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When an emotionally unstable teenager finds himself tumultuously falling in love, with her, the owner of the voice in his head.

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39 Chapters
BY ONYEMAOBI-when an emotionally unstable human finds himself tumultuously falling in love, with her, the owner of the voice in his head.*A voice in your head can mean a lot of things- it could be your conscience, a divine intervention or,-it could be the lingering whispers of someone you lost. someone you loved.A memory that comes attached with grief. A voice in your head could come rigid or softly and it could sometimes mean madness.Insanity.*Inspired by an episode of the twilight zone, this fictionalized mystery dives into the head of Zach Dempsey--an emotionally unstable teenage on his journey through this life he didn’t think he deserved.Until he met her, or the sound of her voice. Another voice in his head that managed to catch his converging attention--and a voice that he was convinced
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Thanks for checking out this book.A chapter dedicated to your support as well as your very well received suggestions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No part of this book may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted--in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods--without ofc, the prior written permission of the author, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews--and certain other noncommercial uses that are permitted. SCHEDULEall chapters to be posted on 05-07-20AUTHOR'S NOTEDo know that, your lovely comments and constructive criticism are welcomed--and ofc, some votes are well appreciated. Hate comments gets reciprocated here and that bas
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00: people see what they want to see. ×A voice in your head can mean a lot of things--it could be your conscience, a divine interaction, or it could be the lingering whispers of someone you knew.Someone you lost. A memory that comes attached with grief. A voice in your head could come rigid or softly and it could sometimes mean a step towards insanity. Madness. ×RENNÉ, PARIS. There was the tower, that rose above the ground in the smearing colors by the night and the risen beauty by day--there were the birds that made only the music that pleased their ears -the chirping in the evergreen trees of Renné. There were these beautiful things that stood out, that made the city a lot brighter- all of which Zach Harrison Dempsey hated so much. Sl
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01: no one's just good or bad, everyone is both. ×The voices in your head could be threatening--leading you back to question your sanity. Leading the people around you to fear that you've drifted so far.But the voice could be what drifts you closer, not only to understand yourself. But closer to an idea of who you are meant to be.And only you. Only you can understand that.×Zach was not a normal boy, and he knew it. Tyler too.And his mother.They all knew he was fragile. Very easy to be broken but they didn't know what he would do if ever he was.He didn't know either. Until then, he was. And what had become of him would only be frightening. He looked into the mirror, one of the very seldom times--at the reflection of himself, his large t-shirt that dropped closel
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02: there's hardly a line, these days, between what's real and what is not. ×To some people, it's a gift. Hearing voices is a gift. A divine interaction with the supreme being. God. But to others, it's what they fear the most, that they have lost it. They've lost all their sanity. Others like Zach. ×disclaimer: depiction of self hate and self harmHis legs brushed the ground as his back leaned against the door to the janitor's closet he had only just uncovered. He sniffled, holding in the tears as he reached for his phone in his pocket, dialing his mother immediately. His mother, you could call him a child but the truth is we all have that one person we fall back to, our support system and to Zach--it was his mother. But she didn't pick up. She couldn't p
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03: the things he hated, he destroyed. ×A shrink.They'll always find that way to sugarcoat- crazy. Is it a disorder? Is it spiritual? Or is it a gift?There're there to test the extent-- the vague boundary line between the normalcy of things and that crazy. The truth is no one could ever tell. Except you.×THREE YEARS AGO "Tyler""Tyler. Wake up" I clasped his arm, shaking him vigorously to wake him up whilst his blood smeared unto my hands and my clothes as I looked to father and then at his closed eyes. The wild sirens blew alarmingly around the houses before it suddenly began to fade in my ears. "Its all your fault" He spat as i looked to my bloody hands in terror and then at my father. "You killed him""You killed him!" His
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04: the voices that infiltrates an idle mind. ×-and how did these voices start? How do they stop? How do you end it? Perhaps the only way is ending you...Where they the voices of those you grieved? The voices you created in your head to suppress those emotions you don't want to feel.Was there a spiritual meaning to all of this? And was it all real?Questions you ask yourself, and only questions you can answer.×disclaimer: strong language, suicidal intentions. From a young age, Zachary was troubled, according to his several primary teachers--because they saw in him, the traits they didn't see in another. Regina knew. Denver, his father knew also. He had once had a gun, under his father's name and threatened to use it on himself when he was much you
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05: there are somethings, one can't recover from. ×You can be a lot of things. And still be nothing at all-Zach was, alot of things, -none of which was just normal. They both weren't. ×disclaimer: intense/sensitive events. OURAY, COLORADO. From a young age, Zachary was troubled, according to his several primary teachers--because they saw in him, the traits they didn't see in another. Regina knew. Denver, his father knew also. He had once had a gun, under his father's name and threatened to use it on himself when he was younger. He struggled with a lot of things. Depression. Anxiety. And they knew. And he was to live by that. When they looked at him now, they only saw the trouble, the wo
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06: it wasn't her, that made him alot better. ×To what extent that one's fragile mental health be pushed--to what point do you realize the crazy other people see, to realize that you need help? Is it the point you start hearing the voices in your head, or the point, you start falling in love with it?×'why are you in my head?' 'you're in my head. You're all i hear' Irene replied. Zachary climbed into his bed, pulling his covers to him with an exhausted sigh. His gaze fixed at the ceiling as he conversed with this voice in his head. 'why did you say it was complicated? That you couldn't tell me who you really were?' Zach asked and she took a long pause. 'where are you from' You could tell Zach was alot relaxed as his hands rested on his belly, awaiting her reply. 'You sure ask a
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07: a call to a beckoning connection. ×they say for each one, to each one, there's another.To each soul, there's another. Longing. Desperate to find each other. But could this go as far as the voices in your head--perhaps it was a call to a beckoning connection. A firm, scary call for each other.×His hands gripped the handle to his blue locker that had only recently been spray painted with his trade mark nickname--fatty zakky. "Hey" Amy popped from beneath surprisingly with a smile, almost startling him to drop his books. He remembered that in these times, times like when he saw the hilarious bathroom graffiti of a nude him, that if there was anything he was learning from Amy--it was not to give half a fuck. She would show
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