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Everyone wants the best love but Christiana Folake Peterson just graduated from College. All she wants is to get ahead in her careers as a Journalist. But what happens when she meets the man she met at the club three years ago? Will she be able to give love a chance and allow her biggest supporter love her or let her trust issues prevent her? James Olamide Adesanya on another hand is a family man, he has worked hard to give his siblings and mother everything. Now he meets the girl who he had been attracted to from the first day he saw her, will he shoot his shot now or let her walk away from his life again? Can they both stay LOYAL to each other eventually or let other people come between them?

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Krystal Key
Love this book ......
2023-12-01 15:03:33
61 Chapters
Chapter 1.
CHRISTIANA'S POV"Babe" I called out as I laid on his bed relaxing. Lately he had been getting me gifts and buying anything I want. So as soon as I got my allowance, I decided to maybe get him something."Yeah." He replied."Where's your --""Never mind." I cut myself off when I found his phone. I wanted to go through his screenshot and his Jumia Cart to see what I could possibly get for him. I tried to unlock his phone but turns out he added a new pass code. I tried my birthday and his but it didn't work."You have a password now?" I questioned as he walked out of the bathroom, he was wearing just shorts displaying his chest plus his dreads was wet."Yeah.. umm, for safety reason" He picked up his phone. He typed away on his phone with a smile growing on his face then turned his attention back to me. "Oh,I have a gift for you." He said ramaging through his closet.Richard and I have been dating for 5 months now, we met at the mall, you know those guys that keep disturbing you at t
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Chapter 2.
CHRISTIANA'POV.1 YEAR LATER."Let's turn up tonight." Chidera shouted as we took shots.We were getting ready for graduation in two days, so Chidera invited Aishat, Temi and me to go to a club tonight. Since we were all free, we decided to have a fun night out."I swear she's going to get wasted." Temi giggled while Chidera took her fourth shot in a row. Aishat was the one who wasn't drinking and in charge of making sure we were all ok and arrived home safely.I hummed agreeing with her getting comfortable on the stool "Your dress is pretty." Temi complimented with a small smile."Thank you, your dress is pretty as well."Temi and Aishat had been roommates in their first year, so they had developed a close friendship. As a result, when Aishat became friends with me and Chidera, Temi naturally became a part of our group as well. While Chidera and Temi got along well, I never really connected with Temi; something about her just gave me a strange vibe."Let's dance." Chidera pulled Tem
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Chapter 3.
CHRISTIANA'S POV."Hair Done, Nails Done, Clothes Ready.. We are so ready to get this diploma." Dera chessed as I made a video of my new hair. My hair was in Fulani Braids using a Darling Brown Attachment. "Guyyy, we are graduating sha, what's next for you?" Dera asked excitedly sitting on my bed."Omooo, just rest until NYSC starts. After get my masters done and bag a job." I let out a sigh because I keep asking myself the same question."Me toooo, I'm not sure what I want to do my masters in yet but did I tell you I want to teach?" She said and I looked at with wide eyes shaking my head 'No'."Yeah or I will start a just business. Be a big boss." She added smiling."Period. ""Do you think we will still be close?" She asked with a faint smile."Why won't we? After all the three years of us being together. Times we ate weird combos because we had spent all our money on something stupid. Or when we started that clothing brand and after 2 weeks we stopped because we were lazy---""Umm
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Chapter 4.
GRADUATION DAY"Christiana Peterson" I heard my name announced and, as I walked up to the stage, the crowd erupted in applause. I received my diploma, then paused to smile and wave at Aishat, my other friends, my dad, my aunts, and my cousins. They were beaming with pride, recording and cheering me on.Under the graduation gown, I wore a nude gown and heels. I accessoried with my new Tennis Necklace and a dangling silver earrings to match. I laid my baby hair and Aishat helped me with my make up. Aishat woke us up after we partied last night, she did all three of us make up being that she was a make up artist. "Congratulations my love." Aishat pulled me for a hug."Let me go and look for Chidera." She didn't wait for me to respond before she scurried away."Congratulations big head." I looked up seeing Johnathan.Johnathan and I were course mates, so we were very close from day one in the university. I can say he is one of the best people I met throughout my four years. "Ode, where
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Chapter 5.
OMNISCIENT POV3 YEARS LATER."So we are interviewing a prominent business man he is launching a hotel soon, so Christiana and Amanda will be interviewing him. Christiana for the magazine while Amanda for the radio tomorrow." Their boss, Ms Funke, assigned. Christiana was happy because over the years after she had completed both her masters and NYSC training, through her family's contacts, they landed her the job.A lot of people just thought of her as a spoilt brat who had zero talent and caused other people who actually deserved it to not get it."Yes ma. "Christiana and Amanda said in unison.The two had gotten really close over their one year and three months in the company. They both got the job through connection so they had to work really hard to prove themselves and yet their co-workers still treated them like shit."So, I heard the man is handsome you know Yoruba Demon and in his late 20's." Amanda informed her happily as they both exited Ms Funke's office."How did you eve
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Chapter 6
OMNISCIENT POV.Tiana arrived back in her two bed room apartment tired. After interviewing him, she went back to the office to finish editing the interview she had with an actress and another business man. She dropped her bag on the couch then stripped out of her clothes. She went for a cold shower which helped her relax. She was so ready to sleep but she was famished.She wore a big blue shirt she stole from Deji. She went to her fridge looking for what to eat. She didn't have energy to cook anything so just took out a box of cornflakes and poured it into a bowl adding milk,sugar and a glass of water. She ate slowly thinking about her encounter with James earlier.The sound of her phone ringing interrupted her thoughts. She checked the caller ID seeing it was Dera❤️✨ .She smiled answering,Dera-Hey boooo.Her-Business woman, how far?Dera- I'm chilling how are you?Her-Tired and stressed. (She sighed then said)you won't believe who I saw today.Dera-Who? Who?Her- You remember that
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Chapter 7.
Everybody was in the hall discusing, eating and looking around. Christiana, Chidera and Johnathan engaged in a conversation amongst themselves about work, the event and how life has been."I miss Aishat. Every time I call,she's always busy or rushing somewhere or too tired you can hear it from her voice sef." Dera told them and Tiana nodded her head in agreement. "But she told me her parents introduced her to someone so they are going on date soon." Tiana added.Dera's eye lit up in excitement. "You know since her break up with Jonathan,she hasn't dated anyone." Dera said and Tiana hummed while sipping her wine."You guys do know I am here." Johnathan looked between them furrowing his eyebrow."So?" Dera looked at him raising her eyebrow.As they continued discussing, James was interacting with a couple who kept talking about the hotel, how it's going to be success and just kept hyping him up. James just nodded along, smiling but his attention was on Tiana.Everything about her was
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Chapter 8
Saturday Evening.Dera❤️✨ - Yes, I am on my way to Ikeja to surprise my man.Christiana - Aww, my regards to him. Anyways, check on Aishat, call her if you guys can link up.Dera❤️✨ No wahala. I will call you when I arrive.Christiana - Okay, talk to you later.They exchanged 'goodbyes' and 'I love you's before hanging up. Tamara wasn't coming back until Monday, so Christiana decided to cook something.She settled on making White Rice with Fish Stew and Plantain since it was looking like it was about to spoil. She measured the cups, washed the rice, and placed it on the gas stove.As she started cutting the plantain, the electricity supply was cut off, and she realized she had forgotten to buy fuel for her generator. She hissed, going to find their white and orange round bright rechargeable lamp. She placed it on the kitchen counter, continuing what she was doing.Her phone started to ring; she put the plantain in the hot oil and went to the living room to answer her phone. She saw it
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Chapter 9.
"Heyyyyyy," Tamara said excitedly as Tiana entered the apartment. Tiana smiled big, hugging her."I missed you and your cooking," Tiana said, making Tamara laugh."I just knew you couldn't just miss me. Anyways, I made Semo for you already, and the Egusi Soup is in the fridge, so just warm it," Tamara told her.Tiana's eyes lit up, and her mouth watered. "I am so glad you are back.""Yeah, Yeah, my man is coming soon. So let me finish dressing up," she informed, going back to her room.Tiana mumbled, "All of you and your men.""Go and find your own," Tamara retorted from her room, making Tiana roll her eyes as she stripped out of her clothes."So where are you guys going?" She asked, being nosy, coming to Tamara's room in just her a small blue towel."Maybe a restaurant; he just said I should dress fancy," T answered her. She stood up after applying her makeup.She wore a blue tight-fitted gown; it stopped mid-thigh, hugging her curves. She was slim and kind of tall but endowed."Eiii
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Chapter 10.
THAT NIGHT."Like I didn't even know he was going to propose," Tamara told Deji and Tiana, grinning, showing off her diamond ring. Matthew definitely spent a lot on the ring."I am so happy for you," Christiana told her. Deji was also really happy for his younger sister."Mad, so my younger sister is going to get married before I even find a girlfriend," Deji said, shaking his head, making them both laugh.He wasn't seeing anyone now, just talking to different girls. You know guys being guys."So I am going to start preparing for the wedding. Introduction to Traditional to the white wedding," she said, stressing a little."You will be fine; I will be here assisting you," Christiana assured her."Oh, we are going to see mummy this weekend, are you coming?" Tamara asked Christiana as their mom didn't live far."Yeah, sure." She told them yawning.What she didn't know was that after she left the hotel with Chidera earlier, Daniel and James came to the hotel hoping to see them both. Chide
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