Legacy: One made out of blood.

Legacy: One made out of blood.

By:  MJ Opera  Completed
Language: English
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My name is Themis and I am not supposed to be alive. I survived the hunt, saddled with a husband and still I have to waddle my way through so many things to remain alive at the end of the day. The one person I can count on other than myself is my new husband who saved my life from the get go. And my gift of prophecy. Maybe, just maybe, it is also enough to save the Dar Empire too. My name is Themis and this is my story.

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They are close, I could hear them. My heart slammed against my chest, beating like a war drum in preparation of war. I stumbled as I ran through the forest, stumbling but never falling because I knew deep within me, my feet knew that the moment they stop running, my life was over.  I knew I was dead long before my race started, I was the maiden selected from my tribe, for the maiden hunt, a gory event practiced by the Dariths, our lords and masters, the race that controls seven tribes for as long as time.  I was selected because I was the last of my family, my father died less than a fortnight ago. He died a disgrace, all because he could not stomach one of his people being given over to the Dariths for the maiden hunt, he stepped down and how was he repaid? His only daughter was sent as the maiden representing my tribe the very cycle he died.
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 Orel dumped me on the neck of a horse and threw his body on the horse immediately, it happened very fast for him but I am sure that it is his usual speed he uses. The horse took off as I tried my best to stay on the saddle, at my struggle, he rearranged me on his horse and that should be impossible to achieve, I did not know how he did but I was too busy trying to remain in the saddle to worry about it. And that was when I realized, with Orel’s palm on my back that meant that he kept just one hand on the reins and the horse was moving so fast that I am sure it was like an arrow flying through the air.  “Stop struggling, you will not come to any harm, not under my watch.” He said gruffly but unlike in the fields, I was not reassured by
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  I woke up to the scent of meat drifting towards my nostrils, I don’t remember the last time I had food, good food to eat, not something rotten. I slowly sat up, only for me to see the food on a small stool which was close to the bed. I took the plate and tore into it with a lack of finesse that would have been troubling to me if I had cared then but all I was concerned with was getting my fill. I choked on a piece of meat which got stuck in my throat from the way I tried to shove food into my stomach without properly chewing. I looked around desperately for something to ease my pain and my eyes landed on the cup on the stool, I quickly down the water inside and continued to eat but this time with more care and less hurry.  When I was
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  When I came out of the tent after my bath the next morning as we prepared to leave, when Elison saw my hair, he nudge Orel then he looked at me too and frowned when he saw my hair.  “The hair of the women in my family has always been silver, I dye the hair to avoid stares and I haven’t washed the hair since before the hunt so the dye was still there.” I explained, Orel nodded at my explanation. “That explains why the hair on your body are invisible to light, I could feel them but I could not see them” Orel said as my eyes widened at his words then narrowed into slits when he chuckled at the affronted look which was on my face. It must have been comical enough for him because he did not stop laughing at once. His chuckles died down
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 Side note: Please read and comment. It will help this story go far. Thank you.  From what Orel told me on my way here I was suspecting Cale wife to be of questionable character and infuriating at worse, what I never suspected was that she was friends with the noble lady at the hunt, the one who was against Orel claiming me as his.  There is some tension between Orel and the lady and as much as I try to remember what happened, my mind remain blank which I am sure was because of the shock I was experiencing then.  Throughout the course of the meal, the two
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  I didn’t want to be anywhere near the noble women the next day but I didn’t have a choice, I needed to know the other wives of Orel fellow leaders, I just have to be present.  That didn’t mean that I would be the joke of meeting, I will not show any weakness again, if the ladies think they will be able to degrade me today, they will be shocked at who they will see. I walked into the morning room where everybody was gathered and as soon as I entered, the room dissolved to muttering as I gritted my teeth and walked into the room with a smile on my face. “Pray do tell me what so funny, I cannot wait to see if I can share it with my warlord.” I said breezily, immediately the s
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   “The jewels on this blade is worth the exact amount you are bargaining for the blade, Orel.” Cale said heatedly as I rolled my eyes, they have been arguing back and forth since for a blade that caught Orel eye, it was small for him and although it was my size, I doubt it was for me. It was too fanciful for my taste.  My eyes were on the small pair of thin like swords that will allow for throwing and at the same time for sword combats, I have been drawn to those blades since I set my sights on them, there was something about them that felt familiar, like they were meant to be mine.  “Themis, you see anything you like.” Orel said behind me as I gave a little jump, I was so lost staring at the twin swords that I didn’t noticed that they have stopped their arguments since or from the way Lord Cale was staring at me, I
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We got back to the settlement close to night, there was still enough light for Dyane to take her bath and wear a new dress, she was shocked when Orel chose the clothes for her instead of the jewelries and when she asked me why, I told her that it was because if Orel brought me another piece of jewelry again, I might be tempted to take his head off with my new pair of swords.  When she was done bathing, her skin glisten in the candle light inside the tent. And I told her so “The color of your skin is amazing.” She shrugged bashfully. “It was better than this when I had my herbs with me.”  “I would like to give you materials for your herbs but my husband is not too comfortable with you around medicine y
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I froze then slowly turned to him. “A man is almost dead and time of the essence and you are asking me that?” My tone was incredulous. “Yes.” Orel replied while I glared at him but the glare did not work.“If you don’t answer me quickly, not only his life is at danger. As time goes by, I am threatened to ride into the capital and kill a lot of people because this is clear that the snake was sent by someone who hates me. It is too rare to be seen here. Those things only grow in one place and I assure you that the place is far from the Dar Empire.” “The person don’t have to hate you, the person just need to be against your bride…” I whispered softly as Orel snorted.“Any harm to you is a harm to me, everybody knows this. You are my wife, my weakest link. Only those who seriously despise another goes after his wife. The person who did this just became my greatest enemy.” Orel explained passionate
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The messenger arrived in front of the merchant king home and refused to enter the house, requesting for the merchant king and when the merchant king arrived, the messenger then requested for his wife who came out too after much protest. The merchant king was confused about why the messenger didn’t want to enter his house but thought that he wanted to go back to the camp settlement as soon as possible, when his wife came out and he saw how pale she was. He started to suspect that something else was going on.“Warlady Themis, asked me to gift you this item, she wanted you to see it in your husband presence.” The messenger said as Lord Cale relaxed. It was just a gift.His wife was reluctant to open the package. “Be fast, I am sure that the messenger is in a hurry to leave, he would still be here to take your message of thanks back to the Warlady.” He snapped at his wife who slowly unwrapped the gift. What she saw made
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