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Here is a teenage girl named Mehr who thinks that life revolves around teenagers and their dreams. She got thrown into the chaos of love and romance where she had to choose between her freedom and love life. Everything was in shambolic but she managed to pull it off and got married to the love of her life at the tender age of eighteen. Fingers were pointed, rumours hoisted but they manage to pull it off just alright. Mehr's life was filled with obstacles no teenager should go through but she was brave alongside her pillar husband.

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Here is a girl named Mehr Malik. The last born to Hajiya Halima and Alhaji Malik. A young beautiful teenager that fell in love with her brother's friend, Mashkur, she got married immediately after graduating from high school.Mehr wanted to pursue her dream; medicine, she wants to become a famous medical doctor. She studied hard for that. And the marriage still didn't stop her from pursuing her dreams and goals.Mehr have four sibling, Muhsin their first born, then Habib, Kydah, and Amdaad. They all love each other dearly. Especially Mehr, she's mommy's girl.There family isn't that big but not small also. The Maliks' are also rich and religious, always welcoming and warm.What happen when Mashkur's cousin is unconditionally in love with him, or is it not love? Let's find out the past about them.•••••••He was head over heels in love wit
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5:00amAbuja, Nigeria."Mehr," Kydah, her sister called from the praying mat where she just finished praying her Subh prayers, "stand up and pray or you'll be late for school fah." she added ignoring her protests that she should add five minutes but Kydah knows better, if she add that five minutes it'll turn to one hour and she'll be late for school.Mehr groaned, she hate mornings with passion but nevertheless, she said her azkaar then stood up, knowing her sister she'll never leave her alone."Mehr!" Kydah called again not knowing Mehr has stood up cuz she wasn't facing her anymore, she's folding her Shailah (hijab)."I'm up can't you see," Mehr groaned rubbing her eyes with her small fist."Better." Kydah muttered.She walked to the bathroom to perform ablution then came out and ambled to their walk in closet to bring
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2:00pmAbuja, Nigeria. "I'm tired." Mehr whined through the phone. She was talking to Afnaan. "Just two hours fah," Afnaan whined back. "We all know that that is impossible," Mehr reasoned out "Puulease vesfrennn(please best friend)." Afnaan whined."Lemme ask Maa then," Mehr said standing up from the bed to the door"I wurv you vesfrennn." Afnaan said grinning from ear to ear "But if she said no, then it's no." Mehr said sternly."I know she won't say that. Now go and be fast. I'll be there in ten." Afnaan said ending the call, Mehr shook her head at her best friend's confidence.Yeah, she knows Maa so well that she'll agree, but Mehr is tired of all the hangouts with her squad almost everyday.She just wanna rest for today, but knowing Afnaan, she's far from allowing her to. Mehr walked sluggishly to Maa's room, she knocked on
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7:24amAbuja, Nigeria. Mehr woke up early and finished her morning routine. She sauntered out of the room with her bag pack draped over her shoulder. She ambled down the stairs to eat her breakfast."Rise and Shine Mal. Audu," Mehr said knocking on Mal. Audu's door. "Meheru ba barci naka yi ba (I'm not sleeping Meheru)." he said coming out of the room walking to the car after exchanging some pleasantries with Mehr."Head girl." a short cute girl called Mehr. "Yes," Mehr answered looking at the girl curiously. "The principal wants to see you." the short girl said with a beautiful smile decorating her face. "Okay," Mehr replied smiling back at the girl.She looked at her friends before saying a quick 'I'm coming' then she stood up and walk to the principal's office. "Good morning Mr. Farooq." she greeted when she walked into his office."Hi!" she
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4:11pmAbuja, Nigeria. "I gotta go. Bye peeps(people)!" Mehr said when she spotted Mallam Audu's car from the corner."Bye!" they said at once whilst Afnaan walked to her Range Rover since she's driving herself back home."Mehr," Maa called from the door to their living room.Kydah and Mehr have their own living room then a room they use together cos Kydah was afraid to sleep alone in a room."Yes Maamita," she answered coming out with her phone, wearing a crop top and ripped jeans with her hair tied in a ponytail."Go and carry a cap or veil to close your hair then meet me in the kitchen," Maa ordered walking to the kitchen.Their first born, Ya Muhsin is bringing a visitor. His best friend Anwaar Othman Muhammad. He's not even his best friend only cos they're like brothers. Their parents are best friends and b
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8:06pmAbuja, Nigeria. Mehr got dressed in her uniform in a hurry before running out of the room with her bag draped on her shoulder. She ran down the stairs to the dinning room, kissing each of her family members on the cheek before sprinting out of the house to the car with her plate of food - breakfast.She didn't wake up early today cos Kydah woke up with a migraine so she couldn't wake her up early and her alarm wasn't with her. Amdaad took it yesternight saying he's taking his girlfriend; Adiva to school in the morning so he needs alarm."Mallam Audu I'm already late be fast puh-lease." she almost yelled frustrated."I'm trying Meheru." he said stepping on the gas. They arrived shortly, he bid her adieu cos she didn't bid him, she was in a hurry so she just waved."You're late Miss Malik." Mr Thomas says in his British accent.
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02:10pmAbuja, Nigeria. The house was babbled since in the morning before Mehr woke up. Kydah is out of question cos she's with her best friends saying that she'll come back home later before the dinner.Mehr woke up muttering some blasphemies under her breath cos they woke her up with their noises and gossips. She got dressed in a skirt and blouse which fitted her perfect curved body.She left the room just to be greeted by her distance family member; Mufida. Mufida is her age mate and friend even though they don't keep in touch. Mufida and her family live in Katsina."Mehr." Mufida called boisterously jumping on an angry Mehr, upon knowing who it was, Mehr smiled. "Fida," she called hugging her back."How you doing?" Mehr ask, "Good, Alhamdulillah. What about you?" Mufida ask smiling from ear to ear. "Same baby." Mehr answere
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"Mehr, you'll be late and you're having a test today," Maa yelled from down the stairs for the umpteenth time in the morning."I'm coming Maamita. I'm still looking for the book." Mehr yelled back thrusting the book she found inside her backpack before rushing down the stairs to the dinning room table."Go fast." Maa gently pushed Mehr out of the dinning room after they had their breakfast."Bye fam." she yelled at her family before rushing out of the house to the car where Mallam Audu was waiting for her."You're late Meheru." he pointed out starting the car. Mehr is hardly late to wherever she's going. She's the punctual type all the time."Wallah, I was looking for my notebook and it's the subject I'm having teat on now. When I finished reading it yesternight, I didn't know where I kept it." she verballed in one breathe."You found it right?" he asked concerned. He know
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Abuja, Nigeria 11:15am.What should she say? She kept chanting in her mind as if the answer will pop out from no where. She end up with the answer she knows even her sister will give her the same answer.So she said it, "Yes. I'll love to," she smiled widely, literally bouncing up and down."Thanks," he smiled back cos her reaction and smile is contagious."Anytime," she smiled. They talked and cracked jokes for a while before the bell rang, signaling the end of their lunch and their little chit chat."Okay, I'll be on my way. I'll pick you up at 5?" he asked not sure when she'll be ready."Sure, see ya!" she bounced back into the school building with a quick wave."Today's so boring wallah," Afnaan whined when they were standing out side the school building, after school, waiting for Mallam Audu.
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Abuja Nigeria, 5:12pmHe parked the car at the parking area near the coffee shop. He sauntered out of the car immediately and opened the door for her like the gentle man he is."Thanks," she murmured, sauntering out of the car as he close the door behind her.They walk side by side to the coffee shop. The bell jingled- alarming the people in the coffee shop to know that someone just came in.The coffee shop is not small and not very big, it's warm, welcoming and cosy. The booths are scattered, here and there but it's cute.They sat down at the far end of the shop, where the big window that shows the perfect view of Maitama, Abuja is. "Are you ready to order now or later?" Mashkur asked, when the waiter came to their booth to take orders with his small notepad."I'
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