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"leave me you beast" she pushed him away "no never baby whether you are willing or not you should love me only me that's it you are mine only mine" "go to hell iam not your plaything" Rishi Malhotra is a handsome coldhearted playboy who never had any serious intentions towards girls he loves to play with them he treats girls as a plaything everyone thinks he is a stone hearted and ruthless person but he needs something else from people infact he too don't know what he is expecting Avishka is a cheerful and playful girl who wishes to find her dream boy she is never experienced in love what will happen when she meet Rishi can she change him or will she hate him can she able to give him what he really needs or will she also become a plaything to him when this both arrogant people meets what will happen will they start a romantic war or cold war to know follow the story MY PLAYBOY PRINCE guys this story belongs to my own fantasies and my fictional characters this story contains family,friends,love,mature content,comedy it's a mixed emotions story warning :mature content so read at your own risk 18+ so read with your own consent

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Lovely and awesome 😍😍☺
2021-06-03 17:43:28
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one of my fav book... love it
2021-05-23 23:03:29
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aww 😍😍😍🥰❤️
2021-05-18 18:57:10
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All the best shizu😘❤ I know you'll rock it❤
2021-04-24 12:14:48
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Miya Kutty
haha funny the way their story started 😍 but I am loving this a lot
2021-03-27 16:54:15
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Ready to read about this playboy 😊😊😊😊
2021-03-27 13:46:26
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My sweet Rishi😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I wish you get most successful in this journey❤❤❤❤❤
2021-03-27 13:34:39
115 Chapters
hello everyone iam Avishka Barghav daughter of Avinash Barghav and suhanisa Avinash Barghav iam the smallest child in our family I have one brother suhansh he is my twin brother but elder than me for few minutes I have a cousin sister hansika she is elder than us for few hours but my brother treats both of us as his little sisters hansika is my partner in crime we always do naughty things poor my brother he always takes blame behalf of us everyone in our family calls me honey and my classmates calls me avi infact I like when someone calls me avi because it's my dad's name so I love it I resembles mostly like my dad but my eyes are like my mom iam also same like my mom never uses makeup at the same time I too love toys but iam not kind and innocent like my mom iam the most naughtiest, arrogant and attitude person no one dared to bully me till today even if someone mess with my bro I ends with breaking those guys bones so iam kind of tomboy 
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Hello everyone iam Rishi iam the only son to my parents I never seen my mom as she was died when Iam born my dad he loves me a lot but he never had time to take care of his child he is busy with his business i grown with baby sitters and maids so i never known what is meant by love infact I don't believe in love I love to have fun that's it my friends Nishanth,Mahidar and Niharika these were my friends from childhood the only girl I respect is my friend Niha as she is my childhood friend , cousin sister and girlfriend to my friend other than her I don't respect any girl I love to play with them they are just like toys to me I use and throw them as a trash iam a alcoholic and sex addict I love to have fun with girls I enjoy myself with them I pick a random girl from bar everyday or some of them may be my classmates or my juniors even my seniors I don't mind the age when coming to satisfy my desires I hate the only word love so I just know the only word f**k
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@AVISHKA POV@days are going too fast infact I don't want to leave my parents but at the same time I want to pursue my goal so I wanted to be strong hansika came near me and said "cool baby we are there with you why you are worried" Ash said "that is the reason she is worried because you are there with her" I started laughing at ash's words hansika started running behind ash ansh stood beside me and said "princess do you want me also to come with you" infact I want him to come with me but I don't want him to be away from Arha so I said "no ansh iam alright atleast you stay with mom and dad" he nodded his head and said "okay let's go for shopping" I asked "why" he said by pulling my cheeks "you are going to stay in other place don't you want toys and dresses" really my bro is so sweet I said "love you bro" we four went for shopping we are selecting dresses I tried a floral frock its upto my knee length I asked "ansh is it looking good" he said "it's g
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@AVISHKA POV@I woke up early my lazy brother ansh is still sleeping today is rakshabandhan more than all festivals I love this festival a lot even my mom loves this festival a lot I went to my room to fresh I seen a box on my bed I taken it into my hands this was given by none other than my bro ansh I opened it there is a note "a beautiful dress to my beautiful sister" it's a dress such a beautiful lehanga really my bro has a great selection after freshup I dressed into lehanga and went to my mom she said "wow honey you are looking pretty" I smiled and said "thank you maa but today I will cook for my bro" she said okay I made kheer and laddoo for my brother after puja I started my fasting my brother woke up and came down this hansika is still not ready I went to her room she is still getting ready I said "baby how much time you will take to get ready" she said "iam not born with makeup like you it takes sometime to get ready for me" this girl always te
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♡AVISHKA POV♡Iam a bit sad and nervous it's not like iam scared or something else I just can't live without my parents and my family I love my family a lot my mom and dad are the best whenever I do naughty things I hide behind my handsome uncle or angry bird aunt to get saved from mom dad always pampers me with his love my grandparents were too good people mostly my brother ansh he cares me like my dad he never leaves my side my house this is the best place in the world for me every corner of this house have memories to me our jokes, our pranks and the time we spent together everything reminds me in this house but today iam leaving this house and going far away but I still can't understand I didn't applied to that college then how we got seat in that college this is still a mystery to me I know that college is quite popular at the same time seat in that college will not get through merit it get with high recommendation so we didn't applied to college i
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@RISHI POV@As usual after last night fun I woke up late then I got ready for college niha is angry on me not talking to me mahi said she is depressed because of that night on rakshabandhan I really hate those kind of things but this girl never understands what I should do whatever I don't care if she wants she only talks to me otherwise let her do whatever she wants we went to the college we parked our car I seen a new model sports cars they are top models who is that rich people joined in our college it's not like ordinary people joins in our college but no one is compared to our status then who are these people mahi said "wahh these are top model sports cars right" nishanth said "yeah man" I avoided their talks and headed to our classroom after class we are standing in corridor they are chit chatting iam looking at my mobile I listened a voice it gave me a strange vibrations I felt that I listened that voice somewhere but when and where I listened this voice
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☆AVISHKA POV☆I woke up early because today it is my first day in college Ansh is teasing me a lot after getting ready we three left for college wah it's so huge and good my parents and bro also came with us after sending us inside they went off iam wandering inside the college it's like a palace after sometime we entered to class after self introduction I wanted to see library so I went there its so nice there are so many books basically iam book worm I love books a lot then we came out hansika is running very fast iam calling her "stop baby" someone catched my wrist I seen towards him he is so handsome those eyes I seen them somewhere but when and where I seen those eyes I came back to sense when he asked "how dare you to call me baby" what he is thinking about himself who the hell called him baby he is really something after some discussion I called him brother his face turned blue and black I wanted to laugh on his face but I controlled myself then
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♡AVISHKA POV♡I woke up in the morning and looked at our family photo since from the childhood my brother and me looks at eachother face first in the morning after waking up it's already a week iam so happy with my college and friends we have fun all the time niha also became a part of us after that incident till today I didn't seen that weird guy I don't even want to see him he is such a flirt today it is weekend after having face time with my brother we decided to go out I got ready in my jumpsuit and with messy bun after breakfast we went out we decided to go for shopping I called niha and informed she said okay I started driving my car suddenly break failed and I hitted a car I stopped the car and ran out to see oh god why me only can't you show mercy on me what the hell wrong i did i met this weird guy again that too I hitted his car iam sure he will eat me alive someone save me today he came out from the car his friends and my friends cam
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♧AVISHKA POV♧I woke up late today and got ready to college iam having my breakfast but iam in still in upset mood don't know why after breakfast we reached to college we went to classroom I sat with niha ash and hansika sat in one place next class is boring so we decided to go for canteen I said "iam going for library I will be back after sometime" hansika asked "do you want me to accompany you" I said "it's okay you guys carry on I will be back after sometime" they agreed i went to library i seen bookshelf is moving how can a bookshelf move is there any ghost here iam scared god if it is really will it kill me I went slowly someone is coming I thought it ghost and screamed "ahhhhhh" someone closed my mouth with their palm and pinned me to bookshelf I slowly opened my eyes what the hell wrong with my fate why iam meeting this weird fellow again and again what kind of bad deeds I did in my past life he said "why the hell you are screaming when I didn't
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@RISHI POV@I woke up early and went to college I don't have any mood to listen class so I went to library and having fun with a girl this weird girl why she appears infront of me all the time and she is screaming I closed her mouth and pinned her to bookshelf her fragrance is making me mad what's wrong with me or is their any magic with this little girl I want to scare her so I made a prank her expressions are really priceless lol she is scared and ran from there that made me really laugh for the first time in my life I laughed what's happening to me what this girl is doing with me this little devil really something I went to home those three people are looking at me suspiciously what did I do niha said sarcastically "do you know mahi someone knows how to laugh" mahi said "yeah niha you are right" I understood what they are speaking I went back to my room I started thinking to myself what the hell you are doing with me weirdo I don't wanna see you I do
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