Innocent Love Of A Deadly Gangster

Innocent Love Of A Deadly Gangster

By:  I_crzy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jessica lost her mother and her father brought home his mistress. With no other option, she went abroad. But she returns, this time stronger and eager to know the truth of her mother's death. She meets her father and is asked to marry the leading industrialist in the country, Steve Smith. To humiliate her father she runs away but is caught by her would-be-husband. He asks her to marry him in return for giving her the truth about her mother's death and she agrees. Steve thinks that the girl is just as innocent as a flower, but he is wrong, Jessica is just testing him whether he lives up to his title as the 'second most wanted gangster' in the underworld. While they both in love with each other their secrets about the underworld disturb their life. Will they be able to fight back and not just go with the flow? Well, this going to be hard...

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Monica Jones
are you going to update any new chapters?
2022-06-14 21:01:19
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Janet Peterson
7 months from the last comment n no updates. Y do u even bother to write?
2022-08-11 00:07:47
44 Chapters
"Flight number 19 has landed...…"A beautiful little girl checked her phone, 'the time is right she must be here anytime.'"Amy?!" a sweet voice was heard. The girl named Amy turned towards the voice source, and with her misty eyes, she engulfed the person in her arms."I missed you so much, Jessica! "The girl called Jessica was Amy's childhood friend and the beautiful and talented young miss of Han family. Jessica was not her birth name. She changed her name to Jessica when she left for States."Amy, it's been so long. I missed you too," said Jessica."Liar! If you had missed me you would have at least texted me over these years?" Amy said almost choking on her tears which flowed without any warning when she met her long-gone best friend. She would always miss her when she visited the places, where she once went with Jessica when all was going well."You only called me when you needed me. Humph..... Is this how you treat your friend?
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“Hey, sis Jazz! You are back. I missed you so much…..” said Ron squeezing Jessica in his tight embrace. Ron was always loved by everyone including Jessica which irritated Amy the most. Jessica always favored him more than anyone else including Amy. Feeling a bit insecure Amy shouted “Ron, move away from Jessica. She is my best friend, not yours. OK!”Amy’s sudden shout made both Ron and Jessica jump. It had been a long time since Amy last shouted like that. Ron quickly let go of Jessica and faced a red-faced angry Amy. She was on the verge of crying. It looked like someone has snatched her gift from her hands not willing to give it back.Jessica stood up from the chair and lightly patted Amy’s shoulder. Amy broke out in tears and hugged Jessica sobbing, “Why do you always treat me and my brother so differently. You are my best friend, not his…..*sob* I could not even talk to you c
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Back at Fang mansionIn contrast to the depressing atmosphere in Han Mansion, the atmosphere in the Fang Mansion was lively and the air was filled with happiness and excitement from the reunion of long-time separated friends, family, and siblings.Jessica, Amy, Ron, and Samuel were sitting on the couch in the living room chatting happily and refreshing memories of the past. They were unaware of the two people who were watching them from afar.Mr. and Mrs. Fang were watching the children with eyes filled with adoration and love from the second floor. It was a rare opportunity as all the children were together and happy. Today even their eldest son, who was five years elder than Amy and was known as a stone-hearted and cold person, also appeared to be the happiest person on the earth."I hope this scene would freeze and never come to an end. I wish these smiles to never disappear from their faces. Look how cute they look," whispered Mother Fang her eyes sti
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In an abandoned warehouse, California A dark black Maybach stopped near the entrance. A person stepped out wearing a total black outfit under a long hooded court, which covered the person’s face. Seeing him, the two people on the gate bowed and opened the gate.From outside the place looked like a whole wasted site but no one would believe that this was the place where the headquarters of the most famous and dangerous mafia gang-‘THE DARK KNIGHT’ was located. The most shocking thing about this gang was that it only consisted of five members with no external support. But these five members were very dangerous and it was no surprise that the gang was on the top of the mafia list for five consecutive years, from the year it was formed.The gang had hard and difficult rules for its members and did not allow anyone to instruct or control them, all the decisions taken
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The next day she woke up with a sour neck due to her last night’s sleeping position. Amy was still sleeping so, Jessica tip-toed to the bathroom and took a shower.Walking out of the bathroom she could not help but laugh at her friend who had a serious expression on her face while examining her surroundings. Giving a light chuckle Jessica walked to draw the curtains and let some light come in. “Ahhh..!!” Amy shouted in an annoyed tone covering herself in the sheets to block the sunlight.“Get up and have a shower. Time for breakfast, dude.” Jessica said trying to pull out Amy from under the sheets.“no… I don’t wanna get up. Drawback the curtains.” came the voice of Amy from the under of the sheets.Amy and Jessica came down the stairs in a gentle way and sat next to the Old Master. “good morning, grandpa” both said in uni
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After dinner, all the people retired to their respective rooms. “Jessica when are we going back to Fang mansion,” Amy asked while she dried her hair. Jessica looked up from the book she was reading and said, “tonight, at 1.” Amy thought she was joking and went to bed laughing. But she was shocked when she was woken up by someone at midnight. “Amy, get up. It’s time to leave… Get up!!” a female voice rang in her ears. “Don’t irritate me… please…” Amy replied in a lazy voice. “Amy listen if you don’t wake up… Jessica will be in huge trouble.” Hearing the name of Jessica Amy’s sleep went away and she sat up in an alert mode. “W-what happened to Jessica… Did her father do anything…” Amy said with a hint of fear in her voice. " Jessica saw Amy’s reaction and could not help but feel lucky to have a friend who valued her so much. Taking Amy in a tight embrace she said in a low voice, “Amy, nothing happened to me, but we need to leave this p
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“Firstly starting with… I am Jessica as you know and I came back due to some tasks. Frankly, I don’t wish to marry you. I just agreed so I could escape without anyone noticing.” Jessica confessed. “Why you don’t want to marry me?” Steve asked. “I believe that a marriage will only work if the people have mutual understandings, respect, and love towards each other. and we had hardly met so… I don’t think it’s a good idea to get married. Steve looked at Jessica and said, " I… I will respect you after we get…..” “I don’t have any intention to marry you, Mr. Smith.” Jessica interrupted Steve. Steve let out a chuckle and said, “But I have the intention to marry you, Jessica.”   *Splash*   Jessica was now not able to suppress her anger and she took the glass of water on the table between them and splashed it entirely
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After leaving the mansion of Old Master, Steve and Jessica dropped Amy at the Fang mansion and had their dinner with the Fangs. As Steve and Jessica sat in the car, Steve looked at his phone to see the messages and missed calls from his parents. ‘They must be worried.’ “I think I will stay at the Fang Mansion if you agree,” Jessica said as she leaped on the car window. “Uhh… I want you to come with me.” Steve said as he looked stared into Jessica’s eyes. “OK!” Jessica said and straighten up to wave Amy goodbye before getting into the car. “Where are we going?” Jessica asked with her eyes filled with curiosity. “To my family mansion so you could meet my parents,” Steve said plainly. Firstly Jessica paid no reaction and only hummed in return. When she finally got what he meant she was dumbstruck. ‘How could he not tell her
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“These are the evidence I promised,” Steve said as he looked at the confusion on the look of Jessica. He could not help but be mesmerized by the glitter in the eyes of Jessica as she flipped through the document taking every little thing in. Suddenly the lively eyes were filled with sadness as she closed the document and put it aside. “Are these not fine?” Steve asked. “No… It’s just that I could not bring myself to believe this….. It’s a bit hard to go through these closed memories again.” Jessica said trying hard to suppress the urge to cry. Steve got up and moved towards the window facing his back to Jessica as he said, “Jessica, my mother always tells me that the birds fly from their home for a better life. I think you should learn from them” Upon hearing his words Jessica realized that she was being emotional now and composed herself before standing up and moving towards Steve. “
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Jessica went into the cafe wearing a pair of casual jeans and yellow with a black denim cap to hide her face. Her popularity had grown more than excepted. “Hey! I am here have you ordered something.” a girl patted her shoulder and sat in front of Jessica. “No. Just order what you want. My treat.” Jessica said as she looked up at Amy. “Sure. I will make you bankrupt today… Waiter.” Amy said as she gave her order and also ordered something for Jessica. “By the way, I got a place suitable for you to set up the store,” Amy said as she munched on the dessert. Across the table, Jessica just hummed her reply as she drank her milk tea enjoying it to the fullest. Next, they went to a high-class mall in the city, that actually belonged to Steve. Checking out the store Amy had arranged for her, Jessica was satisfied. It was a suitable place for a new brand to establish. Jessica called some workers and an interior design
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