Love Without Time Limits (AC2)

Love Without Time Limits (AC2)

By:  shilps  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Alyssa's boyfriend dumped her after a five-year-long relationship, little did she know that she was in for a toe-curling slow burn romance that turns into a wild ride with another guy from another time. Through a bizarre phenomenon, she wakes up as Allena, a Celtic tribe chief's daughter in ~200 BCE. With secrets to keep, adventures to go on, and a man to love, a timeless heartwarming love story spanning tens of centuries unfolds as the tides of destiny bring two fated, star-crossed lovers together.

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86 Chapters
Chapter 1 | The Accident
I ran as fast as I could. The clopping of the hooves grew closer and closer while my heart thudded against my ribcage louder than ever. But for the beating of my heart and the constant gasps for air, it was a quiet, moonless night with an all-devouring deep fog. I trod off the dirt path, into the forest. The thick oak canopies made it harder to see, and I fell a few times as my knees buckled with fear. Clip! Clop! Clip! Clop! Should I climb a tree? Do I even have time for climbing a tree? Yes, I should stay put, up there hidden somewhere, until he gives up looking for me. Suddenly feeling hopeful, I sprang up from the ground and reached for what looked like the sturdiest tree to clamber onto.As I wrapped my arms around a low branch, my heart skipped a beat when I caught a glimpse of him! A silhouette of him and his majestic horse, not too far away. "YOU THINK YOU CAN ESCAPE ME?" I heard him roar as he galloped closer. Abandoning the tree-climbing idea, I continue
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Chapter 2 | Unreasonable Miracle
I woke up with the most massive headache I'd ever had. As I slowly opened my eyes, I wasn't sure if I was awake for real or still in a dream. I stared at the wooden ceiling that slanted upwards to form an "A" like an ancient Greek temple roof. The room was almost dark and the bed that I was lying on felt too soft and uncomfortable. It shifted under my weight. I turned my aching head to look around while trying to get up. A pair of huge, startled eyes looked back at me from the side of the bed."Aaahh!!" She let out a squeaky cry of excitement. It was a tiny little girl about six years old."MOM! DAD! GRAND..." More people came rushing into the room.A tall man with a concerned face walked towards the bed. "Selma, start the fire!" He told the woman who followed behind. The woman swiftly moved to a fireplace nearby.Whoa! There was no electricity in this room. There were no windows either, which I thought was very odd. A strange kind of panic was building inside me as the seconds tick
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Chapter 3 | The Druid
I reluctantly got out of bed to take a bath. These people were surely unfamiliar with the concept of soundproofing. The walls were made up of mostly straw, with bits of wood for support. I could hear a lot of commotion; the clatter of dishes mixed with the chatter of people. I figured from their conversation that the Druid was going to stay for lunch. Allena’s dad brought wild boar home to cook and asked mom to make soup with it. Iona was walking me to where the bathroom was when we heard hushed whispers and footsteps. A tall man who looked bigger than Allena's brothers appeared with Boann and grabbed hold of my arm. A funny looking mustache covered his mouth, but he looked anxious and talked too fast. "Allena, listen carefully. We cannot let the Druid know about your loss of memory. It was his idea to ally with the Romans. If he finds out that you don't remember a thing, he may get second thoughts about choosing you as the bride. I put too much at stake to make this wedding happen
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Chapter 4 | Familiar Stranger
I had the strangest kind of dream, with that same man with green eyes again. It was a different time and place, but I got the same sort of goosebumps when I saw him. “No, please! Don’t leave me. I feel terrified! I need you here. Our baby needs you here.” I implored some other guy to change his mind. This man was my husband. His face exuded sadness and helplessness. I was lying on a bed, sweaty and squirming in pain. My water broke six hours ago. Two women on either side of the bed had my arms restrained. Another sharp contraction racked my body, and I felt acutely lightheaded. The pain of not seeing my husband again was a thousand times more excruciating than these incessant contractions. I screamed in agony one more time as the shooting pain got worse. “I am so sorry, baby!” His voice cracked. “We don’t have much time left. He will be here anytime now.” He was talking about that stranger and I was terrified, shaking with sobs. “If he is going to kill us anyway, can we not di
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Chapter 5 | The Roman Guy
    I watched as the path leading to the house was splendidly decorated and cleared off the cooking equipment. The chief's family, along with the extended family, lived on a hillfort with the River Boyne's tributary flowing on one side and mighty mountain ranges surrounding it on two other sides. There were animal pens housing horses and cattle on the fourth side where the hillfort sloped gently and opened to the village, farms, and more forests. I wondered if this was modern-day Wales or Ireland because some of the I*******m pictures from there looked exactly like this, but I had no way of confirming. &n
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Chapter 6 | Feasting with the Sorceress
   We marched down to the village, with Marcus no longer by my side. A sonorous, lilting kind of music grew louder and richer as we neared the bonfire. The villagers had already gathered by the fire and the atmosphere was noisy and lively. There was a group of people dancing by the fire and another group singing and playing music to them. Wafts of food and wine saturated my senses. I felt at ease for the first time since the last two days that I have been here.      Marcus's presence had a calming effect on me, which was completely unexpected. All my apprehensions about him felt unwarranted when I saw him laugh carelessly with his family. The warm bonfire glow transformed his face into a picture-perfect vision.
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Chapter 7 | A Time Portal
   It was mid-afternoon the following day when the Romans were getting ready to leave. They camped all over the hillfort starting from outside our house down to the village.     Marcus and the men that rode with him in the front of the procession Yesterday were nowhere to be seen. They seemed to be his close buddies. They kept him company throughout his meet and greet with the villagers during the feast. And yet they didn't care to say a word to me. Most of his family, except for his mom, grandparents, and one sister, didn't seem to care about talking to me or my family. In fact, his brothers' wives gave me hostile looks.
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Chapter 8 | Relics of the Heart
I made my way home, feeling flustered with all the new information. What point is that stone when I don't know how to use it? I looked around with uncertainty. It was broad daylight just a minute ago, and I wasn't afraid one bit to walk alone. But that changed very quickly when the sun went down. Darkness engulfed the village within seconds.     A lurking shadow loomed out of the dark and made me jump and scream involuntarily. I was too scared to look at what or who it was. I ran towards the hillfort but it caught up with me. Someone's arms forcefully grabbed my waist from behind.   
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Chapter 9 | Pining for Her
 Marcus's POV    I am not sure what exactly happened. Ever since I set my eyes on Allena, I feel bewitched. I have seen women that are far prettier and well endowed than her. Any man would find my girlfriend, Laelia, irresistible. I had no doubts about how much I loved her and felt dedicated to her. And yet, my faith in love and loyalty seemed to be shaken now. I couldn't put thoughts of Allena away from my mind. And I couldn't put a finger on what's causing these irrepressible feelings.    I felt thunderstruck when I saw Allena. I tried to hide the waves of emotions I experienced, tried to p
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Chapter 10 | The Kiss
 Laelia's POV    I watched her as she walked into the dining area. There was nothing special about her, maybe a bit cute with a sweet face. She was anything but my equal; I was worried for nothing. I know that Marcus's love and affection towards me are very much genuine, but I wanted to make sure that he wasn't going to indulge in meaningless sex with this woman. He had a huge appetite and it made me insecure sometimes. When he returned after the engagement and I asked him how she was, all he said was.. meh. But I must have imagined the distant look on his face when he replied because she was indeed meh.
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