Lost In The Middle of Nowhere

Lost In The Middle of Nowhere

By:  Gee - Gee  Ongoing
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In every love story, there's always a vengeful and venomous ex who was engaged to the wealthy and handsome CEO that fell for the poor, but gentle and innocent female lead. In the CEO's greed for the new female lead's affection, he broke her heart and drove her to the brink of insanity, all in the name of love and consideration for his new partner. No one ever cared about how the ex felt. Ariana Montmorency, a British Heiress, was prepped her entire life to marry one man, but suddenly, his heart was captured by another and everything went wrong. She was scorned, destroyed and disowned by everyone she knew after all the sacrifices she made for the man she loved. It took 365 days and a harsh awakening for her to finally understand her past mistakes and now it was time for her to be the female lead of her own story. ••••••• Elliot Navarro and Ariana Montmorency. The King of the Business Empire and the Fallen Heiress. Incredibly wealthy and powerful, yet ruthlessly cold and unforgiving, not a single soul dared to offend Elliot Navarro. Many have tried, but none had succeeded in gaining his attention. That is, until his path unexpectedly collides with the British Heiress. He turned her world upside down from painful to painless and she changes his world from unstable to stable. While they seem like a match made in heaven, what is a love story without disturbance? Challenges will arise, chaos will commence, and drama will ensue and it's a test of whether two halves can make a whole and remain whole.

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Liza May Arcillas
I want the love story to begun and Elliot will find out that Ariana is the ceo
2022-05-15 09:06:34
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Liza May Arcillas
Update pls
2022-05-15 09:05:50
user avatar
Chenise Jenkins
when will you update next?
2022-04-30 12:58:25
14 Chapters
When did it all go wrong?"Stephan, wait, listen to me, please—"BANG!
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Chapter I
"Haha, all those expensive outfits and I heard she stepped out of a taxi.""Who does she think she is, wearing the latest clothes when her credit cards were all blocked?""I'm surprised she's even able to buy those brands. Wasn't she blacklisted by her mother from a few designer stores?""Hmph, she probably had to ask someone to buy it for her. How shameful!"If she heard any of the gossips about her, Ariana didn't show any signs of it having an effect on her. She kept her eyes focused on the screen of her phone, scrolling through the list of 'What's New' on Fashion Nova with an indifferent expression. If it had been anyone else, they would've cracked severely while facing the endless pressure and criticism she had to endure, but something inside her fought to hold on.The crown might have fallen, she hadn't.Besides, she didn't have time to engage in their mindless chatter and gossip. If she wanted to, she could instantly snap back and put all of them to shame, but she was too hungry
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Chapter II
From Quinn's sobbing and look of helplessness, Ariana deemed that the absurd situation was actually possible. The hospital actually ran out of blood! Knowing Quinn, the petty actress was definitely going to complain to her parents.After composing herself with a few shaky breaths, Quinn pulled away and wiped her eyes. "I know this is a super weird question but—""I already know what you're asking and you didn't really have to ask." Ariana waved her hand dismissively. "I'm more than willing to give the blood."Quinn's eyes lit up in glee, jumping up and down in excitement. "Really?! You're the best, Ria!"Ariana laughed at the energizer bunny she called her best friend. There was barely anything she wouldn't do for her best friend. Quinn turned towards one of her bodyguards and gave a quick order."Ria is here and she said she'll donate the blood. Hurry, get the doctor, and get everything ready.""Yes, Young Miss!"With a curt nod of his head, the man hurried down the corridor to carry
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Chapter III
After Talon had readily agreed to the plan within the span of three seconds, Ariana know she was cornered by the Navarro siblings with no where to run to. Thankfully, before she could be dragged further into Quinn's scheme's, the actress was whisked away by her parents who called and asked her to go back to the hospital since they had just arrived and they wanted to check up on their eldest son. Before she left, Quinn ensured to leave enough money to split the bill in half. Ariana polished off the last of her wrap and fries before paying the bill and leaving. By the time she got home, she was too tired to do anything so after her night routine, she threw herself on the bed and fell asleep in less than a minute. •••••The next morning, Ariana found herself hailing a cab and giving the driver the address to her father's house outside of the city. Usually, the cabs didn't travel so far out but the hefty tip into the jar was enough to willing make him take her anywhere. Heck, if she wan
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Chapter IV
Get a job, huh?Ariana smiled as she watched her father leave the sun room. She didn't need to find one, she had one already. It occurred to her that her secret was still safe and she breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly a familiar song started playing. Ariana reached into her purse to pull out her cell phone. A small rush of panic flowed through her when she saw the caller ID. The last time she saw the caller ID, it was bad news. She crossed her fingers with the hope of it being some form of good news this time."Hello?" She answered hesitantly."Why do you always pick up on the fourth ring? Why not the first or second? I know the little hermit doesn't have a life." Quinn's teasing voice came through the phone.Hearing the laughter and excitement in her friend's voice, Ariana relaxed and chuckled lightly. Her friendship with Quinn was not only built on years of trust and making it through the rough and toughs, but it was also built on constantly teasing and joking with each other. Not
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Chapter V
Over the next few days, Ariana kept herself busy. Her father called her in a number of times to review the other proposals which came in and she spent at least three days doing so. The rest of her time was spent at her secret job. Since her days were busy, it kept her distracted from reality but the second she set foot into her lonely apartment, she would be instantly reminded of everything which went wrong in her life.Between her constant plague of nightmares, she barely managed to get a wink of sleep and when she finally did, she found herself sitting in her father's jet on her way to London for her sister's birthday party.The party was expected to start at 7:30 p.m. and Ariana had arrived in London at 6:15 p.m., meaning she had an hour and some to get to the venue before she was considered late. The flight was quite lengthy so her father made arrangement for a team of personal stylist to accompany Ariana. The glam team got to work three hours before they were expected to land in H
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Chapter VI
A chill spread through the air at the sound of the deep baritone voice laced with a thick foreign accent. Everyone was so focused on the argument that they were unaware of the tall handsome young man who stepped into the room. Strolling into the room dressed in a black three piece suit with a black tie, his jacket loosely hanging off his shoulders and the sleeves effortlessly swaying as he walked, was none other than the King Pin himself, Elliot.Elliot's long legs carried him from the entrance of the banquet hall towards the center of the room where Ariana was standing with a angry expression in her eyes. Hearing the stone cold voice, Stephan blinked in a daze, questioning whether or not the voice really belonged to who he thought it was."What is going on here?" Elliot didn't bother to look in Stephan or Sofia's direction, his gaze solely focused on the emerald eyed heiress.He had not seen her since she stomped out of the hospital room fuming at him two weeks ago. Instead of being a
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Chapter VII
"Is this twenty-three year old business tycoon, Elliot Navarro's girlfriend?""Breaking news: King Pin Elliot Navarro spotted leaving the banquet of Seraphina Montmorency with his girlfriend Ariana Montmorency at his side!""Is there romance in the air? Ariana Montmorency and Elliot Navarro leave the birthday banquet together through the back entrance!""How many days until the wedding?!"It had barely been two days yet the internet showed no signs of letting the incident at Seraphina's birthday banquet lay to rest.The expensive attire worn by the guests and the shocking appearances of the rarest celebrities barely made headlines for more than three hours before a few photos suddenly surfaced on one of the popular media blogs.And then there was chaos.The extravagant details of the banquet and the jaw dropping guest list was long forgotten as the media flew into a whirlwind and two of the least expected people became the most searched topic for the next 48 hours.And as expected, the
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Chapter VIII
If Ariana had known that Quinn and Talon had joined heads to scheme and pair her with the ruthless King Pin, she would have found every excuse under the sun to avoid meeting Quinn the next day.Standing in her bathroom, she quickly replied to Quinn's iMessage before dropping her phone on a counter a distance away from her. She pulled her silky black Chanel bathrobe tighter around her before reaching for her makeup bag. She had an important meeting that morning so she had to ensure she looked good, even though she wasn't one for wearing much make-up.Fifteen minutes later, she gave her face a satisfying once over before packing everything back into her makeup bag. Leaving her bathroom, she ventured back into her closet to choose something to wear. She settled on a black long-sleeved turtle neck dress which stopped at her knees. She paired it with a red mid-thigh boyfriend blazer, leaving her hair down and slipping her feet into a pair of strapped black heels.On her way out the closet,
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Chapter IX
After eating, the girls decided to make their final run through the mall before parting ways. Quinn had volunteered for her driver to drop Ariana home after she dropped out at the studio but Ariana declined. She planned to hail a cab back to her apartment. Taking out her phone to check her messages while she walked, her eyes bulged when she saw the amount of missed calls from her father.Her father had been in Syndey for an extra week since the banquet so his calls signaled that he had just landed in Melbourne and his personal security had informed him of the headlines he had missed.Oh how peachy!Ariana gulped nervously. While her father wasn't as strict as most, he definitely put the 'protect' in overprotective! Ariana didn't usually walk around with her bodyguards
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