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Kelsi Itohan, a sixteen years old highschool girl just wants to attend lectures, get good grades and stay out of trouble, everything was going smoothly for beautiful Kelsi until the object of her wayward emotions and the real trouble came into the school turning everything and everyone upside down.

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When will this be updated? I'm interested to read more please.
2021-04-11 07:52:15
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Inday Diaz
nice story interesting more chapter plsss
2020-12-04 01:07:11
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Love this book one of the best book I read
2020-10-09 06:32:25
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Sharmayne Griffin
I am enjoying the book so far can't wait until new chapters are available to read.
2020-09-15 04:04:23
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Beautiful ❤️❤️
2020-08-23 05:34:16
22 Chapters
Chapter 1
K•E•L•S•I:::: Few years back Dad lost his job as a banker, he was a honest man, the only honest man I have known all my life.Colleagues at his work place tried to lure him into embezzling some of the company's fund which he vehemently refused, one was  because he was a Christian and sees that as a sin, and two because of the trust and love his wife and daughter have for him.Dad was honest in everything he does, some of the workers framed him up, accused him of lavishing the company's money and although the manager had a record of his honestly did not arrest him, but told him to leave the company.That was how dad lost his job.Dad was positive he would get another job soonest, seeing he has good grades and a very good working experience.All hope to get another job became fruitless even as he tried harder, and things started getting worse gradually and the economy of the country too was not helping at
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Chapter 2
K•E•L•S•I::::  "How can somebody this wicked exists?" I wonder with tears rushing out of my eyes and anger clouding my features. Shamefully We picked out bags and walked out of the house, our house.Mum and I were walking aimlessly on the way with people giving up the pity look, and some even whispering wondering what had happened to us.We went back to Dad's elder brother, Richard to accommodate us for the time being, until mum gets a job that would be able to cater for our well being.He refused, accusing mum of killing his brother that we should not step our foot on his doorstep again.Mum was broken, we were helpless.I was feeling sharp pains in my back and legs due ti walking for hours under the scorching sun, until I complained to mum and luckily for us we saw a shop closedby and we stood under the shade.We waited for sometime and suddenly the weather changed, and it started
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Chapter 3
K•E•L•S•I:::: Mum had to do everything from laundry to cleaning the house, cooking..... Which we did not mind atall.I noticed Mrs Raphael wasn't happy with her husband generosity, but I ignored it because of how overjoyed we were.He showed us everywhere in the building and also show us where we will be staying.The room he gave us was small, but better and more comfortable than that shade we slept last night, with a bed that can accommodate two  people, Chair and table well furnished, what more can we ask for?We quickly arranged our luggages, and mum went out to start her new job as a maid, leaving me alone in the room.I was grateful to God and Mr Raphael too.I got excited about the new school I will attend, questions kept popping in my head.' when will I start this new school?""How will I cope with the new school and the new environment?"I wish dad was still alive wi
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Chapter 4
K•E•L•S•I::::I used all my will power to focus my attention on the teacher as i overheard soft mumurs from every corner."Ah! There you are, can you please tell me and the class your name? He encouraged. "My name is Kelsi Itohan" I tried to be audible as I could."I'm a new student here" my voice slightly shaking.He nodded "Welcome, Kelsi the teacher replied with a smile that soothe my feeling.Sit down please."Thank you", I replied sitting quietly while taking a quick glance at my classmates."Alright everyone today we will start a new topic on mathematics INDCES'Ugh! I hate mathematics even as a science student I love anything that does not involve calculation, but I have no choice than to sit and learn.The teacher taught for over two hours, another came in and the third all asking me to introduce myself, I almost wanted to
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Chapter 5
K•E•L•S•I:::: The closing bell rang, I was the first to rush out of the class, I honestly don't belong here! I hasten my footsteps as i wanted to go home on time.Parents were coming to pick their children, flashy cars were everywhere it was noisy and that made me feel sick the more.I knew I had to trek home, i didn't waste a moment to start my journey home.I walked out of the gate eager to get home, cover myself with a duvet and forget about today.I started trekking under the hot sun, when I got to the junction where there was a pothole with water, I waited for some drivers to pass so I can continue, while trying to pass through the pothole avoiding the water, a vehicle from no where splashed the dirty water on my body, I suddenly became chill wet from head to toe including my school bag.I looked at there I saw the driver slowed down and Anita head came out of the car window laughing.I couldn't
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Chapter 6
K•E•L•S•I:::: Few weeks later I started getting used to Anita and her crew, their constant disturbance and nusiance, pushing me out of the way, mocking my dress, pouring water on my school bag and all of that.I couldn't tell mum about what I've been going through in school, I know she has a lot too.I vowed to keep it to myself and hopefully stand up to the challenge.I had to balance both school and work with mum.later at night mum couldn't hold it anylonger she woke me up and told me everything going on at work, she told me all that Mrs Raphael has been doing to her, sometimes accusing her of stealing, threatening to kill her if she come close to her husband.I felt bad.Mr Raphael took us like his family, but his wife sees mum and I as slaves and nothing more.I was hurt again, even when we think everything is going on well, Life will always show us the bad side.I couldn't follow m
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Chapter 7
K•E•L•S•I:::: The sport teacher asked him to introduce himself."My name is Lexy Ideh",  his smooth voice came out"Ideh?"  That Sounds familiar....... I thought sitting at the front row in other to watch the match properly.Well, alot of people bears that name, so there is nothing wrong with it being a coincidence.We had sport that morning, I watched the guys played football it was SS1 science department VS SS1 Commercial department that Friday, girls were cheering guys were whistling encouraging their various departments.Lexy  and delvin were good player and everybody was cheering and encouraging them, I smiled watching him play with all seriousness dribbling his opponent.They were everybody's favourite, both the teachers and students, smart, handsome and energetic.What else?Few minutes into the match, Lexy kicked the ball flying straight into our rival goal post, a
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Chapter 8
K•E•L•S•I:::: "Oh Well, seems like she saw us smilling at each other", I blurted out softly because I could see smoke coming out of her head and her eyes not leaving our direction."I need to start going"  I told lexy quickly standing up from the seat.I really don't want any trouble with Anita, Not today.Lexy nodded and broke into a wide smile when Anita came over putting her arms across his shoulder.I walked passed Anita and heard her hissing like a snake.Friday was a one of the most memorable day for everyone in the school, most especially for the girls.I too was looking forward to seeing Lexy in school on monday.When I got home from school  mum noticed I was in a happy mood, she eyed me suspiciously."Hmm.. what happened today Kelsi"?  This one you are smilling like this, she teased."Nothing oh! Mummy", I replied smilling mischievously."Are you sur
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Chapter 9
K•E•L•S•I:::: "Kelsi, What's happening here?"Who's that? Mum asked coming towards me with the things she bought, while looking at Anita departing figure. "Uhm....She's just a friend", I smiled, taking the goods from my mum who look unconvinced about my reply, I knew she could see my unsettled body language."She is my Friend mum, ermm.... I mean my class mate, she was greeting me" I grinned, trying to reassure my mother. "Alright", mum said. "let us start going it's getting late already" I was relieved, finally she reluctantly accepted. I was glad Anita didn't not meet mum,and mum didn't meet her. I hope they don't cross paths. I really hope so. ***********We came back late and quickly make dinner for the Raphael's, while mum was still cooking I went outside to complete my assignment
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Chapter 10
K.E.L.S.I:::on Tuesday evening I decided to follow her to Mr Raphael residence to assist her with the duties.Mom called me to help her with the dish, sitting outside the varenda before I was called, i left the Novel I was reading and walked to the kitchen, after everything was done and set, we went back home and that was when I realized I forgot my book."Mom!...." I called her, standing up from the bed. "...I forgot the book I was reading at Mr Raphael place, I need to go and get it, the english teacher gave us some assignment in it, and iam not done with the book" I told her while at the same time putting on my slippers."Okay, Don't stay long" mum yawned, turning to the other side of the bed.I quickly walked towards Mr Raphael residence, I opened the gate and entered, i was relieved when I saw my book lying exactly where I left it.As I was about picking the book up, I heard the front doo
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