In the Name of the Sacred Tree

In the Name of the Sacred Tree

By:  DiAndRa  Completed
Language: English
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My name is Greyson Langley-just call me Lang. I'm a heavy-metal band player who just back from a concert tour. On my Clofus campus, I reunited with my friends and my beautiful four crushes. Later, I heard about the largest prostitution complex in South East Asia was threatened by being evicted by the government. There, I met a prostitute with a golden voice with a dark past. So, I promised to free her from that despicable valley. Later, I found myself torn between five different women in five irreconcilable lives. The deeper I became involved in their lives, I catapulted into the intrigues of a world that threatens my life and may shatter my heart. And even my nation's democracy. One day, I found a diary written by my grandfather, which made me enlightened also threatened. Stranded amid love, danger, passion, and violence, I should choose between myself, my lover, or my nation. What I begin in compulsion now becomes my urgent need. Come, read my story ... If you dare! WARNING: This story contains adult, explicit, disturbing, and sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.

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Julia Nora
keep going..this is good & i can't wait for more chapters. by the way, do you have any socmed that i can follow?
2021-08-04 19:28:53
user avatar
the story is very good, the content is very interesting, and you can find a lot of lessons in it. I really love this 😍😍😍
2021-03-19 20:48:54
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Ailana Misha
This is awesome book, the way of you descript the plot is so good. Keep writing!!
2021-03-18 10:53:54
user avatar
Keep going dear author. You will shine one day.
2021-01-27 00:49:43
user avatar
Dian F. Hanum
Great blurb, well paced, unique characters. I can't stop reading. Please add more chapters. 😁
2021-01-18 15:53:32
285 Chapters
BEATS, boobs, and booze!Yeah, that is all you need to liberate your madness. And that was exactly what I did--got drunk in the middle of four lustful women. Possessed by the house music beats, they were insisting to give me a lap dance, while I wanted them to just get naked.Oh, look! Those chicks were playing their best duck face as if ready to eat my banana. What a spirit! Please be gentle ladies. This wild par
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1 | First Day
I swore I would not graduate from my college in a single status! For the sake of time! I promised I must have a girlfriend. In front of my glorious campus gate, I vowed I must have one.So, it had been four years since I studied at the Cloverleaf University of Surabaya - CLOFUS. Forty-eight months I failed to have a girlfriend. There was a row of targets, zero achievements. It was my final year before graduation. After a long day off, it was the first day of college, a new semester. I meant my last semester.
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2 | The Girls Next Door
I WAS very excited about going to campus. I dared myself to step closer to the Faculty of Letters gate. Somewhat far ahead, I could see a group of girls coming to campus in droves. They laughed out loud. I did not know what the rumors they were talking about.At the faculty gate, I saw a pack of wild males
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3 | The Glorious Clofus
ON the first day of college, as usual, there were no lectures. For the new students, they made a fuss. They were noisy about with whom they will spend their time in class in the next four years. That new college students were all staring at the row of blackboards affixed with sheets of paper in the middle of the faculty lobby. There, listed the names of the class members.Here, at the Clofus campus, almost all majors were available, even the rarest in Indonesia, such as Nuclear Engineering and Javanese Literature. A row of notable people listed as Clofus graduates, such as World Bank’s Managing Director Mrs. Shri Lakhsmi. She als
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4 | The Band
THIS Dharma Hoover Street was as congested as ever. Apart from being located in the center of Surabaya City, the Dharma Hoover block was flanked by three giant infrastructures, namely the Dr. Sue Thompson Regional Hospital, Airlangga University, and Dharma Hoover's elite real estate complex. Cars, buses, motorbikes, pedicabs, and students, crowded this area.Then, my eyes caught something interesting. I saw a black Toyota Avanza parked under a yellow tabebuia tree. Perhaps because of their contrast color,--black and yellow--my attention was drawn to it. But, there were no activities there.
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5 | Red Books
CERTAJAVA and Wigan were divided by a 3-meter wide creek. Just like in other villages, a lot of garbage floated there. For example, food wrappers, sanitary napkins, and even helmets. Neighborhood children were also like to defecate at that creek. I lived just across the creek.Then, I saw the children playing. Near them, there was a puddle that starts to recede at the edge of the river. With their snot dangling, they cheerfully played partially naked under the umbrella of the cherry tree. Indeed, the night before, the rain fell heavily. But then, it was the sun that does not want to lose to show off its power.
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6 | Certajava
ALL my way back to Certajava, I dreamed of singing a love song in the rain for Julia. From behind the window, Julia greeted my chant with her Indian dance. Really hypnotized until I am not aware, I almost arrived at Brother Laymisch's coffee stall. From a distance, I saw a group of people laughing there.My father ever told me the nowadays people, who lived in Certajava and Wigan are the descendants of the elders who experts in 'silat'--traditional martial arts--and boxing.My father himself was not a native of Surabaya but was born in Yogyakarta, Central Java Province. He served as an Indonesia National Army personnel. My father was a captain and currently on duty in Papua. He rarely came home, even once a year. My family was sincerely let him go to carry out his mission of the state. Keeping the peace, my father ever said. Yes, there was still indeed a separatist conflict in Papua.Rumors also said that Wigan-Certajava was a place for outcast people in the pas
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7 | Turn Left
THE rain had just stopped, and today had reached its end. It was late at night; 11 P. M. I was still awake in my bedroom while visualizing my four crushes. I did not know for how long I have been already dreaming of those beautiful young women.During my excitement, my cell phone rang. There was a call that came in from Big K. He told me to take my guitar to the alley front corner. Big K said there were Cole and Santos and several others. I said yes, while irritated.I grabbed my Yamaha acoustic guitar then went outside the house. But my vigilance was getting increased.When I reached the end of the alley, the traffic on East Poo Chang Street seemed quiet. Bowie, Ratty, and Cameron still had coffee at the Laymisch's stall. I then asked Laymisch where was Yuri--Big K neighborhood real name--and friends were. Laymisch pointed to a closed middle east style restaurant."Here, give it to them," said Laymisch while handing over a plastic bag containing many fri
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8 | Man of Means
THE next day, I woke up. I felt this head heavy. Very sick, dizzy, and nauseous. I felt like I want to sleep again. But I could not. Bolster to the left hurts to the right was the same. I must have drunk too much last night.My eyes then landed on an old man in a white turban with bushy white sideburns. His forefinger pointed up as if he is giving me a bit of advice to not be drunk. He was not Gandalf, but Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Iranian revolution. Next to him, there was a silhouette of Che Guevara, the hero of the Cuban revolution.
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9 | Freedom of Speech
"MY name is Eric, I am the operational manager at Grand Wahid Hotel," he introduced himself.Ah! Yes, Brother Eric. He was once Erpid 19th band crew.In his presentation, Eric said that his life and one of his friend's life, the vocalist, was destroyed by drugs. Of course, he kept the name of the band and the vocalist involved in drugs a secret. But I knew who and what band he was referring to.
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