My Billionaire, I Wish I Loved You A Little Less

My Billionaire, I Wish I Loved You A Little Less

By:  Crystal  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I loved that I fell for you but I hated that I was your second. That second which always comes after first!" Lilian Evans got married to Richard Tucker after his first wife died. She couldn't keep her heart in place despite his rude and ignorant behaviour. Things got a little overboard and now she was stuck at a point of no return. How would Lilian unfold her life in chaos with the responsibility of being a mother? "Touching others' belongings without consent! You know that is bad manner, right?" Lilian turned in the direction of the voice only to find her husband standing there in the ebony rich suit, his tie a little loose as he gazed right into her soul. "Oh... Yeah, sorry. I was just-" "Your room is at the end of this hallway, closer to Aid's," he said, taking off his coat and not minding to let his bride complete her sentence.

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40 Chapters
Prologue: The Pigeon Falls Hard
The air gushed through the windows, the curtains dancing and celebrating the beautiful moment. The dim light of the full moon entered the room, enlightening the smooth milky skin of two humans who shared the depths of the ocean, drinking the wine of love slowly and lustfully. The heavy breathing, thumping heart against the ribcage felt like a piece of music playing in the background, becoming rapid every other second. It was a beautiful moment that she awaited for ages.Lilian bit her lower lip between her teeth, trying to calm her stupid heart going crazy at the moment. Her eyes stared deep into his, the amber collarette of his blue-coloured iris enchanting her from the first time she saw him. This man above her was just so fine. Every single detail of him felt remarkable like one in a million carvings. His sharp nose, silky and slightly long hair, the smooth skin which even an angel would envy, that sexy mole just on his lower lip and finally his ocean-deep eyes... Maybe God had spe
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1: Major Reason Of Wedding Bells
The newlywed bride was seated on the bed in the centre, all dressed up in the white fluffy princess gown waiting for her groom. The room was extravagant and exotic, the raven theme making it tempting enough to be stuck at the same point for several seconds. Her husband from a few hours back turned up to be excessively obsessed with black and now that she noticed, she had witnessed him in black almost all the juncture. Even his belongings had shades of black! What do we call that? Yes, black beauty! He was an undeclared black beauty.Lilian swayed her feet back and forth, scanning the chamber with her eyes like a street canine searching for food. This was going to be the place where she was going to stay for a long time, maybe her whole life. Who knows?"Why is he taking so much time? Is everything okay?" she wondered, tired of waiting for almost an hour now. Getting up from the bed, the 26-year-old walked towards the window. She brushed the soft silky curtains, her hands dangling wit
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2: The Billionaire Who Plays With Her Heart
Lilian bit her lower lip between her teeth, her hands gripping the fabric of her gown while she was standing in front of the door. It was screaming at her to go away, advising her that it wasn't the wisest choice to be there. She thought a lot. Should she just leave her phone like that and save her life? It was a lot better than standing up against that rude and mean male. But again, she had to have it back sometime or other. Sighing, the young woman held up her hand, tapping the wooden door two times lightly. She was alarmed to apply more pressure, presuming that the human being behind this timber was quite temperamental. The clock's big needle passed one more digit but she was still standing there, debating with herself if she should knock again. With courage, she tapped again and squeezed her hands into each other, the anxiety eating her flesh bit by bit. "One last time!" The words conversed inside her mind as her hand lifted again, her knuckles approximating the premium material
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3: The Magic of Natural Pacifier
Lilian opened the door. An unfamiliar maid was standing there with an impatient look on her face as she quickly bowed to her madam and addressed the issue. "Madam, the young master is crying so much. Can you please come and try to calm him down?" she said. Revived from the land of fantasies, the young woman just nodded and enacted her way past the maid as she strode towards the anticipated room. The sound of crying Aiden filled the hallway. Lilian felt irresponsible for sleeping despite this chaos. This had never happened in the hospital when she was working there as a nurse though. Was she that much weary? Not more than a few steps far and she noticed a few maids already standing in the doorway. "Excuse me!", she exclaimed and made her way through the populace, her eyes catching the wailing tot of a 2-month-old in the arms of the aged woman. She was the same old lady she had encountered previously, maybe the appointed nursemaid. She was trying to feed the infant against his will
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4: The Morning And The Man
It was a beautiful morning. The sun had just shown his face to the world, asking people to leave their lazy beds and snap off their sweet tooth dreams to face reality. Some were still behind the curtains, not wanting to let the sun's rays pass across their window and disturb one of the most precious moments. Feeling rejected, the sunrays travelled back to their origin and kissed the lonely sky to open its spectrum of beautiful colours. The crimson sky was now looking like an artwork on a canvas to be sold for millions of dollars. The different shades of colour will perhaps give you a complex mixture of nature's beauty, hypnotizing you at the gigantic depth it held in the wide field of its magical craft of blending colours.Across the east of an exquisite mansion, a young lady was sitting on the balcony with an infant on her lap to appreciate the playfulness of the sun and the sky. The baby in her embrace was wrapped in a warm piece of feathery clothing while he rested his back on the
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5 The Wrong Request
Lilian watched her mother-in-law showering Aiden with lots of kisses, cooing and squishing him. She talked to him in some code language and their eyes communicated for some secrets. It was a delightful bond to see and the little guy seemed quite fond of his grandma. While the little one sucked on his scrumptious meal, his eyes watched the diamond sparkling thing around the neck of the elderly lady. It was very captivating to his new soul who still had to discover this petty world."He looks much calmer now. The last time I recall, he wouldn't stop crying no matter what we did," Helena Tucker stated as she smiled with wrinkles forming around her eyes.Dressed up in straight brown pants and a white shirt, she was looking fresh and elegant. She had minimum premium accessories despite the huge stock loading in her bank account and her face was still glowing despite her growing age. Lilian's womanly instincts wondered about the beauty products resulting in this magic. Her mother-in-law was
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6 A little Time With Him
Lilian looked at herself in the mirror. With the white knee-length apparel she wore with her black hair falling off her shoulders, she wondered if she looked presentable to go out with the future heir of Tuckers. A simple and sober look she preferred felt inferior after seeing the gigantic fashionable people at her wedding. The prestigious Tucker clan had high status and it was her responsibility to maintain herself properly as she was now a member of this house. She didn't want people to point at her as a disgraceful daughter-in-law of a multi-billionaire established family. In the large field of roses, a small jasmine felt hard to fit in but it was still trying. "Does Mama look okay, baby?" Lilian asked the 3-month-old lying on the comfy mattress of her bed as she was done getting ready. The baby was dressed in a black romper which had a white lily flower in the right corner at the level of his chest. Somehow the colour suited him as much as his father and the little guy looked fa
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7 The Petal Bloomed
Lilian followed Richard as he entered the pediatric clinic room. Aiden was still relishing being with his father, not leaving the comfy embrace he was cited. The naughty baby teased her about how he could take all the attention of the man she dreamed of without much effort when she was a helpless hard worker aiming for a no signboard. She had walked behind that handsome fella, everybody gaped at but he refused to even skim at her for a mere couple of seconds, dissolving all her yearnings she held unconsciously. She was stupidly wishful to harbour him to check on her if she was still accompanying him and not lost somewhere in a magical way. But to be awakened, he never even once looked back. It was a quick realization of the certitude, Lilian didn't know she craved his attention this densely. Was it just a crush or something more than that? She was puzzled, her brain becoming retarded every time she tried to sort her way out.The hospital procedures were so simple. Richard had filled o
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8 The Past She Wanted To Change
Lilian's finger caressed the baby's soft skin, sleeping peacefully in her lap with his hands curled in a tight fist. Her hands held the human of a few kilograms to safeguard him from each bump the car felt. The wailing that left a scar in her heart still scared her, and she didn't want to intrude on the endearing sleep he attained after lots of drudgery. Her baby adopted a porcelain colour in contrast to his usual warm ivory pale skin, and she still had the dried stains of tears on her cheeks, a flimsy heart attack she suffered when she saw her infant in ache. Is being a mother arduous, or was she having a tough time because she wasn't the biological mother? This baby in her arms was precious; she had promised to devote herself to this tiny soul without a mother. She didn't want him to grow up without a mother and be in despair, where he would sob over for not having a mother. 'Mommy loves you a lot baby.' She said in a subtle whisper and leaned in to kiss his forehead while patting
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9 A Forbidden Step In His Room
Lilian ambled across the hallway as she entered the laundry room in the backside of the garden with an undersized laundry basket holding dozens of baby's clothing. Three maids were working there as usual, and noticing the madam of the house, they bowed quickly and stood attentively. The superior of three of them, Clara, a young girl in her mid-twenties with her long blonde hair braided beautifully and a relatively healthy build, approached the sovereignty to take the essentials they were assigned. "Madam, you don't have to come here every day," Clara said as she passed the basket to one of her subordinates, signing them to continue the work. "Just inform someone, and we will pick up the laundry." She added. Lilian smiled warmly, shaking her head at the responsible girl. This lass was youthful yet mature, and Lilian appreciated her hard work and determination."That's fine. I also need to burn some calories for the day, so please, don't burden yourself with that."The maid smiled, pl
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