Looking For Clara

Looking For Clara

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She was Clara! All she wanted was to treat her hospitalised mother who was diagnosed with cancer but it seems like she has to sell her dignity just to get the money she's looking for. So she signed up as a slut since her friend Jane had been persuading her about it. But deep down inside her, she was different. She didn't want to be anything like them so she came up with a plan! It was simple! She was going to get whoever she was to sleep with that night drunk and it work out. But little did she knows the consequences of what she had done! She scammed him that night! and now he's looking for her! she had put his life in great danger because of what she did that night. Little did she knew he was the great deadly Mafia man in town which names goes with.... DONOVAN WILSON

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38 Chapters
Who's Clara
Chapter 1 "Who's Clara?" A loud voice could be heard in the setting room filled with girls and there behold a beautiful innocent girl shivering at the mention of her name. "Is me ma'am!" an innocent looking girl with Mercury_red hair which tumbled over her shoulders could be seen standing up as her eyes caught glimpse of some girls who were giving her a dangerous gaze."I can see that you're new in this business, Please do have it in mind that you will be going out tonight! You've already been chosen by one of our clients". The woman's words echo intp her ears like a trumpet as she trembles in fear. She had already been chosen? Who's she going out with? She thought as she glared at her best friend Jane who was glaring at her with sympathy. Jane knew her conditions. She knew that Clara wasn't supposed to be here but she has no choice and this will be her Very first time of sleeping with someone as a slut. Is she really going to sell her body just to treat her hospitalized mother?
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The night
Looking for ClaraChapter 2Shiver runs down her spine on hearing the words "Donovan Wilson" the name does sound familiar to her, but she just can't remember where she heard the name From. "Ahhh hurry up!" He's currently waiting at the hotel for you! Madam Kim snapped at her thereby bringing her back to reality."He's waiting for me?" She shrugged back at her with fears written in her eyes. "Yes he is and you have to hurry up! He even sent someone to carry you to him". She was so nervous!! She was really nervous as she felt like giving up but she couldn't. It's not that easy for her. She entered the luxurious car which was waiting for her as the driver zoomed off immediately. Her mind came down a little as she glared at the driver. Whooping out her breathe. "Can I ask you a question?" She shrugged at the driver who was putting on a serious face like a soldier. "Sure, go ahead!" His three words were fast and his focus was on the car he was driving. "I hope you wouldn't mind me
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Chapter 3She pushed him out of her Body then waved her hands around his face to see if he was still Alive or the drugs had actually Killed him but nothing happened to him. He's just sleeping!She wore back her clothes immediately and tied back her messy hair which had shattered. She clutched hold of his bag which she had seen some money with earlier and then opened it. She couldn't scream neither could she shout but just exclaimed to herself deeply on seeing the bundle of dollars in his bag. God_ damn it!It seems like he was a God sent to her. Probably to remove her out of This poverty she's roaming with. What a wealthy man he was!She removed the gold wristwatch from his hand and put it in the bag. She collected his ATM card and put it as well then brought out the polythene bag which was folded in her bag then put everything inside. What a lucky day for her. For a while she glares at him just imagining how he will feel if he wakes up to find everything with him gone. But it's not h
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Looking for Clara Chapter 4Owen was so scared to hear them saying that as he found it so hard to believe. Their master wouldn't do that! He wouldn't instruct them to kill her or could it be that he wasn't in his right sense of mind when he make such statements to them? What was him thinking then? He thought just glaring at them in bewilderment. "But is she dead?" Is she really dead and are you sure about it?" Owen shrugged at them as one of them walked to the car to check her up but she was breathing slowly. There's probably a chance she could survive if operations were done on her. "She's still breathing slowly but she has lost a lot of blood" ohhh shit! Please try your best to call the doctor! She needs to be treated and you know the case right? The three of them weren't sure if they were to do what Owen had instructed them to do! Their master had failed them this time around and now Owen is commanding them to call the doctor so she can be treated! Is he really their master or
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Looking for ClaraChapter 5He was so Dumbfounded and frozen for a while as he didn't know the answer to his questions. "Tell me the truth Owen!!.... What happened to my sister? Why's she Laying there helplessly like someone who had given up the ghost?" "I'm sorry master, please forgive me!" Give me the time to explain myself. He shrugged at him as he calmed down a bit and walked towards doctor Bentley who looked so confused on what to do."Why are you just standing there?" Go treat my sister and make sure that she doesn't die! Make sure she stays Alive. He shouted at her. Making her shivering and shuddering. "Okay sir;I will try my best to see if I will be able to treat....." Try your best or you're going to make sure she recovers?" He gave her a resounding slap as her Brain came back to normal. "Yes sir", I will make sure she recovers very fast!" She obeyed his instructions as she bowed her head in Obeisance, her heart racing fast before him. "Good!" I will be awaiting your resul
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Looking for clara Chapter 6Clara went to break the News to madam Kim who found it so hard to believe. "Can you just tell me the reason why you're doing this now?" Why do you want to leave all of a sudden?! I've already put you on our online site and they're lot of rich men waiting to sleep with you! Do you actually realize what you're doing and the mistake you just cause?Madam Kim Shrugged at her as she nodded her head sadly. "I'm sorry ma'am but this is my decision and also my life! I do know what I'm doing! I don't think I can be one of your girls who f**k around with men just for money! I do hope you won't bother me again because I've given your money back to you. "Alright!" Just as you said, it's your choice! Now can you get the hell out of Here?? I never want to set my eyes on you again". Kim Bellowed at her. Very angry and blaming himself on the reason why she had trusted her in the first place. People were just murmuring about her as she walked away. She was on her way to
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The two Mafia bosses
Looking for ClaraChapter 7"Why have you suddenly turned?" Where are you taking me to?" Clara shrugged at the driver who she had entered his taxi car. " just keep quiet if you don't wish to die because I can kill you Right now without being given the order to do that. The driver Guy Shrugged at her as she kept muttering, just shivering inside of her. Where's he Taking her to?" What has she done this time around to this guy? Could it be that it was Donovan who had sent someone to get her?" She knew he was wealthy and nothing was impossible for him to do. "Just keep quiet!" The driver bellowed at her as they finally got to one afforested road. The car was put to an halt as the driver ordered her to get out of the car. Not quite long, a guy in his twenties approached them with some dollars in his hand which he later gave to the driver. "Thank you very much!" It was nice cooperating with you. Clara, on understanding what was happening, decided to run away but she was caught by the g
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Looking For Clara Chapter 8Clara glared at the two of them for a while, so very confused. "Just get your hands off me!" She bellowed at them as they let go of her. "You're wasting my time Clara! Get in this car and get the hell out of here before I Lose my temple. Donovan roars at her as she scoffs."Okay; I've already decided who I'm going to follow between the two of you and I'm going with Beckham! "I can see how evil you are and Apart from that I've been hearing a lot of things about you! How you kill innocent people so I'm just going to cooperate with you right now Donovan". She uttered with all seriousness as he smirked as usual."So this is how our deal goes; I'm going to give you back the money I stole from you and you have to give me back my grandmother! After that I'm sure we wouldn't have to cross paths with each other again. Donovan was really so angry that he couldn't hold himself from hitting and pulling her hair. "Do you have a dead wish? "Let go of me!" She cried out
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Looking For ClaraChapter 9"How's my sister now?" Donovan Shrugged at Bentley who was about to go home. "She's recovering fast! You can go check her up. Alright! Thanks! For the first time, Donovan actually thanked her. "I'm happy that I was able to save her! She uttered as he Scoffed. "I hope you know the deal?" You aren't backing down any time and you always have to show up whenever we need you for an emergency."I will try to keep to your command sir!" She uttered and bowed her head in Obeisance before walking away. Ohh finally, she's free from his grip now.Donovan went to the Sickbay room and found her up. "Brother!!!.... Kelly exclaimed excitedly as she wanted to stand up and hug him but Donovan didn't let her do such a thing. "Please don't worry, sit down! "How are you feeling now?"Lots better although I still feel some slight pain in my shoulder", that reminds me brother; I know the time when Beckham called. But why did you give him the order to kill me ? Why did you do that
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Looking For ClaraChapter 10"What's your plan for her?" Owen asks as she simpers. "You don't have to know about that okay!" What do you think I will do to her immediately when I get hold of her?" He questions him as he sighed. "I don't know but just be careful not to kill her!" She's already my master little slut."Tell me more of this!" What has been happening ever since I was away?" Kelly asks as she makes her way out of the sickbay while Owen follows her. "Nothing changes at all! Everything had been the same way it was!Just then, she heard the sound of someone screaming and she wouldn't hesitate to check who that person was. On getting there, one of them were torturing the old women who was old enough to be her grandmother."What sin has she committed?" She shrugged at the guy who seems to have stopped on sighting her. "She's Clara's grandmother and master has taken her in exchange for her"."That's better!" This assures me that she will be coming here if she cares about her gran
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