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In the old continent the most terrifying stories about murderers are told, when Lady Willemina Winchester is murdered, a detective, her sister and her fiancé will look for the man who deprived her of life.

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Sir, I am enclosing half a kidney that I took from a woman and that I have kept for you, the other part I fried and ate, it was very tasty. I can send you the bloody knife with which it was extracted, if you wait a bit. "- Jack the Ripper  It was the year 1899 in the capital of England, it was a rainy and cold autumn night, a shadow was walking through the cobbled streets, a carriage was heading home, the horses could be heard walking slowly, the imposing Big Ben marked twelve o'clock. The night and a heartrending cry broke the silence that until now reigned in the streets. The police officers immediately arrived where the scream occurred, on the scene there was an elegantly dressed woman, it was Lady Willemina Winchester, daughter of the Duche of Winchester, she had a cut on her neck that looked like two holes in the jugular vein, the blood ran from the neck to the beginning of the chest, her gray silk dress with garnet t
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The cold morning of the English capital could be felt in all aspects, a funeral procession was followed by many people, the youngest daughter of the Earl of Winchester was to be buried, the family crypt, large, gloomy and cold, would be the last resting place of Willemina Winchester, her loved ones were preparing to say goodbye, just a few months ago their mother passed away from a heart attack, leaving the sisters heartbroken. The pain that Elizabeth felt, could not be described in words, her little sister, Willy, would never see her again with her beautiful sky blue eyes; the men dressed in black lowered the glass coffin, and she led her into the crypt, she would soon have to leave her in the coldness of that place. I promise you, Willy, I swear, I will find that person who killed you- Elizabeth said with tears in her eyes- I will make him pay, I will not rest until I see him sunk in jail paying for your death- the woman wiped her eyes wit
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Harry Macmillan stood in the Winchesters' tearoom with a hat in one hand and in the other, clad in black gloves, he introduced himself to Lady Winchester and her boyfriend, Sir Robert Jones. Come in, have a seat, Sir Macmillan? -the woman offered him her place in front of her and hers promised hers, the living room could be heard murmurs that came from the kitchen, they were the employees who were fixing and cleaning the place. Can I offer you something? - Elizabeth questioned the newcomer - a tea, wishky? - The lady took a seat, the men were standing while they waited for her to take a seat; When they finished doing it, they proceeded to do the same action above. A Whiskey please, Miss Winchester, as I have told you upon my arrival I have come to speak about your sister and the murderer of midnight, I have also come to offer my services to solve the crime, but above all to do justice to your young sister and other girls
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Mary Christine Ford
Night was falling on the London capital, the few lights that illuminated King Cross were beginning to turn on, some carriages pulled by beautiful horses of all colors were circulating on the king's road. A place began to show bustle and vulgar piano music, the smells of cheap perfume, hair oil and rouge were the mixture of the place, beautiful and not so beautiful women were working, vulgar laughter was mixed with other sounds; a man dressed entirely in black, from footwear to an old felt hat, looked like something out of a horror tale. That man looked carefully at each of the women in the place, he had a glass of port in his right hand and in the other a cane with a silver handle; He studied each of the women and people who were inside the place, the person in charge of the place approached him to ask if she was interested in any of the girls in the place to have a good time. If I like that one, the one with black hair
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Scottland Yard
Detective Harry Macmillan was in an office at Scotland Yard, who had taken an oath herself, to find the murderer of Willemina Winchester; she was analyzing some papers, they were the notes on how the body had been found, with a couple of holes in the neck, some of the funeral service agents and others said with fear; "It must be a vampire", "or some demonic being", those were the rumors that ran through the streets of the city, in the other bodies that had been found the marks were the same, he had his fountain pen between his lips and his nose, he thoughtfully read each one of those notes.  The night fog of London began to fall, and the cold that caused this began to soak to the marrow of the bones, in the fireplace that was in her office, the fire leapt happily between the logs that were completely lit. I had seen this type of crime on one occasion in Surrey, two wounds in a main vein of the body, wanting to bleed the victim,
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