difficult to call him “John Doe” in my mind, Morpheus had replaced it with a resounding echo even though I knew that it couldn’t possibly be his name. I had clearly watched The Matrix a few too many times. The ward was buzzing when I arrived. Apparently there was a new addition to the coma unit – a twenty two year old who had driven her car into a brick wall after her fiancé told her that he was actually gay. At first I thought that she had driven into the wall because she couldn’t bear to be without him, a bit dramatic I won’t lie, but then I heard that he had decided to tell her his true sexual orientation as she drove them to their wedding rehearsal. The tactless fiancé lay in the morgue downstairs, in retribution for his err
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Chapter 9
Morpheus. The word echoed in my mind as I was captivated by its appearance on the assignment I still clutched in my hands, my knees turned weak and I felt myself slide into the chair opposite my father as he marked furiously. Why was this word plaguing me? Surely this wasn’t a coincidence. A few moments later, I looked up from the paper I had been staring at and met my father’s hazel-brown eyes which were filled with a mixture of concern and amusement.“What is wrong kori? Did that Ricky boy do anything or say anything bad to you? I will sort him out for you if you want.”I could see that his mind was swirling with weird and wonderful sins Ricky could have committed to offend me.“No Baba, nothing’s wrong. I was just curious, who is Morpheus? This student wrote his assignment on him but I’ve never heard of him mentioned in Greek history.”My father’s eyebrow shot up in a horrified expression,
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Chapter 10
I suppose that the first clue that I had begun to fall for my dream invader was the fact that I didn’t get back to sleep after Miss Clark interrupted our romantic rendezvous. Instead I lay awake, first furious with her, then with him and then finally with myself.“Come on Callista, you’re being pathetic now! You’re jealous over a guy who only exists in your mind!”I punched my pillow a few times, just for added effect, before I resigned myself to counting sheep. Whoever made up the belief that counting sheep helps you fall asleep obviously didn’t try the stupid method. If he had then he would know that it really doesn’t help. I glared at my alarm clock which shone brightly in the darkness, almost taunting me with the knowledge that I had only two more hours to attempt to get some sleep before I’d have to wake up for school. Eventually I gave up all together and went downstairs to the lounge to channel surf. An hour later
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