Love Is Never Old

Love Is Never Old

By:  Kiera Barker  Ongoing
Language: English
5 ratings
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Aurora was sheltered her whole life, knowing she was different. Being forced to mate the alpha's son was the least of her worries. After her first shift, she discovers that not only does she belong to an ancient race of guardians but she is also the mate of a dragon. Drake grew up fighting, training to be the best. As the future dragon alpha, he had to be. The worst thing he had to deal with were the wolves that bordered their land. When he finds one in trouble, he can't help but to try and save her. When he learns she is his mate, he's fearful yet excited. Her uncle, leader of the guardians, come to claim her. Will Drake put aside his fears of mating her and convince her to stay or will he forever lose his only mate?

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Yaya veperez
is this book complete?
2022-03-27 03:48:40
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Jazsime Angeles
Loving this book saving my coins so I can buy all the chapters ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
2021-04-11 18:48:00
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Lucy Lou
really good book. can't wait for more chapters
2021-02-06 13:08:32
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Kiera Barker
this book is one of the first supernatural books I've done and it has done better than I ever could have imagined. thank you all for your support.
2021-01-25 07:29:19
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Jarrod Young
really good book
2021-01-14 10:35:13
22 Chapters
Little Wolf
When I was born, my family fled the little town we were from. Humans started hunting us. Father took us to France, so we could be safe. Most of the time, we were. Mother and father ran from their pack when it was forbidden to do so. The others hunted us. I remember that night. I was eight. My sister, Aveline, held me close in the secret room. Josh, my brother, stood in the room while my parents were outside. All I heard was gunshots ringing in the air. I think I fainted because I woke up sometime later with Aveline holding me. Josh was in front of us and there was a man in front of him. He wants us to go with him, wants Josh to stand in my father’s place with the pack.
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A Pack To Call Home
We waited for Aveline for three days, hoping she returns soon. Our deadline is falling closer. On the morning of the fourth day, Aveline walked to the cabin with another wolf, a male. She and the male sit on the couch as he explains everything. “My name is Blake. I met Aveline a few years ago while on a run. I knew immediately she was my mate. I waited for her and begged her to complete the mating bond I knew was there, but she refused. Always saying how she must protect her family. Four days ago, she came to me saying she was ready to complete the bond. I asked her what changed, and she said nothing, she was still protecting her family. Then she told me what happened and the significance of Aurora. I will come with you and my brother, alfa of our pack has agr
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He was born as the prince of his kind. An ancient species of shifters that were believed to be dead. He knew he would take his father’s place as alfa one day but always regretted it. He knew he would have to take a mate and continue the bloodline, but he has met all the females in his clan and none of them connected with him. He grew up as a soldier, to be hard in everything. After his mother died, it was all he had for his father had grown cold to everyone. He continued his duty as alfa and Drake knew it would be him one day. Other shifters knew about them, but none more than their neighbors. The crescent wolf pack. Their territory borders theirs and the wolves always tried for more. Patrols were necessary due to the wolves trying to hunt over the border. Drake knew he had much to prove, especially since his father was not a born alfa, he fought for it and won. His mother, S
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A Child Mate
Once they got there, Drake found it very crowded. He followed his father as they waited to greet Markus. Once it was their turn, Markus greeted Samuel like an old friend. “Sam, I am glad you could make it.”“We wouldn’t miss an event such as this. The next one may not be in my lifetime.”“You
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Markus introduced Aurora to everyone and sure enough, Rafe was almost glued to her side. Every time Rafe touched her, she winced and Drake saw red. He kept his temper in check. It was unheard of for a dragon and a wolf to mate. She was no ordinary wolf. She was the white wolf and she was half Ascendant. He knew he would do anything to keep her safe. As the meal progressed, Drake got angrier seeing what Rafe was doing. Finally, he had to get up and walk away before he ripped his throat out. When it was time to mingle, all she wanted to do was go home. Rafe eventually left her side and she immediately went looking for Josh or Aveline. Instead, she found Drake. She walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder.
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A Possible Threat
For about two years, Aurora trained with her uncle. The sessions were getting more intense. Rafe was trying to force himself on her. One of the other trainees had to play Rafe and not back down. Able was stronger than her, but so was Rafe. When she was knocked on her ass again, Dominik helped her up.“You cannot fail at this. If Able were really Rafe, he’d be inside you already. Do better.”“I’m trying. It’s not exactly easy.”“It’s not supposed to be. I’m not letting you back u
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True Mate
On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Rafe greeted her at the door to escort her. She accepted but led her away from town. As soon as they were in the clearing, he acted.“You are mine. Do you understand? Mine, not Drake’s.”She fought him off easily thanks to her training which surprised him. She could smell Drake in the distance and decided to go for him. She reached out to him as she shifted and ran for him. Rafe shifted and gave chase. As she crossed the border into the dragon lands, she stopped and spun around to find Rafe would not cross. Drake walked up, seeing the two wolves snarling at each other. He knew Aurora but felt
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Everyone was tense to be around Drake, ever since the day she left. Drake was like another person. He trained harder and was fiercer. Before, Rafe would’ve challenged him. Now, you’d have to be an idiot to challenge Drake. He was mean, dark, and ruthless. Rafe was sure if Aurora came home, she’d want him. Every day that passed and he couldn’t feel her, he grew stronger from forcing himself to train harder. Everyone thought it was to keep his mind off her. Little did they know, he was distracting himself. It’s his fault she left. She knew he loved her, but because he didn’t want to try to complete the mating bond, she left. He hoped as time went by, she’d forgive him and come back. Now, a year has passed. She’d be seventeen now and no one has seen her.
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Drake went home more confused than ever. Would she come back to him? She has a whole new outlook than just this piece of land. He wanted to write her back but had so many questions. Did he even know her anymore? When he got home, his father asked to see him.“Son, I need to speak with you.”“What is it?”“I assume you went and saw Markus. Did he tell what you wanted to know?”“I do
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Aurora began to cry as she knew she would have to tell him what has happened. Michelle came in to check on her and found her a mess on the floor. She read Drake’s letter and hugged her closest friend. “You have to tell him.”“I don’t want to. I don’t want to go through with it.”“It’s the only way Rafe won’t retaliate. He still has your brother and sister.”
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