By:  Missy Hanari  Ongoing
Language: English
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Adhira Solveig is a no ordinary girl who chose to live a normal life. The kind of life that is far from her life before. Adamantly forgetting her anarchic past.Behind her sweet smiles, there is pain. Behind her angelic face, there is a monster in deep slumber. Behind her power, there is great chaos.But what will happen next when the people she cherishes knew who she was? Will they run away, or will they choose to stay?

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Ira Grace Trinidad
It brings me to a different world.
2020-11-12 19:55:33
33 Chapters
CHAPTER 1: Decision
“Monsters!”“Murderer!”“She must be banished!”       
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CHAPTER 2: The Twins
Weeks have passed and I feel lonely here inside our mansion. My place would be spacious and elegant, yet I’m alone. Every passing day, all I do is watch the clock ticking and let my time be wasted.I’m here right now, inside our library. Staring at our high ceiling because of boredom. Thinking that it can make me feel entertained somehow. ‘Did I really make the right decision?’
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CHAPTER 3: Ceallach University
"Hira, are you done? We going to be late!" I heard Emma exclaimed from the other side of the door.Today is our first day of school. And just like an ordinary student, we must go to school early to avoid tardiness. Actually, I have just finished my bath. I'm now wearing my black blazer for a finishing touch. We are now wearing our school uniforms since these were already given last week.
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CHAPTER 4: The Newfound Friends
HIRA! WAKE UP! HIRA! WAKE UP!”I heard the voice of Emma shouting at me, as it echoes in my entire room.  'Curse that alarm tone!' I said in my thoughts as I throw that annoying phone that keeps on ringing against the wall and go back to sleep. 'I want to sleep more.'
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CHAPTER 5: The Solveigs'
"YEY! DISMISSAL TIME! LONG LIVE, INDEPENDENCE!" I groan as I woke up to the loud shout of some creature. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw the smiling face of the person sitting next to me."Goodness me, Adhira! You just sleep the whole time and wakes up at dismissal time." He said while still shaking his head. 'He looks stupid.' A
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CHAPTER 6: Kendra Brites
"Bye, Hira! Bye, Emma!" Lace and Gertrude said as they wave their hands to bid goodbye. Emma and I just smiled and waved back at the two as they got into their car. It was a long day, yet I won't deny the fact that I enjoyed it.Our girls' bonding is over, and it's time for us to go home. We have preceded the two since they parked closer to the exit of the mall. 'Why did we even think of parking our car far from the exit?'&
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CHAPTER 7: Silhouette
"Hey, Hira! Why are you ignoring me? I'll sulk if you continue acting like that." The walking smiley face said repeatedly as we walk along the hallway. And, honestly, I'm irritated for he had been following me since this early morning! And he really did not leave my side.Argh! Why doesn't he just glue himself at my back?
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CHAPTER 8: Bored
'ANOTHER BORING DAY.' That is the perfect description of my day. After what I saw it in the cafeteria yesterday, my mind was just filled with a bunch of unanswered questions. I almost panic when I thought that they are here too. That they are after me again.But, on the second thought, this is what they want. They want me to leave Mageia. While I want to have a normal life to start anew. And with these kinds of thoughts, I didn't notice that I have slept last night in paranoia.
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CHAPTER 9: Homecoming
"Home sweet home," I said as we came to Solveig Fortress, our home before I decided to stay in Mortal Realm. I sat on the sofa in the middle of the library while the twins looked amazed.I want to give a round of applause to whoever the creatures that take care of it because the place looks almost the same since I left here.
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CHAPTER 10: Panic
PTOLEMA'S POINT OF VIEW"We're here!" Lady Adhira said as we to get out of the car. Matt and I followed her outside and the towering university buildings welcome us. How I missed this school. Yet, I feel something not so good will happen later.
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