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Her sister, Rebecca, was killed in a car accident. Blakely then took on the responsibility of being a surrogate mother for her nephew. But Blakely's brother-in-law, Nickson Darragh, doesn't like her because his wife died because of her carelessness. Nickson's parents asked Nickson to marry Blakely for the good of his son's future. Nickson couldn't refuse and was forced to marry Blakely just for status. Nickson signed a one-year marriage contract with Blakely and plans to divorce Blakely when the time comes. But unexpected things happened during that marriage. Nickson's secrets from the past are revealed. Nickson had not loved Rebecca all this time. Their marriage is fake. And it turns out that Arthur is not Nickson's biological child with his late wife. Blakely, who knows all of Nickson's lies, becomes disappointed. She plans to sue Nickson for a divorce before their marriage contract expires. Unfortunately, it was not easy when they both began to feel the turmoil of love in their hearts.

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like this story but some grammatical error making it hard to understand. but although plot was characters were great
2023-08-03 16:55:02
105 Chapters
Blakely exhaled many times while looking at the two-story house with a large yard in Ansley Park that looked very beautiful. The building is dominated by gray and white colors with a long staircase in front of the house to go up to the terrace which is lined with a short white fence. Besides that, what made Blakely love her sister's house was that there were many plants and large trees planted in the yard. On the right, on a large maple tree, she could see a simple swing hanging there very beautifully. The swing reminded her of her long-forgotten childhood memories. In the past, she also had a swing in front of her simple house. Her father's handcrafted swing was highly skilled at creating amazing things in the few years of his very short life.Not wanting to be too deep in her childhood memories, Blakely immediately parked her car in her sister's spacious yard, then she immediately turned off the car motor to avoid the furor that was about to happen.Her sister was looking forward to
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"What do you think about her?" Nickson had just come out of the bathroom when Rebecca suddenly asked him a strange question. "Who?" "My sister." "She seems like a nice woman." An annoyed snort escaped Rebecca's lips. "Come on Nick, she is indeed a good woman. Can you be a little friendly to her? I saw that she was very nervous when she faced you.” "I've been trying to do that." Nickson seemed unconcerned. He was busy drying his hair with a towel, then walked back to the bathroom to hang the towel. "Why don't you wait at the dining table?" "They're still playing. Arthur loves playing with his aunt." “Yeah, he finally has an aunt who hasn't shown up for years. She didn't even come to our wedding," Nickson snorted. He still doesn't forget the attitude of his sister-in-law, who doesn't care about Rebecca all this time, while Rebecca always praises Blakely's achievements in front of him. “Nick, I think we've discussed this before. Blakely was busy with her studies at the time.”
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The strong wind blew the white curtains that were not tightly closed. The cold air that seeped in from the opened balcony door made someone in the room realize the odd thing that was happening in his room. The side to his right was empty. Nickson noticed that Rebecca was no longer lying next to him like an hour ago. Maybe his wife had insomnia again. Things like this happen often. But he just didn't expect his wife to get insomnia when she was happy because she had met her sister again."Insomnia?""Oh, did I wake you up?"Nickson walked closer to Rebecca until he was right next to her to take a closer look at her face. The dim light on their balcony made it difficult to see Rebecca's face more clearly. But when he managed to approach the woman he saw that there were tears still wet on his wife's cheeks."What's bothering you, Rebecca?"The woman quickly wiped the remaining tears from her cheeks and turned her back to Nickson."It's okay, ju
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"I'm glad you came." Buckling her seatbelt, Blakely turned to Rebecca who was now in the car with her.As agreed last night, this afternoon Rebecca will accompany Blakely to Decatur to buy some ceramic tableware. Rebecca had come to the restaurant at ten o'clock earlier. A few minutes after Nickson and Antonio left the restaurant. At first, Blakely suspected that Nickson might tell Rebecca about his visit with Antonio. But apparently, Rebecca didn't know about Nickson's presence at all when she tried to ask covert questions to check Rebecca's honesty. So yeah... Nickson's presence wasn't planned. But she was very pleased to know that Nickson's assessment of her restaurant was quite satisfactory. Although it was not done openly, the man implied that her restaurant had a beautiful design.“The clam pasta you made earlier was delicious. I'll have to ask for the recipe after this.""It's not a special recipe, my dear sister. Have you forgotten that mother used to make clam pasta?”There w
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Tears welled up in her eyes when she saw her sister's husband standing in front of her with a stiff face. He looked disheveled and tired. His hair was so messy like he had tousled it repeatedly with his hands in frustration. Besides that, there were a lot of tired lines in his eyes. His eyes were bloodshot like he had been crying for a very long time."How is your condition?""I’m fine. It just hurts all over from the bruises, but the rest I'm fine. Rebecca? Have you seen her condition?”"I have."The second Blakely asked Nickson about Rebecca's condition, Blakely already suspected that something bad was happening to Rebecca. Nickson's face said it all. But she just didn't want to be overthinking and panicking because of something she only thought was going on. She could be wrong right?"Where is she? I want to see her. The accident occurred when the truck driver—”"I know." Nickson stopped his words while glaring at her. “The police have explained everything to me. CCTV cameras have
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Her legs were wobbly and she almost fell when her shoe tripped over the uneven asphalt on the road in front of Rebecca's house. Blakely felt like giving up on her body right now. She wanted to fall on the hot asphalt and cry out loud. All the cold expressions she gave Nickson and her indifference were lies. She lied that she was unfazed by Nickson's words. She was deeply hurt by Nickson's blatant expulsion. From the moment she met him in this house, she had known that Nickson hated her. The man was always cynical and skeptical of her for no apparent reason. But she suspected that Nickson was acting like that because of her absence all this time in Rebecca's life. The man made it clear to her that she was a selfish woman who had no right to enter Rebecca's life after all these years of silence. She had never contacted Rebecca all this time. She thought Rebecca would be fine with her family and she would contact her sister when she was mentally and financially stable. But now she regre
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Nickson was greeting the mourners at his wife's funeral when he remembered that he had forgotten his watch which he had placed in the towel cabinet in his bathroom. He then whispered to his father to leave him for a while and rushed to his room on the second floor. When he opened the door, the room was empty. He had seen his mother and Arthur in ​​the living room. As for Blakely, he didn't care where she was. If she goes faster from his house, that's even better. He didn't have to stare at her face for a long time and held back annoyance because of her presence here. He walked rather hastily to the bathroom and opened the door without hesitation. He didn't expect to find Blakely in the bathroom and combing her long hair with her curly fingers. The woman was surprised to see his presence there and hurriedly left through the narrow gap left by his body and the door frame. He accidentally smelled the scent of Blakely's shampoo from her tousled hair as she hurried past him. Blakely's ha
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Blakely found plenty of casseroles on the dining table. She exhaled heavily and immediately moved to clear the dining table from the pile of food. The kind mourners had cooked the meal for Arthur and Nickson. But they wouldn't be able to finish all the rice and casseroles from the mourners. Even if she kept it in the fridge, she wasn't sure Nickson would eat it again for tomorrow, the day after, and next week. These casseroles are plentiful! Blakely barely knows how to get rid of this casserole. In addition, there was still plenty of food on the table in the living room which was reserved for the wake after Rebecca's funeral. So Blakely just wrapped the casseroles in plastic wrap and put them all in Nickson's big fridge. She was grateful that Rebecca didn't store too many ingredients in the refrigerator, so she could fit five casserole pans on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. "Why are you still here?" That voice... Blakely was annoyed that Nickson still remembered to bother h
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The silence was annoying in the car. Once again Blakely had to feel the tension in Nickson's car. She turned down his offers many times to be driven home. Calling a taxi or Uber would be the best option at this point rather than being stuck with icy Nickson.But the man growled and insisted. He gestured toward the door to his living room— where there stood Mrs. Hulya, watching them through her reading glasses. In a whisper, Nickson said that his mother was the most stubborn and irresistible woman. Once she wants something, she wants everything to go her way. Including tonight, Hulya wanted Nickson to get Blakely back to her apartment safely. The middle-aged woman loved Blakely after taking a closer look at her personality and didn't want anything bad to happen to her again.Finally, Blakely was forced to get into Nickson's car. She was already feeling nauseous before she stepped into the car imagining the unpleasant things that would happen while driving with Nickson. And what she fea
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The next morning Blakely wakes up with a big disaster. She couldn't move from her bed. She lay on her back staring at the ceiling of her very clean room. Her eyes blinked repeatedly. She wanted to roll to the right, but that required more effort to do. What she thought was fine, turned out to be not at all.This morning she woke up feeling very sick. Her entire body, from her neck to her calves, was in excruciating pain. She couldn't move and was gasping for breath from the unbearable pain. Last night before going to bed she had taken the medicines given by the doctor. Previously she had been told that her body might be sick the next day and she was advised to rest immediately. But yesterday she had too much work to do. Rebecca's death and all sorts of emotions churning through her heart made her oblivious to her weak physical condition. And now she felt as weak as a decrepit old woman. She couldn't move her legs or arms to help her roll. She just stared blankly at the ceilin
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