In love with my best friend's dad

In love with my best friend's dad

By:  Khads  Completed
Language: English
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Am sorry Eric but my heart belongs to someone else. To another man and he is none other than your dad. So we can't have anything between us. I really love him. I told Eric finally after going into circles the all day. You know he also....... Shut up you bitch!!!! He vexed out on me before l could continue the sentence.

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charlie wade
2023-01-08 12:36:30
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Zanele Zozo
Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing
2022-01-29 00:58:31
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Gcotyiswa Javu
tgis book is amazing
2021-12-28 02:13:46
99 Chapters
Our first meeting
I would have left along time ago if this banquet wasn't organized by my dad. It's so boring that being in my bed would have been a better option. My dad organize banquets for his employees at every end of the year. He always makes sure that mum and l attend it with him. Last year was also the same. Boring me to death. The thing is that am not familiar with his employees. I don't come to the company oftenly even though both my parents keeps on nagging me to visit and familialise myself with the employees. I wonder how many times l have to convince them that am not interested in dad's line of business. I decided to move around the hotel may be to get fresh air. It will as well serves me right and also to escape from dad's unstop introducing me to his friends. As l just left the hall, my eyes landed on the familiar figure on the phone. Mr. Gavin! What is he doing here? I questioned myself inwardly. He was busy speaking on phone and l busy watching his every move, l couldn't take m
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Our second meeting
Our second meeting was two weeks after l helped him. By then I was done with my exams and decided to go  to his house to see him.  Except the nurse that was taking care of him, he was alone in the house working with his laptop. And he was doing fine. Seeing me, he smiled and called me princess. His smile was breathtaking beautiful but that didn't make my heart throb as the way the word princess left his lips. My parents always call me that. It just makes me feel like a pampered child of theirs. But with the way Mr. Gavin calls it, is different. It made the nerves with in me to be excited. Mr. Gavin took me to have lunch with him as a way of thanking me. I didn't refuse. Not because l was never taken to lunch outside by a man but l wanted to get more chances to be with him. We left his house which l was scared of before. Well it's not only me. Most of the neighbors here believe that the house is haunted. There is even a story that was circulating aro
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Run away from home
Babes you finally decided to come to me. Eric said opening his arms wide for a hug. I hesitated for a while to go into his arms. Because am here to break such intimate ties with him. It feels bad but what can l really do about it? I just don't feel anything like love for him. Seeing that l didn't go for it, Eric raised his brows at me. Well l need to speak something serious with you Eric. I voiced out my head down. Hmm okay but first give me a kiss if a hug is difficult for you. He replied bringing his lips to me.l stepped back. Am sorry but my heart belongs to someone else. To another man and he is none other than your dad. His jaw dropped upon hearing my words. So we can't have anything between us. I really love him. I finally blurted out what was on my mind after going into circles the all day. You know he also.... Shut up you bitch! Just shut it up. He vexed out on me before l could even continue the sentence. His voice was so loud and l won't be surprised if the people in t
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Alone and love my self
I donot know where am going actually. But the thing l know is that l dont want to go back home. Tears were still running down from my eyes. My mum has never laid her finger on me. o have been doing things and she would just scold me .At times she would ignore them too.But this time she choose to hit me.Was l really that wrong !.ls following your heart a crime! And it's a no for me.So this got me really sad and too much for me to handle. I drove the car far away from home.And it will be a lie to say that l even knows the route.l drove for almost two hours and I finally stopped at a motel where l checked in.lts in a remote area and l actually found it suitable for me to hide for a while. I will spend the nights here for days, a week or may months l don't know. Just like l wanted.A place far away from home.l got my bag only with me. I went to the room l was given. I opened it and it isn't that big like my luxurious room back home but it's enough for me as of now. It's not like l have
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Mr.Gavin Maina
Mr.Gavin Maina's pov The phone rang unstoppable in my pocket and l was relectuant to answer was as if l owe the caller dollors. It was very annoying. Yesterday was a hectic day for me. l felt the need to go home and sleep for good hours. A message popped up instead after l didn't answer.Boss l have sent the investigation results to your email was a message from my secret private detective.l really trust him alot with jobs that l need reliable information. And this time it was about my wife.Yes l have been observing her thes past months .She seemed stressed and very secretive.She barely comes home and even if she is around,she hide in the bedroom and rarely comes out.She has completely distanced hersepf from me.l was sure something is eating her up but l couldn't get to the bottom of it since we are like enemies sleeping in one roof at times. I tried to open my email box but then l posed .My heart suddenly thudded in my chest.l got a feeling that l may not want the det
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Cruel woman
She would have done anything but not leave me in the dark for over twenty years. How cruel can a woman be?. What wrong did l do to deserve this worst treatment?. Didn't she feel any sympathy for me while hiding such a thing?I know that our marriage was arranged by our parents back then. We were strangers to each other. But we developed feelings for each other. But now l come to think of it it was all fake.At that time l was into a beautiful woman as my wife that l wasn't able to realize anything. How stupid of me. This is the worst punishment for that God gave me on this earth.My chest tighten making it difficult to for me to inhale and exhale. My mouth went dry too and l felt fatigue all of a sudden. That is it. God must be tired of me and too. So he decided to take my life. It's too bad that am dying without a child in this late years. No one will mourn for me. Am so pitiful. May be the afterlife will welcome me with open arms. May be l will find peace ther
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Ashina Warren
My sorrows wouldn't stop me from working and live the rest of my life worrying. All that happened has a reason why it did and am going to try to leave them behind. I have to move on with this life even though l don't know where it's leading me. As old as am l don't have a child who will inherit my properties that l worked so hard to achieve. My heart aches badly to even think about it. I needed few documents about the company. Since Eric isn't my heir, l needed to transfer all my properties back to my name. I had to go home and then contact a lawyer for the changes that needed to be done. My wife never contacted me to know what am upto since that discussion we had.l clearly knows that she does not care for me at all. Nevertheless l choose to forgive her. But l will call for the divorce for sure. We have spent many years as husband and wife. Anyway it's not like l can bring back the hands of time.lf l could, l will have stopped my father from forcing the marriage on us. And this a l
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His self control
Ashina's point of view The waitress knocked on the door for my dinner.l didn't eat lunch and l don't blame my stomach when it grumbled at the sight and aroma of food.l dug into it like my entire life depended on it I called the waitress through the intercom in the room to take the stuffs l used. It didn't take long when she came and took everything with her. I relaxed at the bed planning to have a work out later. It also sometimes takes all the stress. And since it has been a week without doing it, l needed it now badly. But no sooner had the thought of working out ended in my head than a tap sounded on the door of my room again. To say that l wasnt surprised at the person standing in front of me after l snapped the door open again is understatement. I was more than that. Probably shocked to the point that l found it hard to putter a word. Mr Gavin Maina, the man responsible for my running away from home, for my breaking up with him my
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My daddy
A moan escaped me when mr. Gavin kissed the back my neck. His eyes locked with mine. All l could see is a man with desire. Daddy what is it l asked seductively.Mr Gavin's eyes gleamed again at the mention of that word. I read somewhere that men want to be called daddy. Is it a turn on word? Are you sure you want this princess? He inquired his voice rough. Instead of answering him, l stood up and let the night gown l was wearing slide off my body to the floor. I was now in my g-string. My breasts are open to him.His gaze turned warm with appreciation as he took in my nude form. I forgot my manners as l shamelessly stroded near him. Mr. Gavin's adam apple rolled up and down. Before l knew it, l was pinned on the wall. He sucked on my right breast while his hand tug at the left one into a circular motion. His action sent a quick bolt of sensation down my mysterious area. I wanted nothing than have his sausage deep inside me.But it seemed like he is not the kind of a man to rush thin
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Love doesnt ask why!
Mr. Gavin's pov It took few seconds before the girl snapped the door open after my knock. My eyes were pleased at the sight of her well portioned body in a silk gold night dress. For the first time in the last twenty years, l felt my mouth dry up seeing another woman's body except the one l have been calling my wife. Many women have been trying hard to have their way with me my secretary Rebecca inclusive but l have never gave in no matter how seductive they behaved. Its just simple why l never did. I have been a royal dog to this joke of a marriage and l wanted nothing but the happiness of my family only to be betrayed in that cruel way. How naive of me. Its really a shame that am even scared and ashamed to tell someone about it. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts as l entered the room. Ashina Warren! The name easily left my lips. She stood infront of me obviously surprised at my arrival. Little did she know that l was cursing my eyes for not leaving her exposed chest. This lit
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