89: The Diamond Sky


We were sitting under a bed full of stars. And they were shining so bring, they looked like diamonds scattered across the Milky Way. I had never seen anything more magical than this. I was completely in awe, but Judah didn’t look so impressed.

“What?” I asked him. “You know a better spot than this in Hawaii?”

“Of course,” he said.


He put a hand on the side of my cheek, tilting my face towards his. And with that sexy smile on his face, he aimed for my lips and said, “Right… here,”

Oh, that was so smooth.

His lips landed on top of mine gently and I tilted my face to the side, allowing for more access. Tightening his grip on my face, Judah deepened the kiss and I kissed him back with the same hunger and passion. Though it was cold out here, my body was burning up. Soft moans escaped my lips and Judah’s tongue slid his way into my mouth. Our tongues met and they tangled breathlessly as warmth and desire overtook our bodies.

Pulling away slightly, Judah threw the blan
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Wow.. I love this chapter. Judah is so sweet. They are so deep in love
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