Love Thy Hellhound

Love Thy Hellhound

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The last thing that Mordecai Feyfyre thought would happen was finding out his origins were a lie. After a unfortunate night where he lost his father and was tossed to his long thought dead mother his life changes. Once thought a werewolf, he is now a hellhound. A wolf spirit with the unavoidable destiny of keeping order in the world and highly sought after by the were council. Years later when his mother betrays him, he's forced into the arms of the one person his father trusted - Gideon Krause. A hellhound determined to bring down the council and restore order to their chaotic world. A man with a brutal past that chills their kind to the bone. The biggest thing he didn't expect? Finding his mate. ----------------------------------- BOOK TWO OF SERIES. CAN BE READ AS STANDALONE IF WANTED.

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Lana Hines
do not bother reading author stopped updating Midway through the book and it has no ending don't wish the time or money
2022-08-16 03:17:51
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Lana Hines
love the story then Arthur just stopped updating and came back updated one chapter and stopped updating again was a awesome book but there is no ending and it ends on a cliffhanger
2022-08-11 21:38:16
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This is an in depth, get lost until you finish the very last chapter book! Great storyline and fabulous characters, a truly enticing read......️...
2022-08-05 11:32:42
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1 - The Fae
MORDECAI   Living amongst the fae was hard for me to get used to. Even after four years I was finding it hard to adjust. I was so used to being a wolf that taming my wilder instincts made it nearly impossible to make friends at first.   The fae were very reserved and proud
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2 - The Wolf
GIDEON   "You're not getting any younger," my father stared me down from the other side of my desk. He had his large arms crossed over his broad chest like he always did when we had one of these conversations.   I was currently staring at the many photos and files he'd lain out across my desktop. Pictures of men
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3 - Reluctant
MORDECAI   Ashton and I had spent the rest of the day planning how it was exactly we were going to leave the veil of the fae. The gate was rarely opened for people to leave unless you were a trader or invited in. It left us little opportunity to sneak out. We would have to find a way to run out when the guards switched patrols either on the night shift or in the early morning hours.  
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4 - Be Strong
GIDEON   Two weeks. It had been two miserably long weeks since Novu had appeared in front of me and given the news that my mate was to come soon. Their version of soon and mine differed greatly apparently.   'You're just being impatient
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5 - It's Only Temporary
MORDECAI  The strange creature had guided us through the swampy forest that surrounded Small Leaf. The further we had gotten away from it the more I felt I could breathe again. It wasn't until we reached the forest edge that my mind snapped back into complete consciousness and the figure disappeared. My leather shoes were completely soaked in mud by the time we found any sort of roadway.   Mira and Ashton were way too excit
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6 - Meeting
GIDEON   "You look like shit," Orion greeted me bright and early. We were setting up to greet the packs that would be arriving for tomorrow's celebration. I glared hard at him. No amount of body paint he'd applied could hide the amused smirk he sported.   I tossed one of the wooden bowls that held paint into his
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7 - Healing
MORDECAI   I thought that the bone decor adorning the trees was unsettling. His house topped it somehow. It was incredibly beautiful from the outside, painted a deep purple with black accenting the railings and large wooden circle bent to make the porch entrance. I'd almost forgotten how large wolves like to keep their homes.   
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8 - Old Wounds
GIDEON   "I'm going to ask you one last time," Quinn puffed himself up and crossed his arms over his chest. His black hair was ruffled into a mess and his blue eyes were glowing dangerously with anger. Had it been any other time before I'd performed the cord cutting ritual he would have me mesmerized and excited seeing him getting upset like this. Love of your life showing jealousy over seeing you scenting another person? I think most would be weak in the knees. 
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9 - Answers
GIDEON   Mordecai's eyes were trained on me as I sat up from the bed and nervously fidgeted with my shirt. Otto may have been silent but I was still able to use his abilities and had hidden my scars yesterday. I did it every time we had guests in the pack.   People were aware we worshiped Novu, but stra
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10 - Staking Claims (1)
MORDECAI     "Don't drink that one, I think it's got wolfsbane in it. Try this," I carefully pushed the purple liquid away from Ashton's excited hands and gave him a bottled drink.     "Oh, that tastes awful but I like it," the green fae made a sour face every time he took a sip.
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