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Francesca was sold to the mafia boss's son. She was supposed to marry the son, but ended up getting involved with the father... Faust just wanted to find a beautiful bride for his son, but ended up being attracted to Francesca. His irises were so blue, with hints of gray, but they didn't seem angry. Instead, he appeared amused. "You've got spirit. That's good. You'll need it, little one."

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I met the devil the morning after my eighteenth birthday. Hungover and tired, I rolled in bed, where my toes grazed warm skin and coarse body hair. A friend of mine threw a graduation party at her pool last night, and my boyfriend, David, slept over. We used to stay at his apartment, but I was too drunk last night and insisted on coming here.It wasn't easy sneaking him into the house under my father's watchful cameras, but I was a pro. I'd been fooling the guards and cameras for years. The one thing the guards loved? Routine. Once you learned the routine, you could bypass it and do whatever you wanted.Dad was the head of one of the seven 'Ndrangheta families in Toronto, a criminal network that stretched from Canada to South America and Italy. My father's business was dangerous, so my two sisters and I weren't raised like normal teenagers. Wherever we went, we were followed by armed guards under their jackets, even to school.That's why I couldn't help but escape occasionally.I was
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Walking around, he went to the door, followed by five of his men. "I'll expect you ready, Mancini," he said over his shoulder.Anger burned in my chest. Expect me ready? Like I was luggage? I wasn't being taken to Italy. I was going to college in New York, not marrying a creepy Italian who was definitely in the mafia.When the door closed, I turned to my father. "Dad, what is this?"He ran his hand across his face and slumped into his chair. Uncle Reggie and Dante didn't move, but the rest of my father's men left the room. "Sit down, Frankie.""I'd rather not. I'd prefer to stay until I know what's going on."Dad slammed his hand on his desk. "For God's sake. Just do as I said!"I hated it when he spoke to me so coldly, as if I were one of his men. Dante shook his head, clearly thinking I was an idiot, and Uncle Reggie had his usual scowl. Pushing aside the hurt and confusion, I slid into a chair. "Fine. Now, please, explain what's going on.""You've been chosen to marry Ravazzani's h
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I heard David fall to the ground as I opened the door. Marco and Benito, my second cousins, got in, and we drove away, leaving David to find his own way home.I rubbed my chin and looked out the window. Clearly, Mancini had let his daughter run wild. She probably slept with a handful of men. Did I care? While we kept most of our traditions in Siderno, the old way of insisting on a bride's virginity was fading. The ritual of bloody sheets was practically archaic these days.My marriage, twenty years ago, followed all the traditions, the things that were supposed to bring good luck to a couple. However, my bride died after only five years of marriage, leaving a son behind. There was no good luck.I hadn't loved Lucia. We were both young, and the marriage was arranged as an alliance. I thought she understood her role as my wife, tolerating my long absences and the mistress I kept in the city. After all, such things were common in our world. Giulio was born after our first year of marriag
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I struggled to get away, but my arms weakened and I was quickly forced to let go of the wall. I fell onto a hard, masculine chest, arms folding like bands of steel around me. "Get your hands off me. I'm not going with you."He didn't move. "You're coming with me. Even if I have to drug you to do it."I sighed. "Drug me? Is that what you Italians do to reluctant women?"His lips found the edge of my ear. "I couldn't say. There are no reluctant women in my life, Francesca."Was that...sexual?My mind remained fuzzy, but my body must have been on board because it caught fire. I was close enough to smell him – lemon and mint and maybe green apple – and my nipples tightened. I closed my eyes, humiliated.Why was I having this reaction, especially when this man wanted to kidnap me and force me to marry his son?Using all my strength, I resisted against him. "Get off me, you idiot."He gave a soft laugh. "Drugs, that's it."I tried to move away to see his face. "No, please no..."A sharp sti
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FaustI heard the bedroom door open and my body went on alert. I didn't want to admit it, but I was hearing every sound of her back there. Anxious, like a schoolboy. I shook my head, disgusted with myself. Even though I wasn't too old for her, she was engaged to my son.I needed to pull my head out of my ass.All my men turned to watch as she picked her way to an empty seat, her breasts bouncing with each step. Long legs and shapely hips, with waves of blonde hair that flowed down her back and a face that could make angels weep. Dio, she was hot.When I looked away, I found Marco smiling at me. Had he read me so easily? When my father died and I became capobastone ten years ago, I named my cousin my right-hand man. In fact, there was no one I trusted more. We grew together, killed together, and rose through the 'ndrina ranks together.But that didn't mean he had the right to smile at me.—Do you have anything to say to your capo? — I asked him.He didn't look chastened in the slightes
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FrancescaI screamed until my throat hurt, raw from the tension. It didn't make a difference. The door remained closed, darkness all around me. I was locked in and no one was coming to save me. Oh God. I couldn't survive.My throat was dry and my lungs burned. This was my worst nightmare. Caged underground, where no one would find me. Was there air down here? Chest burning, I fell to my knees. How long would it take to suffocate? Some hours?I could feel the hysteria moving away from the old panic in my mind. The therapist I saw for my claustrophobia said to breathe and count to one hundred, that staying calm was key. I closed my eyes and started counting.I tried to focus on the numbers, the rhythm of my breathing, but the musty air reminded me of where I was, who had trapped me. How many men died in these walls? Ravazzani killed someone here?Of course you do, Frankie. He is the capo of one of Italy's most legendary mafia clans.Were there ghosts in this dungeon?Oh, fuck. I curled
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FrancescaLight filtered into the room, rays of blinding sunlight that woke me from a fitful sleep. I could barely open my eyes.All night I tossed and turned, convinced that the lock on my door would mean nothing to anyone who wanted to break in. Namely, someone with bright blue eyes and a nasty disposition who enjoyed kidnapping and drugging young women. The only way I could relax was knowing Giulio slept a few doors away.I rolled onto my back and studied the plaster ceiling. If I were to find a way out of this, I couldn't stay in bed or hide in this room. I had to go out and explore, look for weaknesses. Try to come up with a plan to escape. Even if Giulio had resigned himself to this marriage, I certainly wasn't.Fortunately, the bathroom was stocked with all the toiletries I could need, mostly high-quality Italian brands that we couldn't buy in Canada. Her closet and closet were full of clothes, from yoga pants to designer dresses. Even La Perla bras and panties, although I don'
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THE PROPERTY was nothing like I imagined.Giulio was charming and funny, escorting me around the property and introducing me to the workers. We saw the famous black pigs, rare and prized in Italy, and we tasted the ham and culatello made with them. There were sheep, cows and goats that were milked to make cheese. Lemon, fig and chestnut trees dotted the hillside, but olive trees predominated here. When Giulio let me taste some Ravazzani olive oil, the number of olive trees suddenly made sense. The oil was better than anything I had in Canada, even the kind we imported from Italy.I couldn't stop asking the staff questions, and Giulio translated as needed. Workers seemed proud of their connection to the Ravazzani family, many following in the footsteps of previous generations who worked here. I wanted to ask if they knew their boss was a kidnapper who drugged and spied on women, but I suspected Giulio wouldn't translate for me.Our last stop was at the vineyard, where the vines stretch
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FaustI CAME to the kitchen the next morning at my usual time. My son was there with Zia, but Francesca was still absent. She was too sick from grappa to eat with us last night and was apparently still not awake.I did not like.Giulio and Francesca looked happy yesterday in the tasting room. Unable to help myself, I watched the security footage, taking in the way she smiled at him. Studying the curve of her lips as she laughed. It was clear that she liked my son, and I told myself that was a good thing. A sign of their future together, a team working towards the common goal of the Ravazzani family's future success.I kissed Zia's cheeks and made a cup of espresso. Giulio was on his phone, scrolling through some kind of video. He had left for work last night and, from the looks of it, was just getting home. - Hard night? - I asked.Out of respect, he hung up the phone and gave me his full attention. — No. I stayed at the club until around three. So we had a shipment to oversee. Everyt
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Marco entered my office shortly after Francesca stormed out. My cousin didn't look happy, but his news would have to wait. I pointed to a chair. - Sit down. I have a mission for you.- When? Now?— Giulio is taking Francesca to dinner in the city tonight.I want you to go with them.Of course, I'll play chaperone. This is moreexciting than spending time with my family.I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not. — Give them space. The idea is for them to get closer. — Even if the thought made my chest burn with an emotion I didn't dare name. All the more reason for me to put them together — quickly. This girl made me entertain some really stupid ideas, and I couldn't afford to act on any of them.—Did you inform Giulio of this?— No, but he will do what I say. — I took out my phone and texted him with instructions. - Ready. He's sleeping, but he'll see about that later.“I heard he was up late dealing with a delivery from our friends down south.—He told me there were no proble
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