Love, Third

Love, Third

By:  sigmaxx  Ongoing
Language: English
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Since day one, Shen has never been so fascinated by the bouquet of red roses and box of chocolates that always appear at the gate of her apartment every evening. Thinking it was just only nearby to her, or someone she knew, she didn't put any attention onto it. Not until a crime happened in Metro whose main suspect is a secret admirer, she became eager to find all the possible answers that may lead to the true identity of her mysterious secret admirer.

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4 Chapters
THE room in its dim lights were filled with their sensual moans as he kept on thrusting his entire being to her, up and down. The softness of her makes his whole system wanting to scream for ecstasy. He always dreamed of her. And now, they shared the most wonderful night he ever had. She swayed her body under him in a sensual way. He looked at her face. Her beauty that keeps him locked upon it. Hypnotising his mentality, telling him not to stop for what he's doing. For what they're doing.Fuck! I'm sweating like a sauna! He licked her neck and made her scream silently. Even the scratches at his back from her long nails gives him an indescribable feeling. "Shen..." he suddenly uttered in between their passionate kisses. The woman moaned even more in pleasure when he accelerated his movement on top of her.He hardly pushed himself to her as fast as he could. He's so near! He can feel it again. He can feel again that exciting explosion that is about to come out of him. He kept on movi
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Chapter 1
"A dead body of a suspected rape victim was found here at Hotel Krista this morning at eight o'clock. This is the fourth dead body that has been found in the said hotel. Right now, the investigation into the said crime is still ongoing..."She pressed the T.V. remote to change the channel. She had already had a stressful day and she didn't want other things to think about.She harshly leaned to the couch as she crossed her arms. That Kristie! She couldn't help but snarl at her co-worker everytime she remembered what happened earlier.Her phone rang and fished it out from her pocket. She heaved a sigh and answered the call without even looking at it. "Yes?""Girl, what's up? How are you?" "Really, Stephen?" she asked mockingly when the caller spoke loudly. She rolled her eyes. She violently grabbed the popcorn that was on the centre table and filled her mouth with it without hesitation."Fine! You're not good. Why didn't you speak earlier?" Stephen said, referring to what happened in
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Chapter 2
THE next day, Shen went to work early. She would probably be more competitive if it wasn't about Kristie. That day, she's bored, like she just wants to sleep the whole day. As soon as she stepped into the entrance of the building, the figure of Kristie presenting her idea to Sir Spade, right on her face, automatically played in her mind.She walked fast to the elevator, ignoring the loud sound of her black pumps hitting the marble floor. She hardly pressed the up button, as if all her anger had been poured to that for the morning. It lasted a few minutes before the elevator opened.Even if she gets old, she won't forget what Kristie did — if she can prove that her suspicions were right. She really wanted to be promoted at work. And that idea of hers might be her chance to have a better position in Brooch.She's about to press the number four button after entering when someone stopped the door from closing. She heaved a very deep breath when Diego entered the elevator."Good morning, S
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Chapter 3
Some employees were delighted to see the man walking beside Kristie to the left side of the lobby. Shen's gaze followed them as the two passed by to the cafeteria. One of the bosses, Ace Amelincx, really exudes an oozing aura. The brother of their CEO, Spade.She really couldn't understand why her co-workers seemed head over heels to that man. Like Spade, Ace also looks normal. He seems tidy, too."What's up with them?" Diego asked in surprise when the two completely disappeared from their sight."Maybe they have a new investor?" Stephen answered. "Kristie is with Sir Ace, eh. So, maybe there will be a meeting with the board."She rolled her eyes upon hearing Kristie's name. That woman really has the ability to annoy her all the time."Kristie is great, isn't she? Multi tasker," Stephen complimented the woman when they were seated near the glass wall of the cafeteria. "A Chief Marketing Executive, and also looks like an Executive Assistant whenever she's with Sir Spade. For sure she w
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