Episode 2


I realized he wasn’t Rotip in disguise when he hit me with his fist. Then maybe someone else has taken the form of Garius, but let's see what he has to say because he can't be the dead Garius.

We were walking side by side and he was following me to the underground cave where I lived with Rotip. I asked him to come with me because my plan was to tie him up and question him about what he had done with the old man. I though I may have to use a hot rod to torture him and pay him back for the painful blow he gave me.

“So… Have we met before?” he curiously threw his question. “Because I heard you calling my name earlier”

I wanted to reply but my eyes fell on his wooden staff.

It is with no doubt, Rotip’s! He must have captured

Rotip and hidden him somewhere. I do not think he killed him because he does not seem like the type to kill an old man. When he punched me, his reactions spoke a lot about his soft nature… Still, I have to make sure that Rotip is still alive and safe. People can be deceptive

“Uh…Okay” I

heard him sighing slowly. “Maybe we shouldn’t talk about it now”

“Yes…we’ve met before. But you may not remember me because you are too old to keep a sharp memory” I responded “And I do not mean that in a disrespectful way”

“Right. I appreciate you helping me even though I have failed to recognize you. So your name must be?”

Clara I lied.

“Wow what? No, I mean… I mean, there is this old woman I know. I… We are friends with her, and… her name is also Clara” He stuttered like a lame old man. Garius use to be a little more clever than that when he is in Rotip’s possession. The difference was as clear as the smell of a bad morning breath.

“Ummm. Humans do use that name very often” I agreed.

“And you are Human” He reminded.

“You are human too. A very old and weak looking human to be precise” I caught the shocking reaction on his wrinkly face as if he had forgotten who he was again.

I hate seeing this dead wizard’s face! But why does everyone keep using him?

Rotip used to undo his spells and turn into his normal appearance when we were together in the cave. But every time he needed to go outside the cave to continue with his secret mission, he’d do the magic and disguise himself as the ugly wizard again.


Women were totally not in my agenda but I felt like making adjustments to include this one woman into my master plan. Okay so this woman is simply gorgeous in every unimaginable way. She is perfect and sweet and gentle and… Urrhhh…

“You need to change your clothes,” She said, and I smiled. Though I shall not say that Garius’ smile can be anything pleasant, I still smiled.

She wants me to change clothes in her home.

I chuckled at the thoughts.

“What?” She sent me a quick glance.

“Nothing” I mumbled.

“Then… Why did you just chuckle? Is anything funny here? You are an old man, you shouldn’t act like that in front of a younger woman”

Okay, I get it. She feels irritated because I am an old, smelly and ugly looking wizard. But let's go to her home first so I can show her the real me.

“Oh young woman, you have no idea. I just sneezed because I am too cold. You did not perceive my actions very well” I tried to grumble like the old man I looked like.

She ignored me and turned to the next corner while I followed her like I was attached to her butt as a tail.

Darkness had completely settled by then. White smoke billowed from the roofs of the mud homes far away ahead of us and I thought we were heading towards the mud houses but then, something hit me hard on the head and I saw twinkling fairies flying around my visions before I lost balance and collapsed to the ground.


You are too stupid and a talkative for some old wizard!

I stuck the wooden staff into my armpit and began to drag his body down through the narrow alley. The awful smell of gutters were beginning to become more active, thanks to this heavy wind which only shows up in the night.

Rough sounds were unavoidable at the point that I was dragging his body on the fragmented rocks tiling the tracks to the underground cave. Very soon, patrol was to begin so I had no choice but to drag him very fast. Perhaps later on, I can apply some aloe vera to soothe his minor bruises. Or maybe he may not even bruise at all with the way he is draped in multitudes of thick, old, and smelly rags, I thought.


I felt a kind of heavy weight on my head while I managed to open my eyes. She was looking all blurry in front of me. I noticed that it was my vision that was bad. It cleared up. The candle lights were beaming on her pretty face as I threw quick glances at every corner of the enclosure. It seemed like I was in a corner of a small cave. I was not too shocked to feel myself tied up with ropes and whatsoever because she had been stealing suspicious glances at me right from the point where we had met. I understood her. She knew Garius and for the worst scenario, he could be her own grandfather or even her Father who probably fulfilled the procreation needs with her beautiful Mother at the age of ninety.

“Why am I tied?” I still asked her. She was looking at me with curiosity and so many questions written in her eyes. I could see that she had taken off the cloak and was

dressed in a leopard skin, which

perfectly hugged her woman features. Her brown hair was hanging loosely with streaks of light giving it a reddish sheen. It was nothing compared to the rough textured blonde hair of a rookie half breed. Her eyes were normal brown colored human eyes, from what I had observed from most human women at our cave. I’d say that eighty percent of her beauty was from her perfect shape.

That is it… She is so gorgeous. I love those pretty curves, but I shouldn’t stare! I am an old man!

But I stared. Given my nature, I was not a fan of hiding my curiosity about anything. When I feel like doing something, I just do it right away, unless there’d be trouble.

“Ouch!” I cried. The feeling of stinging and pain on my cheeks and nose forced me realize that I had received some wrecking slaps from her. I tried to take mental notice but the sensation of thick liquid began to form inside my nose, and I knew I was going to start bleeding right away.

“Where did you get the dagger that was hidden beneath your rags?”

I see. So you touched me in places you are not supposed to, and now you slapped me for merely looking at your chest

“Your blood!” She freaked out

A sudden chilling feeling rushed through my veins when I caught her eyes staring at my nose. I knew I had been exposed. “You are a half

breed” She gasped with a wide opened mouth which was about to drool before she quickly licked her lips and continued observing the purple colour of my blood.

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