❤️ Timothy' POV❤️

Everyone was doing their work, except Jennifer, I get up from my seat and take a tour of the classroom, checking everyone if they're doing their work or not. I reach to her seat and find her writing something but it's not the math exercise that I told everyone to do. What is she writing with so much concentration? I peek at her notebook, I take a glimpse of some words which gives a fire sensation into my body.

        "I know your good at writing novels, but miss Jennifer this is not the right time to do it." She jumps on her seat by my voice and shut her notebook to hide the things that she wrote and look straight away. I flatten my hand on her desk and bend over to look at her face. "What were you writing Miss Jennifer?". I ask her still known what was it. 

       She doesn't answer me but just toy with her pen. So I snatch her notebook and she tries to catch it back from me but as her eyes meet mine. She froze on her spot. I divert my gaze and walk back to my desk with her notebook and put it down on my table and get back to my work. 

     The bell rings and She stands up from her chair and collects all her pieces of stuff after doing nothing for the whole time but to head to my desk to retrieve her notebook. 

      She stretches her hand towards it sized it without giving a second glance to me and pull it back towards her to walk away with it. 



       I catch her wrist to stop her on her spot, making her eyes dart in my direction. " This stays in my possession for now on miss Jennifer. 

     I grab her notebook with my other hand and release her wrist by putting it into my briefcase and close it. 

      The class ends and I went to my home. I lie down on my bed, the quietness falling upon the house as I switched the TV off. I keep my soft and dim light lamp on my nightstand at my right, turned on, to be able to see through the room.

        I take hold on of the notebook I confiscated from her..... this girl who keeps on haunting my mind, my thoughts, and my time, this one who I cannot stop myself from thinking about every second of my days or even nights. I cease torturing my head and heart with her but open the notebook, simple cover, something you could easily buy everywhere and which isn't personalized at all. This makes it even more interesting. 

         I rummage through the different pages, a lot of words created and built-in beautiful handwriting that I recognize well..

            I stop at the last one that isn't blank but only followed by those empty lines further. 

           This is what I landed my eyes on earlier in the classroom, those little words which could mean nothing but which in a sentence can bring a lot of surprises.

              I wouldn't expect her to have this kind of mind, she's so sweet and innocent that I first got astonished but then, this feeling quickly turned into great pleasure, for some reasons that I wouldn't want to clarify. 


             I slide my finger along the ink but read one of the paragraphs..

☞ ~~....He rests his forehead on which his wet hair is, against yours, his hot veiny hand holding your thigh and spread your legs as much as possible to suddenly hasten...

You claw his back with your nails, not able to hold back anymore, your entire body is electrified with pleasure and ecstasy that no words could describe, you arch your back at the feeling of an intense wave of sexual delectation that overcomes with a strong thrust he gave into you on a special spot. 

          At this sensation, you whine for more but just from how much this made him feel in heaven with the way you squeezed his member once you clenched your legs around him and twitched, he grasps the headboard of the bed...." 

            I smile at such perverted but incredible imagination from a cute girl like her. Her innocent face and angelic voice hide more than what I would ever have expected them to. I cannot help but read more of it, feeling suddenly into it more than I should, I love to know those came from her, this oddly makes me feel some kind of way.

  "...............His lips embrace your upper one for a brief but tender connection, your back unable to remain arched, the speed of his body increasing and making the bed shake under his reckless actions, bang against the wall dangerously, and creak loudly. You both moan into each other's ear at the vigor and deepness, his hot cheek on yours as his drops of sweat are rolling down from his skin and dripping on your own or the sheet. 

           He elbows your pillow with one arm, getting in and out of you at an incredible speed while grasping your hip, making you lose your breath and mind. He's literally consuming all of you to no limits, his body way too robust and his length way too long and hard for your smaller body. Your eyes close as Timothy is panting and whimpering through his orgasm into your ear, scared to let you go and came into you..." 

        I stop myself in shock but pleasure, loving the effect it has on me but hating it at the same time. She's younger but so much naughty than me, that I cannot help but have a weakness for this girl even more. This is even more powerful given the name she used for the guy, making me believe that she could be imagining all those types of things with me in her head, no wonder that she blushes in a second once I approach her, if this is what she's thinking about when I'm on her mind, then this is now obvious that she's not shy over simple contact with me. 

         I lick my lips but bite them, feeling like I did something wrong by reading this and............ without even really realizing.......... picturing those moments with her ........... This is bad, I should just sleep and make up my mind, I'm tired.


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I would die if my professor read my personal diary

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