Love Letter

Love Letter

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Wish we had a bit more time to explore this thing between us. Sincerely, Micah. Micah know of the cliche, best friends falling in love and all that but still he couldn't help himself when he fell for Alyssa, his sweet best friend that currently has her world crumbling around her and needs him as a teether. That teether he was when she got herself back together and when he wrote his letter. That teether he was when she realized her feelings for him, sadly Micah has a secret that prevents them from being together. Somethings are just not meant to be, no matter how right they are.

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45 Chapters
   Micah pov  I can still remembered the day I met Alyssa, in my parents restaurant celebrating her birthday, holding court at the head of the table while her parents snaps pictures of her. Right then, I knew that we were from two different worlds, hers was all glittery and shiny and mine was all normal and mundane. That didn't stop the connection that happened between us, it couldn't hold it, even from different class in life, fate, that annoying bitch did everything to make us meet.    Maybe you would not agree with me but of all types of food she could crave for, she chose that day to crave for Mexican, for all restaurants, she could have chosen to host her birthday breakfast, she chose mine and even with all that, I was in a corner watching the rich kids have fun while I cleaned a table, her favorite present so far * she had about hundreds to still open* happened to fall and roll in m
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Micah pov. Today was a weird day. Sure, it started like any other day, I wake up to the shouts and screams of my siblings, Celine and Matthew who are 14 and 13 respectively but they act as if they are in their pre-teens instead of teenage years. I am sure that my parents must be feeling glad. They would take those two acting childish any day rather than doing drugs and if you ask me I think I would keep quiet so that my answer will not incriminate me but between two of us. I would prefer the drugs at least I can sleep in then. After standing up, I hold on to my head board as the dizzy feeling swept past me, even that is turning into a normal routine. It has been happening for about three months now and I know I should go for checkup but I have been busy and didn't have time to. Anyway, as always I took a shower and wash my hair. I wash my hair twice weekly and although Alyssa will wrinkle her cute nose about that fac
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  Alyssa pov.  I know for certain that I have been a positive girl all my life. I know I was a little spoilt when I was younger *okay maybe a lot spoilt* and I know that my world was at my fingertips. I know all these things because my parents always ensure that I have the best of everything I ever wanted. So what if it made me a little spoilt or can't I be a positive girl when there is no real reason for me not to be one and don't get me started on my world I was queen and I ruled it and now I don't. As simple as that, it is was horrible to learn that I was living in a fairytale and now I have been jolted and taken to the real world. My life feels like it is not mine to live any more. I feel like stumping my feet and saying I want to go back to my life but that is just going to be me throwing a tantrum and in the real life. People who throw tantrums are not taken seriously and are ignored. Why did my life take this ugly turn? I
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 Alyssa pov.   Micah did come, at the same time he always came to my house in the morning then we would spend the whole day in my house doing whatever we do to past time but be in each other company. Today was his turn to choose what we should do. Yesterday it was mine and I made him give me a manicure and pedicure and he begged me that when he finally have a girlfriend that I should not tell her that he is a pro at girls stuff because he does not ever want to do that again. I reminded him that next week he has to do it again and he grumbled but agreed saying that it is just me and that he wants to keep it that way. He do not want the number of girls to increase to two so he made me promise and I agreed.   Now it is his turn I am sure that he would make me do something completely embarrassing, he always does after my manicure and pedicure day. It is not as if I cannot afford to get it done at a proper
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 Micah pov I can't believe that about Alyssa parents even if I saw her father acting broken, I refused to believe it. It just isn't possible. They were one of the forever couples I knew about. One of the only two. My parents being the other. I know that anything can happen even a tragedy as big as this but come on. This is Alyssa life we are talking about, her world. Everything has to be perfect and under her control.   It isn't possible any other way.   Any way whatever happens, I am here for her, I will always be here for her. To the best of my capabilities. She is too sad for my liking, I hate to see tears in her eyes, and I hate to see sadness in there. I have to remove her mind from what is going on around her. And I told her just that.    Hey remove your mind from that okay.    Where would I put my mind instead? She asked with her hands folded acr
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  Alyssa pov.  I wish that Micah could spend the whole day with me but he can't he has to go pick up his sister and brother from their friends place where his mother dropped them off four hours earlier when they finally got on her last nerves.   I certainly don't want to go back to that house, not anytime soon and even if I go, I don't think I want to be sober when I do it. Then again I have never drank to the point of inebriated before so I might as well get that experience before I move to college. That reminds me. I have to ask Micah if he has made his choice on colleges yet. I know that he might not be able to get in an Ivy League college but because of his athletic championships he has been winning since he was twelve, he has a wide range of schools to choose from. He needs to make his choice and I need to tell my parents my own choice. I guess it is just parent now since my father is the only one aro
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 Alyssa pov    Where to, Miss." the cab man asked me when my sobs reduced.    Far away from this place. As far away as possible. I replied through my tears.   What about the park close to town council hall. " he asks quietly. I know that right now he is talking softly because he recognized what is going on. He saw the bastard on his side view mirror and he knows from my tears that I was the girlfriend. Yes please. I answered in a low tone. My life is turning into a typical cliché story. What is remaining is that I fall in love with either my best friend, Jake best friend or the school bad boy then we get married and live happily ever after. The end.    I can't deal with this. I just cannot. This day is too horrible for me. It has just been too horrible. Wait... did Micah know about this, is that why he wa
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  Micah pov   I have been searching for Alyssa for about an hour now. Driving with top speed to get to our favorite spots where we hang out but I didn't see her there. I stop and sat down, * use your brain and think this boy, stop acting like you are insane. Alyssa is your best friend, you know her better than you know anyone else. Where would she go since she had her heart broken?  What would she do? * I am supposed to even know how she would think dammit.     I need to calm down, I can do this if I just calm down. I slowed down my breathing as I try to think with a clear head, pushing all the worries that have been swimming in my head so fiercely that if me brink I can see them behind my eyelids. She must have been in a situation where she couldn't think and that would have made the taxi man to drop her off in an extremely popular place. I paused that flow. That would be what
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 Alyssa pov. Waking up to shouting is not a good way for someone with a hangover. My head was banging and pounding as if they were trying do an operation on it without giving me morphine. I groaned as I sat up in the bed and when I could finally open my eyes without closing it back because of the brightness, I looked around at the room I slept. Sure, I remember last night, the important details like I was dropped off in a park, I drank myself to oblivion, I woke up at night to discover I am alone and I started crying and as he heard my cries he appeared and was there with me. He took me home and dropped me in this room.    I don't need to be a psychic to know that Micah will be pissed at me. I don't know what I did but I know that it was something stupid. I know this because the only part of our conversation I can remember was when he was calling me daft for thinking about something. * Oh Alyssa, when will you realized
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  Micah pov.  Alyssa makes me so mad. Why is she so annoying at times. Sometimes I feel like taking her head off but I know that if I near her I would just kiss her silly. That is me for you. A lovesick boy who is hopelessly in love with his best friend, had been for about four years now. Had known that she was the only one for me for about two years now and I sat still, said nothing about my feelings while she went out and started to date a boy I certainly knew will hurt her. Why did I do something like that? My own heartbreak is not funny one bit. If I could go back in time, I would go back to a year ago when Jake came into her life and the punch I gave him yesterday would have been done then, I would have warned the cheating asshole to stay away from my best friend and I would have told my best friend about my feelings for her in a grand way. I would have made Tiffany to stay away from the squad and I would have made her parents
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