Into The Woods

Into The Woods

By:  Yane  Ongoing
Language: English
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The voice is always calling out to me. Everywhere I go its there, lurking in the shadows, observing me.I live in a province just near the city. My house is at the entrance of the forest, away from the neighbors. At the age of fourteen I was orphaned, I went to a convent and was cared for by nuns until I was eighteen years old.Since I was of legal age I left the convent and found myself in this place.When I first saw the old house at the entrance of the forest, I knew it would be right for me.On my first day in that house, something very immediate happened to me. There is a voice that repeatedly calls my name.When I leave the convent and stay in this old house, I do not think I will see strange creatures and socialize with them.

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41 Chapters
“Sierra, you will always remember to be vigilant especially now that crime is rampant. "Sister Ferry reminded me.  We are now at the gate of the convent as the children and the three nuns surround me. Just a month ago I reached the age of eighteen. Since I am of legal age I can now leave the care of the nuns and venture out of the convent. The children I had also been with for several years looked up to me sadly while the orders of the three nuns who even bothered to take me to the gate. "Don't worry. I will remember your instructions. "I told them. I am very grateful to them. I was orphaned early and was thrown into the convent because no one wanted to take care of me. 
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 "At the end of this town, there is a big forest that no one has tried to enter. At the beginning of the forest you can see the house." I now look up at the large trees in front of me. This is probably what the old man is saying. This is the end of the town. I followed the direction he said. It’s stamped on my brain so I’m sure I won’t get lost.  I saw in my peripheral vision the house that the old man had defined. I walked towards it while feeling my surroundings. I have my guard up. Even though I ignored the old man's last instructions, I still couldn't help but be observant. It is unlikely that what the old man is saying is true, in my estimation it is half the town is jungle. I also noticed that the town was sur
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“Mom, are the mermaids real?”  “The world is big, Sierra. Very wide sea. You know, we may not be the only ones living here.” I remember what my mother said when I once asked her about the children's book she was reading to me. Although Mama did not directly answer my question, I immediately understood what she meant.  “Thank you.” I said softly and took my change from the woman's hand. I took the two eco bags of grocery I bought at the convenience store and left. After cleaning up this morning I hurried to get dressed to buy my necessities.   I did not get lost
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I stepped forward. Surprised because the voice said I should look for him in the forest, the forest is wide, how did I hear his calls? It is unlikely that he is near my current location, and I am apprehensive because the tone of his voice seems to be losing hope.  It was late at night, the surroundings were dark. I clasped my hand and quickly took the lamp inside the house. I lit it and had the courage to enter the forest.  Aside from worrying, I’m also curious at how the voice recognizes me. I'm sure I don't have a single acquaintance here, and if it was Summer I had met before it would be vague.  The voice is unrecognizable, but I’m guessing that it’s a female. My steps are careful and quietly observing the surroundings. I will never forget the warnings I received from the people of the town. I should not let my fear take
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“I’m sorry for what they did, Sierra. It's the first time that they saw a human.” Summer said accompanied by laughter. I know he was just joking, but they didn’t seem to be joking earlier when they attacked me, or should I say approached me. We are now walking towards the office of what they call alpha. Earlier we entered this big house I do not know if anyone is in very quiet. “Why, what are you? Demons?” I said, rolling my eyes.  Their greetings was so heart warming. Note the sarcasm. They almost ran me over because of what they were doing to me. Someone smelled my armpit, poked my nose, pulled my ear, and smelled my mouth. Their antics are so embarrassing. I was so red earlier because of their madness. Fortunately, Summer stopped them before I finally fainted in shame. They are so weird. I might consider wha
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The next day, “Wait, Sierra! You can’t leave!” “What Summer?! Set aside!” “Sierra, no!” “Leave I said!” Everyone watching was silent as the two at the door of Alpha’s house is arguing. They could see with their own eyes what the female Amazon had done to their companion. Summer fell to the ground with the force of Sierra’s kick to his balls. His face is red while holding his crotch. He almost rolled on the ground in extreme pain. The spectators held back a laugh.  “I said set aside! Look what you made me do!” Sierra scolded mixed with repentance. When she woke up this morning she immediately noticed that she was not at the house where she was staying. Her head ached because she was trying to remember what ha
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“Sierra… Find me… I’m right here…” “Please… we’re losing time!” Sierra was puzzled as she walked through the forest without direction. Summer and Alpha are hot on her trail. She could not understand herself why she was suddenly nervous, restless, and worried. Why does she always hear the voice calling to her? She could not determine where it came from, as if it were blowing in the air for her to hear. Her steps are large, her movements are fast, and her eyes are scanning the surroundings. She hears the two men following her and talking to her but she ignored them.  “Follow my voice, Sierra ..” She turned around. “Where are you?!” Summer and Alpha looked at each other. The girl seemed to be talking to someone they could not see or hear. Sum
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“There are wolves! Many wolves!”   Zachary was startled by Sierra’s cry. She suddenly woke up and turned around, eyes widening as she repeated the word wolf. Zachary was suddenly nervous.   He turned to her and to his shock she grabbed both of his shoulders tightly.   “There were wolves chasing me earlier! There are so many, big and fast!” Sierra complaint hysterically.   “Are you dreaming?” He asked, confused. He did not know how to say here that the wolves she saw were his warriors.   “No,” she shook her head. The grip on his shoulder was even tighter. “I ran away earlier, didn’t I? I ran away and you didn’t catch up with me.”   
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Zachary was stunned by Summer’s revelation. He completely lost his appetite so he set aside his plate. “What do you mean?” He didn’t mean to sound harsh, he can see that the tense Summer is now sweating. “Alpha, just calm down.” He raised both of his arms. “I’m not accusing Sierra, just chill.” He shook his head. “I am relaxed.” “Really?” Summer even had the guts to wriggle his eyebrows at him. He stared at him blankly. “You are taking too long, Summer.” He could not fully comprehend what he was saying. Especially about the smell of the maiden. Even though he is here in the kitchen and she is upstairs he can still smell it’s sweet smell. Summer swallowed the food first before taking it seriously. “Do you remember the
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Werewolves. Vampires. Witches. Elves.   Which of them is Sierra?   “Sierra!” Zachary shouted.   He was about to approach the girl but his comrades immediately stopped him.   “Are you crazy, Zachary?! You saw that the whole room is on fire!” Summer could no longer hold his mouth.   Vin was shocked by his companion’s audacity.   Zachary doesn’t care. They have been friends with Summer for a long time since they were young, they treat each other like siblings so sometimes Summer is stopping him when he knows that his decisions are risky.   “She’s on fire! What do you expect me to do, just watch?!” 
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