Son of The Mafia Boss

Son of The Mafia Boss

By:  jengreyy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Axel grew up in the slums of Manila with his unmarried mother who previously works as an entertainer in Italy. He have no idea who his father was until one day, strange men came to their home and took them away. His Mom then revealed that his Dad is a Mafia leader who had once ruled the Italy, and Giovann is his uncle. His life then changes, he is trained and guided by his so called uncle. But being in the mafia comes with a price. His mother is killed by their enemies, leaving him with a heavy heart. Later on he discovers that his Dad is just in the Phillippines living a normal life with a family of his own. So he goes back to see him. But unexpectedly he meet a woman who would turn his life around.

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Delinda Schumacher
30 chapters 1-2-23
2023-01-03 02:41:16
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Agustin Solatorio
any mafia in Manila? good story i hope this story will enter the world of cultivation. or maybe anting anting or agimat ... hehe
2022-02-12 01:08:23
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Stephanie Hill
Any updates?
2022-02-01 01:10:30
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Liza May Arcillas
When will this book will be updated
2021-08-25 04:12:26
user avatar
Love yah dear readers plss rate on this book... 😍😘
2021-02-04 01:00:05
default avatar
Waiting for an update!
2022-12-23 05:40:13
30 Chapters
Chapter 1
 Axel came down from a passenger’s jeepney and walked straight in the small street of Tondo Maynila. On his back is a small backpack that he uses daily for school. A deep frown on his forehead formed when he saw two expensive cars parked at the road going to the apartment where him and his mother lives.
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Chapter 2
TWO years later...."Get up Axel!
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 "Happy birthday baby girl"... His dad whispered in her ear and gave her a peck in the cheek. Then he handed over a small velvet box to her hand, his gift for her birthday.
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 "Boss Axel! "Yes! 
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Chapter 5
"Hey baby, why don't we go somewhere private? Hmm".The woman's sweet voice whispered in his ear. She's the club's most famous stripper in one of the VIP clubs in Broadway New York. The woman run her
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Chapter 6.
"Welcome to the Phillippines,Thank you for flying with us". The cheerful and warm greetings of the flight attendants standing at the airplane's door exit barely reaches Axel's hearing. He just came out from the business class deck of a famous international airlines. A total of six men are behind his back while he's walking the stairs getting out of the plane. The long flight has been exhausting. 
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Chapter 7
“Oh Red! I’m so happy you came to help me today, this luxury jet will be full of guests. How’s your Dad? I am glad he allowed you to take the part time work today”.
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Chapter 8.
The jet interior meet Axel's classy taste, the tidy and luxury brought by the plane is enough to gave him the feeling of comfort that he desrves.The seats are very cozy and designed to be modified as a single bed whenever anyone wishes to take a snooze. When the pilot notifies them that the plane is ready for take off, a female attendant finishes a demo of safety measures and emergency exits. Axel paid no attention to the common rules and leaned his back against the cushion of the soft leather seat.
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Chapter 9.
 "Stop it Donte". Axel tries to reprimand the tall man sitting not far from him, it was obvious how the amusement and teasing shows in his face. Why, Axel had just displayed something he doesn't usually do and that is showing some affection towards a girl he barely knew. He knows deep inside he can't blame Donte for getting amused. He saw what he did to the woman in the floor. His kisses towards her was maybe something Donte thought he would n
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Chapter 10.
Axel put his utensils down, the sight of a good looking couple drew his attention towards them. Donte and him decided to spend their dinner at a famous beach restaurant tonight.
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