Joanabe, your child

Joanabe, your child

By:  Eslay Moneza  Completed
Language: English
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Life always has it's nature. Nature to make you feel anything you didn't expect to happen. It's always ups and downs but this life is different from others. Joanabe's, who is so passionate about music. Dreams to become a musician. Fate always has its way for her. Is it really worth it?When she found her first unrequited love, Kane married her childhood friend Cheryl? Who later become pregnant.The heartbroken Joanabe griefs for the sudden news and takes away her life but gets reborn in a baby's body, not just anybody's baby. Kane and Cheryl's child."Honey! What will be her name?" Ask Cheryl."Her name is Joenabell, my child," Kane replied happily to his beloved wife while kissing his child's forehead.WAI-WAIT! KA-KANE?! H-HE KISSED MY FOREHEAD! MY FOREHEAD!I, Joanabe inside Joenabell's body become their child. What the hell! F**k life.Is it her karma?-or perhaps a second chance?

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Crystal Reads
I've unlocked chapters and so far the story is sad, interesting. Also, I like the fact that the twist of the story is different from the usual transmigration story.
2020-12-02 04:19:23
user avatar
Amethyst Storm
Hey there! Keep up your good work! Love your book!
2020-11-23 23:43:39
user avatar
Eslay Moneza
Hello, Everyone. Thank you for visiting my book if you love music with a dramatic twist, you may give my story a chance. Have a nice day to all!
2020-10-15 01:56:44
user avatar
Never been fond of reincarnated stories but the angst of the story got me here. It is unique in a way that can't explain what will happen next. I feel like reading a manwha story lol. I can't wait to read the ending author-chan ???
2020-09-29 02:05:54
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Khutso Dan V Peter
good book to read
2020-09-12 12:08:07
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Matt Dave Lorenz Ruiz
Never did before I read a plot as interesting and unique as this. Peculiar in a way I can't desceibe. Such a page turner you just can't resist and wanting for more.❤
2020-09-07 01:02:41
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farmie apat
Next chapter ?
2020-08-25 06:01:17
user avatar
Wow! What a great story...Look forward to the next chapter??
2020-08-24 20:59:09
user avatar
Ceejay Cristobal
Amazingly done!!! Great work. Nice story, looking forward for the next chapter/s. ?
2020-08-24 20:42:20
user avatar
Dina Gene Dela Torre
Waiting for the next chapt aweee?
2020-08-22 01:09:58
default avatar
very nice, and must read!! ???
2020-08-19 23:21:07
default avatar
Very nice story,cant wait for the next chapter
2020-08-19 23:00:57
66 Chapters
THIRD PERSON POVIn these four walls, an old and dusty store, a sound of a playing song piece on a piano is all you can hear inside these walls.F# E 'Cause you know I'd walk B F# A thousand miles A girl gracefully sings aloud with her emotions as she pressed the key-chord of the piano while closing her eyes.The sound she of her voice suits the song perfectly. The melody blends well, which surely catches the attention of any person. Like, the boy who is staring at her adoringly, hiding in the shelves."Alexandra, that child should be here!" The father screamed in hatred while pointing his finger at his daughter."Jordan! Stop saying that to our child!" The mother replied to her husband, trying her best to stop those hurtful words from her husband's mouth."She is not my daughter! I did not accept her! She's nothing but trash!" The father exclaims, throwing the vase on the table beside him while walking out of their home."Jordan! No! Co
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KANE POVI am hyped to see Joanabe perform again when she told me she is participating in the talent search at La Romanina. I did not even get the chance to tell her my name or did get the chance to know the song she played in the store.I didn't even get the chance to tell her that I also joined the show but backed out because it isn't the thing that I want to do. The time my eyes landed on her performance in the shop was mesmerizing to make me stop and stare at her the whole time. She is brighter than the spotlight. The moment she opened her eyes, it was teary. I can feel her sadness. I want to know who causes those tears. Somehow I want to make her happy. It lightens the sleeping candle in my heart.The moment she walked out the door, it feels she blow the lit candle away. Now that I know where she will go. All I have to do is to go. I asked my mom to drop me off at La Romanina because I have to see her. "Honey, are you sure you did not regret backing out of the show?" My mom as
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JOANABE POV I see my mom standing looking so worried afar, I run towards her to seek comfort.  "MOM!" I scream calling my mom while running closer to her I feel so stupid. How can I forget about her? "Joanabe! You got me so worried!" She said while spreading her hands for me to embrace.  "Mom, I am so sorry. I let you down. How can I make daddy proud?" as I jump on her for an embrace. I cried in her arms. *I AM SO PATHETIC* "Joanabe, you do not have to be sorry, it has nothing to do with your dad." Mom pats my back to ease the pain inside of me. *KANE? WAIT! I LEFT HIM!* I let go of my mom and look directly at the place where I went with Kane, but compare to the shop, he is not there anymore, waiting for me.  "Is there something wrong Joanabe?" Mom asked me, I shake my head maybe hi
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JOANABE POV **KNOCK**KNOCK** "Happy sixteenth birthday Joanabe! Make a wish!" Said Cheryl, standing in front of our door while holding a white chocolate cake and of course with a note wishing happy birthday to me. Is it really supposed to be happy for me? Funny it is, it's exactly the same after 5 years. ~Five years earlier **KNOCK**KNOCK** "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANABE! MAKE A WISH!" Cheryl said happily as I open the door for her wondering if it was my dad. Sadly, it was my friend that's so excited about celebrating my birthday. "Cher, you know my birthday is next week," I said to her sadly, I do not want to kill her joy but I just want to remind her that it is not yet my birthday. *MY BIRTHDAY IS THE DAY I SHOULD BE CELEBRATING ABOUT, IT IS THE DAY WHEN THIS TRASH WAS BORN."* ~~~~
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THIRD PERSON POVIt's been a week after Joanabe's birthday after she dreamt that dream. She seats in quietly while the other students are busy chatting, vocalizing, and getting ready for their recital.Her thoughts can't help but dive deeper.That fog dream etched in her head that she cannot keep herself calm. It's intriguing her."UGH! THIS FEELING IS SO WEIRD!" Joanabe claimed, shaking her head, frustrated."You are weird, your running thoughts. You have a recital for today." Her mother said, sitting beside her in the backstage. She shot glares at her mother's comment.*WHO WAS THAT MAN IN MY DREAM?*Joanabe's mind keeps thinking about her dream, but her imaginations are interrupted by the sound of an opening door.**CREAK**She stares blankly at the person who gets inside in the preparation room."Hello students, are you all prepared for this year's recital?" Professor Melissa, the head of the music club, asked happily to the students, clapping her hands together with a confident s
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JOANABE POV"You really forgot all about me, right, Joanabe?" The girl said in a snarling face, and her eyes are serious. Her shoulders are up high in her annoyance. Wow! She acts superior or popular or something--"Aren't you Shally Mae?" Kane said, pointing at her, looking quite shocked."Oh! How do you know?" Shally said happily as her face gleams while seeing his reaction to knowing her name."Nah! Saw one of your performance before in-." Kane said awkwardly as he stroke his nape. I can see he is getting uncomfortable."Ehem!" I cleared my throat, cutting their conversation. I did not like where it was heading."You and Shally Mae. Watch my performance today. I will come up to the stage to show you both I am not the Joanabe you knew five years ago." He crosses my hands at my chest level. One of the organizers calls for me, and I nod. "Catch you guys later," I said while patting Kane's broad shoulder.All the murmurs of the crowd are inaudible, and the lights were blinding as I pr
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JOANABE POVIt's been three years I've lost contact with him, It's been thirty-six months I've been wanting to hear him, It's been twenty-six thousand two hundred eight hours I've been missing him, longing him. The person I've been seeking for is right on my phone talking to me like he did before.He loudly exhales that creates a vibration through my ears, "Hello, Joanabe?" Is this the day, He will ask me out?Is this finally the day he will say 'I miss you and I love you?'Is this it?~~~~~~"Joanabe?" he said to the seventeen years old of me while swinging his feet, sitting in the chair. "Knock, knock." I looked at his eyes with a questionable look in my face, and I gave him an awkward smile."Yes?""You are supposed to say who's there?" His eyes were locked in the dark blue skies.I looked up and met the moon on my face. "Who's there?""Joanabe." He plainly said to me.I raised my brow without turning my face to him. "Joanabe, who?""Joanabe, my prom girl tonight? I mean, my gir
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JOANABE POVThe news that comes from his mouth is not what I wanted to hear from him. The word 'engage' is not for me. He did not say the words that I am expecting to hear.My eyes filled with tears are like candles that slowly melted away. I clenched my hand to hold back my will from slapping him.My blood boils in my veins as anger inside of me is slowly reaches my mind. My heart breaks into pieces while his warm hand touches mine. His words set cold water in my burning love for him. Now my heart is cold it is pitiful.Love sucks, love hurts----Love failed me.My sniffing nose clenches from his odor, his presence. I stand from my seat. I look into his blue eyes and my mouth coldly said, "Congratulations, you have a happy ending awaits you. I am sorry, I am not hungry. I should get going."Feet of mine start moving on their own aw
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JOANABE POVMy heart just got stabbed by Kane Boucher in the restaurant, and now the knife is getting deeper by the sudden news that got strike on me.*MY BESTFRIEND IS MARRYING THE MAN I'VE BEEN WANTING FOR SO LONG.*I forced a laugh, "Pfft... AHAHAHA... Congratulations, Cheryl. Soon to be Mrs. Boucher.""Thank you. Your coming to my wedding, you are going to sing for me, okay?"She softly said to me through the phone."Yes, I-I will." I shutter under my breath while saying those words. I cannot imagine that things will end up like this. I did not know there was something between them. I thought that he is willing to wait for me, nor am I the only one who loves him?*WAS I REALLY THAT NAIVE TO BELIEVE SUCH A PROMISE?*I hang up the phone and throw it away from me. I send punches in my steering wheel. I kick in my pedal, and I just want to hurt myself physically as I am feeling the pain emotionally--mentally. I am drained, for today. My head is spinning not because I had alcohol, but
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JOANABE POV"Joanabe."I feel someone shaking me."Joanabe! Get a grip on your life!" Shally Mae furiously said, holding my body forcefully."What were you thinking?" She sounds so worried, but I was thinking of Kane running to me, saying he was looking for me. What on earth, Joenabe? He is married. You can't have him, so you better stop it. Shally pinches my shoulder to make me gasp in surprise. I can't be mad. She wants to get me back on my feet. Her eyes look at me like they want to scold me.My eyes enlarge as I could not speak. I am too busy thinking about him. But Kane wasn't thinking about me, and now Shally is sending chills all over my body.I shrug and move Shally Mae out of my way."Joanabe!" Cheryl waved at me, smiling happily. I walk towards her, biting my lower lip, and said in response, "Hi! Cher, Congratulations to you and Kane.""Thank you so much. You look wonderful!" She hugs me, and I am not sure whether to hug her or not, but I patted her back in assurance."Thank
Read more Protection Status