Lurking in the Dark - Book 2

Lurking in the Dark - Book 2

By:  TheBlips  Ongoing
Language: English
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Book 1 - You'd better watch out. The danger is not just lurking in the dark. accompanies each of our steps. Instinct drives them.In a world full of monsters, there are those who are willing to risk their lives to save humanity from ruin. The hunters.After the trauma of her childhood, the ambitious young Grace decides that she will be one of those who hunt down the monsters and does everything she can to achieve this goal. She only wants one thing, to take revenge on the beings that her parents once snatched from her. But when Grace is forced to meet the grouchy Reese and his troubled brother Nick, she has to admit that the monsters of this world not only lurk in the dark shadows of the night. She is drawn into a vortex of intrigue, power struggles and greed for money and soon finds herself confronted with a creature that is more dangerous than anything known before.-------Book 2 - You'd better watch out. The danger is not just lurking in the dark. accompanies each of our steps. Instinct drives them.In a world full of monsters there are those who are willing to risk their lives to save humanity from perdition. The hunters.Finally, the years of hard work are paying off, Grace is officially a Venator and with Reese at her side she believes she can cope with anything that fate throws at her. But an unbelievable message from Jilin pulls the shadows from the past and stirs her thirst for revenge. Grace takes on this challenge and gets a stone rolling that cannot be stopped and slowly not only she begins to doubt her sanity.

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Glossary of parent groups and subspecies 1
Glossary of parent groups and subspecies• Canis-Proles descendant of dogs             • Feles-Proles cat offspring (also includes big cats)             • Vulpes-Proles fox descendant             • Dama-Proles reindeer             • Capella-Proles descending goats             • Meles-Proles descendant of marten             • Ursus-Proles bear descendant (raccoons)             • Simia-Proles monkey descendants (chimpanzees / capuchin monkeys)             • Sciurus-Proles squirrel offspring (also includes rats and mice)             • Lacerta-Proles
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Glossary of parent groups and subspecies 2
Core group: Feles-ProlesSubspecies: CascusLineage: The forefather of Cascus is the general house cat.Size: head-torso length from 47 to 52 centimeters (with tail 74 to 77 centimeters), withers from 29 to 33 centimeters.Weight: 3 to 5 kilogramsColor and Appearance: The Cascus is a very slender, muscular prole. The Cascus is characterized by its extremely long legs. The basic color of the fur is a deep black, which is only set off by long, white hair around the face, neck and neck. In this abundance, the small head looks small and delicate.Character: Pronounced social behavior among each other.Features: Toxic, extremely fast. Always in a big pack.Lifespan: A Cascus has a life expectancy of five to seven yearsDistribution: normalDistribution area: South and North America, Europe. -----Core group: Dama-ProlesSubspecies: DorcasDescent: deerSize: head-torso length f
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Glossary 3
Core group: Feles-ProlesSubspecies: LyvaraPedigree: Lyvara’s ancestor is the general house cat.Size: head-torso length from 189 to 212 centimeters (with tail 201 to 223 centimeters), withers from 97 to 105 centimeters.Weight: 192 to 242 kilogramsColor and appearance: The Lyvara resembles a lynx in body shape. The characteristic ear brushes are also present, but in size it is far superior to its relatives. The elongated fur of the Lyvara is a deep red with black stripes like a zebra across its body. The Lyvara's short snout is also deep black.Character: Very aggressive. Pack animal.Features: The most striking thing about the Lyvara is the striped pattern.Lifespan: The oldest known Lyvara, a descendant of the first generation, has been housed in the Historia research station for twenty-three years. He is estimated to be twenty-seven years old now. It is impossible to predict how the derivative gene will affect the f
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So guys, two extra spicy currywursts and because it's so warm today, I'll give you a free lemonade on top.""Oh," Maddox said, taking his meal. At the promising smell alone, his stomach gave a very emphatic growl. “Eleanor, you are a real angel. If it wasn't for your husband, I would carry you straight to the back of my truck and express my gratitude. "Eleonore, the owner of the little snack bar on Hautstrasse, laughed heartily. “You old charmer. If only I were ten years younger. ""Put another ten up, you still wouldn't be safe from me."While Eleanor burst into ecstatic giggling, his partner Gian rolled his eyes and began systematically to devour his food.Even if Maddox gave the impression that he was not aware of the world around him, he did. Gian and everyone else in his life thought Maddox was a casanover who didn’t miss a rock and he did everything to maintain this image. Very few knew that he had no interest in women, but
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Reese!"The screeching of the tires made my heart freeze in my chest for a moment, but Reese just kept rushing down the busy street and even ignored the indignant honking of the surprised motorists. A car braked so close that he brushed his black leather coat. The idiot didn't even register it. His gaze was solely on the Candir, who was rushing across the street with wide leaps.What a fool! Wasn't it he who taught me to have eyes and ears on a hunt anytime, anywhere? It almost seemed like he was going to kill himself!Horns, squeaks. An Audi couldn't stop in time and crashed into a Mercedes that barely braked before putting the Candir on the radiator.And what was Reese doing? He jumped at full speed on the hood, skidded over the metal, and just ran on on the other side.Damn it, this wasn't an action movie.I growled at something very rude, fasted my M19 harder, and sprinted down the sidewalk on this side of the street. I never let our pre
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Fool," I hissed and then made my way to the man who in the meantime had managed to get on his feet, but was still able to avert his gaze from the Candir's carcass.Yes, even if there have been many people who have already had bad encounters with proles, there are still some who have so far been spared. And the way this man looked, he was probably one of those lucky ones - well, he had been until today.I walked over to him, leaned forward slightly, and studied his cheesy face. “Are you okay? Have you been hurt? "His gaze flicked to me and then back to the corpse. His tongue twitched nervously over his lips. "No," he said, shaking his head. "No, I ... everything is okay.""Are you sure? We can have an ambulance fetched so ... ""No, everything is fine." His eyes flickered to me again, only to then rush back to the candir. This man really seemed like someone who had previously been spared such cruelty."OK. Maybe you'd better sit down a
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I let out a gush of air and looked at the police car. Reese nodded to the officer at the car, gave final instructions, and then turned to me.When he looked at me with that slightly disgruntled expression on his lips, I couldn't help but smile. I had known him for more than three years now and he hadn't changed a bit during that time. Sometimes I believed that he was the only hold that still ensured that I didn't just collapse today.The past was over, but it continued to accompany the present like a shadow.Reese came to a stop right in front of me and looked at me as if trying to figure out what my smile meant since I was actually still mad at him."Do you actually know that I love you?" I asked him quietly.He raised an eyebrow a little. "You just wanted to strangle me, or did I misunderstand something?""One doesn't exclude the other." I wrapped my arms around him and leaned my head against his chest. Even through the coat I could hear h
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I guess I just said that." Jilin adjusted the folder in front of him a little. “It was really just a coincidence. And only because of this, the other three Iuba were not killed, but captured. They also have numbers in their ears. ""Who tattoos proles?" I asked.Reese seemed confused too. "Historia does that."“Yes, but they haven't been to Historia yet. Or?"Jilin shook his head. “No, they weren't, but Reese's train of thought is not bad. These three Iuba also come from a research institution. Only this was directed by our esteemed Doctor Christopher Krynick. "My mouth opened, but no sound came out."Wait a minute," Reese said, leaning forward a little. "Are you saying that these three Iubas are from the first generation?"The first generation, the proles, who were born in the research laboratory of the dear doctor and thus were the forefathers of all descendants today."It looks like this." Jilin ran her fi
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“The transport for the Iubas is planned for Saturday. If you wish, I will send you and Reese to Potsdam to attend the transfer of the proles to Historia. ""And where is the part where we can just shoot them?" Rees asked grumbling."You must not be killed."My eyes started to burn. "You killed my parents.""Yes, this assumption is obvious."Suddenly her calm manner pissed me off. There was this feeling, this damned injustice and the helplessness that I had struggled with my entire childhood and suddenly I couldn't sit down any longer. I jumped up, yanked the folder off the table, and tossed it across the office. "Those monsters killed my parents!""Shanks."I slapped Reese's hand away when he reached for me. "Why are these beasts allowed to live ?! We should burn them alive! "Jilin was not disturbed by my outburst. "That is against the law.""Fuck the law!" I turned around and pushed the chair aside, simply becaus
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Dark past
Very carefully and without making the slightest noise, Cherry put one paw on the graying carpet and then remained motionless again. The next step took several seconds. She fixed the little toy mouse without even blinking.When the mouse didn't move, it took another step, then suddenly began to wiggle its buttocks vigorously and fell off. The great huntress had already grabbed her unsuspecting prey and battered it with teeth and claws to show her who was the boss here."Cherry," I warned the white cat because she had messed up the photos of my parents on the floor during her maneuver and pushed her aside.Out of shock, or simply because she was having a lot of fun, she threw the mouse in a high arc and then rushed under the bed with a monkey tooth. Calm returned and there was only a forgotten mouse and two reflective eyes under the bed that watched me very closely - could still give me something to eat.Cherry was a white longhair cat that was quite small
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