Into Dystopia

Into Dystopia

By:  K.S.ORION  Completed
Language: English
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From a fetus to a hybrid baby, Rikas came to life as the only half human son of the great Martian warrior Arakis, and the human white witch mother Hira. He is the one, who the prophecy points to, as the powerful savior who shall rise and defeat the faceless Brakoon demon ruling the Dystopian planet. The Brakoon must surely be smart enough to know his nemesis, though everything still turned out the way it should as no one dares to question the source of that prophecy. In addition... No one will know that the savior himself is not immune to a demon’s grip. Buried under a pile of mistaken identities, who is the demon? And... Who is the savior? ***** Fantasy-Thriller

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48 Chapters
As I stepped into the devils den, a figure of a woman, sitting on a large throne chair in torn royal dress, was the first sight that smashed my expectations about the Brakoon. A wave of confusion began to settled down inside me after I had moved closer to her figure. I was standing in front of her, but her eyes seemed to be the only moving part of her body. Both her hands were lost into a deep hole on each side of the large royal chair. Despite the thick cobwebs and the chubby spiders dancing around her head, my eyes managed to see through the cobwebs, taking note of the pile of dust that had settled on her black hair, which gave it a rusty colour.“My Lord... Your wine is...”I turned my body in a speedy slide towards the entrance. With a single strike, I slashed through the Dwarf’s head, creating a bloody mess on the wall as he fell onto the ground along with the wine and plate. The grilled heart fell out of the plate while the wine jug broke into pieces. I didn’t know why I hastily
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Brief History And A Glimpse of The Prophecy
As giant as the cosmos with at least a hundred billion galaxies, including the Andromeda, black eye, whirlpool, Orion nebula, and the uncountable, none other than the Milky Way galaxy’s little ‘planet Nine’ was chosen as the meeting point for a cosmic assembly. The planet; quite bigger than the Human Earth though, could not have possibly accommodated all the several billion species therefore, it became swept by an apocalypse; a bizarre happening that led to Planet Nine’s total disappearance from the Milky Way galaxy’s Solar System.The Martians and Humans trapped on planet Nine were left at the mercy of an Erisian-Martian tyrant king Iris, who is also known as the faceless Brakoon. The fate of the Humans, Martians, and other creatures living on Dystopia was unknown… But one thing has been confirmed in the hidden prophecy of the mystical white sorceress. That the cursed hybrid son of Arakis; a Martian Warrior, will be the only mortal who can fight the endless Army of the Brakoon, and sa
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Episode 2
~SOFIA~I realized he wasn’t Rotip in disguise when he hit me with his fist. Then maybe someone else has taken the form of Garius, but let's see what he has to say because he can't be the dead Garius.
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Episode 3 (PAST)
Past (25 Years Ago)The twin caves were co
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Episode 4 (PAST)
Past (15 Years After The War)“T
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Episode 5
~RIKAS~“So… Now you know my secret” 
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Episode 6
~RIKAS~Miserable woman! She is getting under my nerves! 
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Episode 7
~SOFIA~He pulled back and scanned through my expression as if trying to read my thoughts.
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Episode 8
~ROTIP~My body was tied up in some rusty chains and there
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